Monday, 27 July 2015

No 11457, Monday 27 Jul 2015, Gridman

1   Guaranteed a wretched duress (7) ASSURED {A}{DURESS*}
5   Piece about second Election Commission cut (6) BISECT {BI{S}{EC}T}
9   Study follows a measure of German seaport (5) EMDEN {EM}{DEN}
10 How an arithmetician is included, presumably (7,2) COUNTED ON [CD] (Correction COUNTED IN [CD] - See comments)
11 Every ogre banished at a brisk speed (7) ALLEGRO {ALL}{OGRE*}
12 TT wear? (7) DOUBLET {DOUBLE T}
13 Bad things administered in small quantities (5) DOSES [DD]
14 Criticise girl's dad changing gear (9) DISPARAGE {DI'S}{PA}{GEAR*}
16 Take into consideration distraught trainee holding the books (9) ENTERTAIN {E{NT}ERTAIN*}
19 They have bare presence in art studios (5) NUDES [CD]
21 Pan perhaps, and union leader falls silent (7) UTENSIL {Un..n}{SILENT*}
23 Authorise eastern politician to get debtor (7) EMPOWER {E}{MP}{OWER}
24 A teacher returns to let out philosopher (9) ARISTOTLE {A}{RIS<+}{TO}{LET*}
25 National leaders of Indian republic are quite infuriated (5) IRAQI Acrostic
26 Overlook police officer's refusal to engineer (6) IGNORE {IG}{NO}{RE}
27 Christmas tradition — say you will record (4,3) YULE LOG (~you'll){YULE} {LOG}

1   Drink anon and strangely rude, uppity Uncle blended for novelist (9,5) ALEXANDRE DUMAS {ALE}{X}{AND}{RE DU*}{MAS<=}
2   Restricts theologian involved in deals (7) SADDLES {SA{DD}LES}
3   Withdraws from these general retreats (7) RENEGES [T]
4   Conrad hid dangerously creeping perennial (9) DICHONDRA*
5   Certain to be tied up (5) BOUND [DD]
6   Fruit, a necessity when going up (7) SATSUMA {SA}{TSUM}{A}<=
7   Mark up everything on the first of the last month (7) CEDILLA {CED}{1}{LLA}<=
8   An overnighter's order for second helping or more (7,7) ANOTHER SERVING*
15 Way to end a letter because trust is needed (9) SINCERELY [CD]
17 Packed for yoking, by the sound of it (7) TEEMING (~teaming)
18 “Too much,” old teacher returns rice dish (7) RISOTTO {RIS}{O}{TTO}<=
19 Terrible plaint about union leader's congress (7) NUPTIAL {N{Un..n}PTIAL*}
20 We had gone up, fellow, with everyone to see deposition of moisture (7) DEWFALL {D'EW<=}{F}{ALL}
22 Brightened up on a liquid measure (5) LITRE {LIT}{RE}



  1. I had put 1d as Alexander Dumas & struggled with 16a. Finally entertain fell in place & needed the net to confirm that for years I had got the author's name wrong

  2. Fortunately I filled in 16A first and was sure of it. So changed Alexander to Alwxandre (It helped being French)
    Bound (tied up) in the NE corner- satsuma, cedilla did not add up to the arithmetician!

  3. Emden is remembered by Chennaites for the 'Emden gundu' when Madras was bombed by the German ship.

  4. Satsuma is 'kamala orange' as we call it here- how Kamala got into it is anybody's guess. Does CV have any info on this?

  5. Holes in NE corner :(( - All other corners happily solved.

  6. Enjoyed solving this - thank you, Gridman! Some very nice surfaces in there, especially in the clues for IRAQI, DISPARAGE, and CEDILLA.

    A couple of doubts:

    - 21a: I am not very convinced about "falls" as an anind applying to the subsequent word. Did you perhaps have "falling silent" as the original clue?

    - 19d: The clue suggests that the solution is a noun, but NUPTIAL is normally used as an adjective; the noun form is usually NUPTIALS.

    Thanks to DG for the blog.

    1. Also, is "banished" valid as an anind? I can't think of a meaning of banish that would indicate revision/reworking rather than dismissal/deletion.

  7. Great start to a week...njoyable puzzle as ever...three new words learnt...satsuma..cedilla...dichondra...