Monday, 13 July 2015

No 11445, Monday 13 Jul 2015, Sunnet

Read the Daily Pangram from Sunnet.

1   Bay reportedly for a sailing vessel (6) BARQUE (~bark)
4   Feminine desire to travel around a country (8) WOMANISH {W{OMAN}ISH}
10 Continuing the French record (9) CHRONICLE {CHRONIC}{LE}
11 Pierce small fruit (5) SPEAR {S}{PEAR}
12 Regret taking lawyer's money (5) RUBLE {RU{BL}E}
13 Running total held for a disaster statistic (5,4) DEATH TOLL*
14 Copper in festive element (7) MERCURY {MER{CU}RY}
16 Send an armour (4) MAIL [DD]
19 Support job (4) POST [DD]
21 Look at railway official's journal (7) GAZETTE {GAZE}{TTE}
24 Blocking pipe after earth's cut (9) ECLIPSING {E}{CLIP}{SING}
25 Smaller tree covers north-east (5) FINER {FI{NE}R}
26 X Days (5) TIMES [DD]
27 Send back to authorize English plot (9) TELEGRAPH {TEL<=}{E}{GRAPH}
28 They ridicule half deaf horsemen (8) DERIDERS {DEaf}{RIDERS}
29 Raw offer (6) TENDER [DD]

1   Strengthens dollar with pounds (8) BUCKRAMS {BUCK}{RAMS}
2   Thin fowl's an exceptional thing (4,4) RARE BIRD {RARE} {BIRD}
3   You finally set right lean bones (5) ULNAE {yoU}{LEAN*}
5   A delivery method to supply one with excessive weapons? (7) OVERARM {OVER}{ARM}
6   Such a crazy humorist's last letter in a death camp (9) AUSCHWITZ {A+SUCH}*{WIT}{Z}
7   A place to preserve food in reserve container (6) ICEBOX {ICE}{BOX}
8   Hail kept the Sun god inside (6) HERALD {HE{RA}LD}
9   Bill steamed cake with bitterness (6) ACIDLY {AC}{IDLY}
15 International organization's advanced flanking operation is unchallenged (9) UNOPPOSED {UN}{OP}{POSED}
17 Usual position on road (8) STANDARD {STAND}{A}{RD} A from?
18 Oracle holds hump beetle (8) SEARCHER {SE{ARCH}ER}
20 Chirrup to tease tailless bird (7) TWITTER {TWIT}{TERn}
21 20 Is carriage pulled by a horse with broken leg? (6) GIGGLE {GIG}{LEG*}
22 Told jokes of cadets ejecting from the south (6) JESTED [T<=]
23 He criticizes polished marble (6) BLAMER*
25 Musical composition in Corfu guesthouse (5) FUGUE [T]



  1. Bingo! At last succeeded in cracking a Sunnet puzzle!! When I came to NE corner I was left with 7dn clue. And the only pangram letter missing was 'x'. So I could easily get ICEBOX. Thoroughly enjoyed solving. A wonderfful crossie. Thank you Sunnet. :-)))

  2. Hurray! Samosas all the way.
    Thank you Sunnet for an enjoyable start to the week.
    saw you in 8D.Newspapers is the theme? I could spot

  3. 15A : International organization's advanced flanking operation is unchallenged (9) UNOPPOSED {UN}{OP}{POSED}
    {OP} {POSED} for please?

  4. Happy to have samosas Sunnet. Thank you. Very nice clues. Bitterness is noun whereas Acidly is adverb. Is it in order?

  5. Sorry Col. Your mention of 'daily' in the header did not register in my mind. I somehow took it as we expect a Pangram usually from Ramesh.

  6. Didn't know that rouble is also spelt as ruble.

  7. Thoroghly njoyable xword...
    Had a hectic day at to complete now

  8. Replies
    1. Sorry, got posted by mistake from phone

  9. Thanks for all the feedback folks. Apologies for the missing A in 17D.