Friday, 24 July 2015

No 11455, Friday 24 Jul 2015, Gridman

Gridman being the ladies man today.

1   Misty Verne hero dupe led the wrong way (6,2) FOGGED UP {FOGG}{ED UP*} or is it {FOGG}{(+e)ED UP(-e)}
6   Chilly powder? (4) SNOW [DD]
9   Wreckage in sea beside Brisbane (6) DEBRIS [T]
10 Yelled badly about king being aged (7) ELDERLY {ELDE{R}LY*}
13 Appropriate each home in temporary accommodation (9) PERTINTENT {PER}{T{IN}ENT}
14 One is embraced by laid-back religious leader in Florida city (5) MIAMI {M{1}AMI<=}
15 Red worker to talk wildly (4) RANT {R}{ANT}
16 Big tree with bit of rot (10) BALDERDASH {B}{ALDER}{DASH}
19 Somehow I lead anchors back into where women may powder their noses (6,4) LADIES ROOM {I+LEAD}*{S ROOM<=}
21 Repeat honour in gambling game (4) ECHO {E{CH}O}
24 Fellow backing journalist is identified (5) NAMED {NAM<=}{ED}
25 Firm in Bangalore's original East station having to be restructured (9) OBSTINATE {Ba...e+E+STATION}*
26 Money holders with everyone set out (7) WALLETS {W}{ALL}{SET*}
27 Escape from old Union Territory's charter (6) OUTLET  {O}{UT}{LET}
28 Well-ordered time with Indian deputy (4) TIDY {T}{I}{DY}
29 Refined try with female university learner (8) TASTEFUL {TASTE}{F}{U}{L}

2   Conquer two features of a cricket match (7) OVERRUN {OVER}{RUN}
3   Miss, that is a sexist address (6) GIRLIE {GIRL}{IE}
4   Sir paired characters in tumbledown condition (9) DISREPAIR*
5   Wrinkle noticed in purple attire (5) PLEAT [T]
7   Nair wanders around vehicle in bliss (7) NIRVANA {NIR{VAN}A*}
8   Ladies' man's attitude (3,4,5) WAY WITH WOMEN [CD]
11 Shy pirate's potable tossed back into the river (6) DEMURE {DE{MUR<=}E}
12 Bright humour from exciting walking trips (9,3) SPARKLING WIT*
17 They prevent full closings at entrances (9) DOORSTOPS [CD]
18 Interfere with the decoration, by the sound of it (6) MEDDLE (~medal)
20 Having dents, gave nothing away for the mischievous boy (7) DIMPLED D(-o+imp}IMPLED
22 Cat’s given water in French castle (7) CHATEAU {CHAT}{EAU}
23 Tell in a roundabout way about itnot much (6) LITTLE {L{IT}TLE*}
25 Initial stage on filming locale (5) ONSET {ON}{SET}



  1. I lost the WAY WITH WOMEN and the samosas were FOGGED UP

  2. Was held up for quite sometime to get 1Ac. Googled for Verne hero and lo it (FOGG) fell in place! FOGGED UP was the last one in. Overall an enjoyable puzzle. Thanks Gridman. :-)))

  3. Ditto for 1A and Phyllis Fogg.
    It is almost as if Gridman led us by hand and took us to the place were samosas are made- tasteful! Thank you.

  4. I'll not go in a roundabout way about it but will tell you straight away that 23Dn was my COD. (For its smooth surface reading). There were many to boot but I liked this one.

  5. Looked for Nemo and got fogged at last. One of the most fascinating novels of yesteryear.

  6. Enjoyable from the first clue to the last - except for a slight detour at 8 and 16, the answers went in in the order of the clues.

    The clue for 22d had me thinking for a bit that the "given" was getting in the way of the fodder ("cat" and "water"), but I think it can be read as cat (in French) given water (in French), which is perfectly valid.

    Thank you, Gridman and DG!

  7. The master had me bowled with his four letter words today! Missed out on SNOW & Echo...Remembered Fogg from school time reading of around the world in 80 days...thoroughly relished the puzzle