Thursday, 30 July 2015

No.11460, Thursday 30 July 2015, Neyartha

Neyartha is all abuzz ...

7 Solemnly took out a vitamin from the yellowish concoction (8) OWLISHLY (YELLOWISH-E)*
9 Employee's wife gets rid of the power hog (6) WORKER ((W-P}ORKER)
10 Generic tea brewed by a relative (5-5) GREAT-NIECE (GENERIC TEA)*
11 Its many teeth might help in parting (4)  COMB (CD)
12 Quick to partially grasp Rydberg's theory (4) SPRY (T)
13 Want Nile written out in a language used in scientific circles (3,5) NEW LATIN (WANT NILE)*
16 Snake found wrapped around the Rhode Island instrument (7)  MARIMBA (MA(RI)MBA)
18 Letter about meet with bull from the east has the quality of being strikingly unusual (7) EXOTISM ( (SIT OX)<- in EM)
20 Most extreme rafts are designed to consume thorium energy (8) FARTHEST ((TH E) in RAFTS*)
21 Charlie goes off with a fool to the sand ridge (4) DUNE (DUNcE)
23 Shiver, lacking wings, in a receptacle meant to house bees (4) HIVE (sHIVEr)
24 Cheat the family (one with a Greek character) on the way back to the association (10) CONSORTIUM (CON SORT I MU<-)
25 Mutation removes the vitamin and iodine in goat meat (8) MUTTON (MUTaTiON) Wrond enu .. should be 6
26 Revolutionary army in India encounters an overturned sign in the windflowers (8) ANEMONES ( (OMEN<-) in SENA<-)

1 The moving crowd becomes friendly after the Pole goes to the top (5) SWARM ((+S)WARM(-s))
2 Setbacks for the princess and fool with the soft medicinal salves (15) DISAPPOINTMENTS (DI SAP P OINTMENTS)
3 Wyoming bridge partners shelter the short clergyman going north with some dragons (7) WYVERNS (WY(REV<-)NS)
4 Dainty microblog message was cut short (4) TWEE (TWEEt)
5 Stalling to adjust pin on aristocrat (15) PROCRASTINATION (PIN ON ARISTROCRAT)*
6 Most appropriate to smile at sea when wearing tees awkwardly (9) SEEMLIEST (TEES* around (SMILE*))
8 Sweet term of endearment (5) HONEY (2)
14 Increase in acts of vigorous hitting reported (3) WAX (~whacks)
15 Predatory quarrel in retreat about the bill and promise to pay (9) RAPACIOUS (AC IOU in SPAR<-)
17 In one's bonnet, it might be harped on (3) BEE (CD)
19 Bet on Ian smuggling in the posh UK college attender (7) ETONIAN (T)
21 An idler's unmanned aerial vehicle? (5)  DRONE (2)
22 Odd for the Roman leader to get dismissed by the new king's wife (5) QUEEN (QUEE(-r+N))
24 Staff getting historical tribute on the radio (4) CANE (~cain) Did not know that Cain was an archaic word for tribute. It's there in the BRB


  1. Why is rapacious included in the list of theme words? Could not figure how it is associated with Bees.

    1. rapacious=voracious ... bees are voracious ...

  2. Mutton? Is'nt a 8 letter word needed?

    1. It is wrong enu. Enu should be 6

    2. Is that Paddy by another name? Or another Paddy?

    3. I dont fill out the blocks. :)
      not even with a pencil. Just moved up from Quick CWs.

  3. Another Paddy. Welcome. Our Paddy is P.B. Padmanabhan

    1. Not me. A third paddy after Ajay & me. Welcome aboard- he can slow down after the quicks.

  4. Nice one, Neyartha! I especially like the clues for 1, 25, 4, and 22.

    A couple of niggles (both IMO, of course):
    - In 9a, the clue seems to indicate that the P has to come out of wife.
    - In 16a, "the" gets in the way of the wordplay. I wonder why it was added - the clue works perfectly well without it.

    Thanks to the setter and the blogger!

  5. Finished to have samosas by 8am. Thanks Nyertha!

  6. Almost there Ram and I could smell it. Worker spoiled it.
    I never imagined I would come this close with Neyartha. Enjoyed solving it immensely.
    I don't think I have improved immensely, but it is N who is now within reach.

  7. Ram seems to have finished it thrice!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Not sure how to interpret the above. Cain killed Abel.

    2. You're right K. That doesn't work.

  9. Nice work out with the Bs..comparatively easier puzzle by Neyartha...though it took me ages to complete the NE corner