Sunday, 19 July 2015

No 2850, Sunday 19 Jul 2015

Took me ages to crack the NW corner.

1   Disrupt a program in authority (8) SABOTAGE {S{A}{BOT}AGE}
5   Mind tipsy cheers to some extent (6) PSYCHE [T]
10 Trouble after confusion getting rid of hard fruit (7) AVOCADO {hAVOC}{ADO}
11 Threatening nothing, I'm retreating with common sense (7) OMINOUS {O}{M'I<=}{NOUS}
12 Artist, ironic, having look ahead (5) LOWRY {LO}{WRY}
13 Information list about island with unknown culture (9) GENTILITY  {GEN}{TIL{I}T}{Y}
14 Promise controversy, repelled by awful fur on hood (4,2,6)  WORD OF HONOUR {WOR<=}{D OF HONOUR*}
18 Seethe about scare by one with article in wartime leader's style (12) CHURCHILLIAN {CHUR{CHILL}{1}{A}N}
21 Working together in criminal ring, messy (9) SYNERGISM*
22 All express annoyance with appeal overturned (5) TUTTI {TUT}{TI<=}
23 Book with endless range, not at all for young child (7) BAMBINO {B}{AMBIt}{NO}
24 Find university close to author's heart (7) UNEARTH {U}{NEAR}{auTHor}
25 See art newly produced for festival (6) EASTER*
26 Cleric taking tea, not elaborate (8) CHAPLAIN {CHA}{PLAIN}

1   Accepts summer visitors (8) SWALLOWS [DD]
2   One keen on reading new work in progress rapidly (8) BOOKWORM {BOO{WORK*}M}
3   Notice, in play, fawn (5) TOADY {TO{AD}Y}
4   Sheer roar going to shake one subjected to Beatlemania (6,8) GEORGE HARRISON*
6   Odds on one ceremony being religious (9) SPIRITUAL {SP}{1}{RITUAL}
7   Writer of music cut out? On the contrary (6) CHOPIN {CHOP}{IN} 'In' is contrary to 'Out'
8   Attempts to rise in busy assembly (6) ESSAYS [T<=]
9   Party win, then blundering on entrance? Not happy (4,2,3,5) DOWN IN THE MOUTH   {DO}{WN IN THE}* {MOUTH}
15 Sensible to support parent, miles away, in different circumstances (9) OTHERWISE {mOTHER}{WISE}
16 Monarch in charge on hill breaking through (8) VICTORIA {V{IC}{TOR}IA}
17 Husband in pain not disposed to make response (8) ANTIPHON H in {PAIN+NOT}*
19 Working underground, initially dark (6) USABLE {Un...d}{SABLE}
20 Problem in area raised hostility (6) ANIMUS {A}{NI}{MUS}<=
22 Connection that is found among sheep (3-2) TIE-UP {T{IE}-UP}

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  1. I am off early for an OROP rally, will be back by lunch only.

    Special at 10:30 by Saral