Friday, 3 July 2015

No 11437, Friday 03 Jul 2015, Arden

1   A plus B - carrying article by road transport uniformly (6-3-5) ACROSS-THE-BOARD {A{CROSS}-{THE}-B}{ROAD*}
10 Fight to grab long piece of wood (5) SPLAT {SP{L}AT}
11 Indian carrier is back, there're openings for pilots (9) NAVIGATES {NAV}{I}<={GATES} I from? See comments
12 Show will reveal everything during exotic act (7) CABARET {CA{BARE}T*} &lit
13 A mental illusion of setter in rocking chair ... (7) CHIMERA {CHI{ME}RA*}
14 ... with time to muse (5) ERATO {ERA}{TO}
16 St. Michael made some elementary changes (9) ALCHEMIST* Semi&lit
19 Speculated there will be increase in the overdraft (9) THEORISED {THE}{O{RISE}D}
20 Land reclaimed within Tamil Nadu state (5) SUDAN [T<=]
22 Permitted to make deal to acquire base (7) ALLOWED {AL{LOW}ED*}
25 Sporting enthusiast gets rid of his infection (7) TETANUS ENThUSiAsT*
27 Sprint, say to college in New Hampshire (9) DARTMOUTH {DART}{MOUTH}
28 Seconds to pick a row (5) SCULL {S}{CULL}
29 Times reprinted - probably made an error of judgement (14) MISINTERPRETED*

2   Graduate - balance in short supply (9) CALIBRATE {CA{LIBRA}TEr}
3   What pottery holds for a fish eater (5) OTTER [T]
4   Governors protect New Delhi from such hazards, of course (4,5) SAND TRAPS {SA{ND} TRAPS}
5   With a vociferous complaint, create some disturbance (5) HAVOC [T]
6   Gets maybe soft and ripe inside for those wearing kilts (9) BAGPIPERS {BAG{P}{RIPE*}S}
7   Perhaps rent a cave (5) ANTRE*
8   Cold and remote (7) DISTANT [DD]
9   Afterthought, ends unnecessary panic with the mind (6) PSYCHE {PS}{u...rY}{p..iC}{witH}{thE}
15 Old wars resolved - warning for those who have a row (9) OARSWOMEN {O}{WARS*}{OMEN}
17 Acted strangely aboard during training ... (9) CADETSHIP {ACTED*}{SHIP}
18 ... in true fashion include study contract (9) INDENTURE {IN}{DEN}{TRUE*}
19 Old Russia, say, had fame, but way back (7) TSARDOM (ST<=)TSARDOM
21 Feel comfortable with a multinational company (6) NESTLE [DD]
23 Tempts to break rules (5) LURES*
24 Exhortation to employ some fire fighting (5) DOUSE {DO}{USE}
26 Sample could be acquired, for example (5) TASTE [C&DD]

Reference list

Plus = + = Cross, Long = L, Setter = ME, Overdraft = OD, Second = S, Soft = P, Afterthought = PS, Old = O, Way = ST,



  1. 11 Carrier is back, there're openings for pilots (9) NAVIGATES {NAV<=}I{GATES} I from?

    The newspaper has it as Indian carrier. So I is from Indian.

    1. Sorry about that. I seemed to have made a mistake while typing out the clues

  2. Loved this one from Arden.
    11a Indian is missing at the start of the clue. My edition had it as Indian carrier etc.

  3. Comment from Abhay recived via e-mail

    I have to rush out for work and will be tied up all day, but wanted to register my appreciation and gratitude for Arden's puzzle. 35 thoroughly enjoyable minutes! Marvellous clueing overall, but especially loved 11, 20, 25, and - despite the disturbing image it creates :) - 6!

  4. Deepak
    Thanks for the image under 10ac.
    In our old house our father had such chairs in rosewood. These terms I had not known.
    I have one of those chairs even now
    I looked up 'cabriole' and was surprised at the meaning given.
    Thinking of including it in a grid and clueing it.

    1. Cabriolet appeared recently in THC 11416 on 9 Jun 15 by Sunnet and once earlier in THC 10951 on 09 Dec 13 by Skuldugger

  5. 6D Shouldn't it be Gets ... to get BAGS?

    1. It's a typo. The paper has it as GETS.

    2. Sorry again, I've corrected it now

  6. All clues nicely constructed.

    A doubt re:

    11 Indian carrier is back, there're openings for pilots (9) NAVIGATES

    Since 'for' precedes 'pilots' and in this context it's a verb, is it correct to use 'for'? Does it not indicate a noun? Also "with" instead of "there're" may have been better?

    1. 'for' is used as a connector indicating equivalence, don't see any problem

  7. Loved 1A. Ingenuity thy name is Arden.

  8. Bingo! Feeling very happy to have cracked an Arden puzzle at last!! SANDTRAPS was the last one in. Thank you Arden for the entertainer. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :-)))

  9. I follow MB in completing an Arden CW and get a well researched (well earned?) samosa!
    I second Renga too, I mean his opinion. Lot of ingenuity which required lateral thinking- graduate for one.

  10. Some brilliant clues and the reason I specially enjoy Arden is the abundance of humour and witticism

  11. Thanks Aden for samosas. At last could crack in this run. Very happy. Really wonderful clues

  12. Replies
    1. He is right getting potted in port!

  13. Enjoyed seeing St. Michael as Alchemist in 16a.

  14. For me it was 90 minutes of pure joy!Lovef 1A: 2D; 6 D:; Alchemist & Tsardom brought a smile..

  15. A small doubt while reviewing 11A-
    Since the clue starts with Indian is an indication needed to push it to 4th place after 'van'? Of course, with crossings we get it easily. I just asking as a guidance for tackling such clues. As it stands could it not be 'INAV...'?