Wednesday, 1 July 2015

No 11435, Wednesday 01 Jul 2015, Arden

1   Half pound hail stone (6) PUMICE {PUMmel}{ICE}
4   Fate also played truant recently (2,2,4) AS OF LATE*
9   Attractive boy's out — it's tempting (6) LURING alLURING
10 He provides top cover as prospector gets sick (8) MILLINER {M{ILL}INER}
12 Engaged? Go in and send freely (6,2) SIGNED ON {GO+IN+SEND}*
13 Mercury perhaps gives surface temperature (6) PLANET {PLANE}{T}
15 Considering no hospital in Delhi will be dressing down... (12) DELIBERATING {DELhI}{BERATING}
18 it's about workers’ apprehension (12) PRESENTIMENT {PRESENT}{I{MEN}T}
21 Drug one had after work (6) OPIATE {OP}{1}{ATE}
22 With a fiddle boy broke the law (8) VIOLATED {VIOLA}{TED}
24 Show record drop (8) DISCLOSE {DISC}{LOSE}
25 One doing assembly in shade (6) INDIGO {1}{DOING}*
26 Starts changing — you need only certain focus (8) CYNOSURE {Ch...g}{You}{Need}{Only}{SURE}
27 Applications in America over the years (6) USAGES {US}{AGES}

1   Fence — one’s blue inside, white outside (8) PALISADE {PAL{1}{SAD}E}
2   Short girl or a flower (8) MARIGOLD {MARy}{GOLD} (Addendum - {MARIe}{GOLD} - See comments}
3   Classic run and hide — makes least difference (10,5) CANTERBURY TALES {CANTER}{BURY} {LEAST}*
5   Initially served whiskey in glass, one takes it from bottle (4) SWIG Acrostic
6   Time wasted in talk, used force instead — as two countries had interest in this place (8,7) FALKLAND ISLANDS {(-t+f)FALK}{LAND {I}S}{LANDS} Semi &lit
7   It accompanies a prayer without name, providing cover (6) AWNING {A}{W{N}ING}
8   Heart rate varies — ignoring the list of mistakes (6) ERRATA {heARt+RATE}*
11 Feed chopped up in hours (7) NOURISH*
14 Clients form a pattern (7) STENCIL*
16 Support it — it's part of early growth (8) TEETHING {TEE}{THING} My COD
17 Painstaking movie maker, American (8) STUDIOUS {STUDIO}{US}
19 Fifty per cent average in North Carolina is Scandinavian, maybe (6) NORDIC {ORDInary} in {NC}
20 Gets set for the odd gossip amid all the noise (4,2) DIGS IN {DI{GoSsIp}N}
23 It upsets a ruler, somewhat (4) TSAR [T] Definition in the middle and also forms part of the fodder

Reference List

Boy = AL; TED, Temperature = T, Hospital = H, Work = OP, Gold = OR, Time = T, Force = F, Interest = I, Name = N, Support = TEE



  1. 15 Considering no hospital in Delhi will be dressing down... (12) DELIBERATING {DELhI}{BERATING}
    I had the anno {DELhI}{BE}{RATING}

  2. Nice one from Arden. Many nice clues. Enjoyed 3d and 6d.

  3. 2 Short girl or a flower (8) MARIGOLD {MARy}{GOLD}

    Probably MARIe GOLD

  4. So near yet sofar.
    I thought I had the samosas, but had teething problems to have a bite. I was thinking of netting (support) but could not get the anno.
    Most enjoyable ride today. Thank you Arden.

  5. MB,
    Thank you for the link given by you yesterday.

  6. [The first version of this comment doesn't seem to be showing up on the blog. Sorry if it shows up twice!]

    Engrossing puzzle from Arden. Amid the high standard of clueing overall, PRESENTIMENT, CANTERBURY TALES, and TEETHING stand out as brilliant clues.

    Thanks to Arden and DG!

  7. 3Dn Definition needs to be highlighted pl.

  8. Beauty of a puzzle;too many good clues. Had to struggle in the SE corner..otherwise smooth sailing

  9. Lovely cw with lively steps to follw.1d &10a prospector sick w/i calling shots.15a& 3d equally thought provoking.All stated a well rounded puzzle.Ardency of the author calls for much appreciattion.Thanks Arden.

  10. 3d run & hide canter & bury with least diffference(tales) a classic written by Chaucer early English poet(14th c)