Friday, 31 July 2015

No 11461, Friday 31 Jul 2015, Neyartha


1   Revolutionary takes back a cutting tool to Isle of Man with some celestial beings (8) CHERUBIM {CHE}{RUB<=}{IM}
5   Commands for some celestial beings (6) POWERS [DD]
9   Illegible handwriting of the lawyer sheltered by a reporter (8) SCRIBBLE {SCRIB{BL}E}
10 Wardrobe item found in an aircraft parking structure reportedly (6) HANGER (~hangar)
11 Chief with ego connects with some celestial beings (14) PRINCIPALITIES {PRINCIPAL}{I}{TIES}
14 Snake in a logic circuit (5) ADDER [DD]
16 Marc hyped arrangement with an insensitive person (9) PACHYDERM*
17 Collapse after receiving the volunteers' son's small cup of black coffee (9) DEMITASSE {DEMI{TA}{S}SE}
19 Stingy hoarder Tom is erring to some extent (5) MISER [T]
20 Methods that might irk a purist? (14) NONTRADITIONAL [CD]
23 Principal ignores the average number (6) AMOUNT parAMOUNT
24 Female horses going west carry a Greek character and some celestial beings (8) SERAPHIM {SERA{PHI}M<=}
25 Stand against sister at fault (6) RESIST*
26 Broadcast answer for the princess and got defamed (8) ASPERSED (-di+a)ASPERSED

1   Safe to get a modest box for the spade (4) COSY {CO{S}Y}
2   Panic after losing the opener is a mistake (5) ERROR tERROR
3   Almost miss out on the submariner awkwardly showing a higher degree of refinement (7) URBANER sUBmARiNER*
4   Opposed to breaking spoiled lids (3-8) ILL-DISPOSED*
6   Cover rolled up and put inside the oddity with the missing cleric showed cloudiness (7) OPACITY {Odd{PAC<=}ITY}
7   Meg's tiger agitated by some sandglasses (3,6) EGG TIMERS*
8   Left under pressure? (6,4) STRESS MARK [CD]  ?
12 Intense scan reveals antiquity (11) ANCIENTNESS*
13 Young lady with the vocal German man gets a fern (10) MAIDENHAIR {MAIDEN}{HAIR}(~herr)
15 Party with the attendants in the territories (9) DOMINIONS {DO}{MINIONS}
18 Letters from goldsmith Ron established the seats of power (7) THRONES [T]
19 Fee for docking in the space was returned on time (7) MOORAGE {MOOR<=}{AGE}
21 Desires to get bonfire leftovers with Charlie for the first son (5) ACHES A(-s+c)CHES
22 Surrounded by the domestic help's agents, initially at the wrong place (4) AMID (+a)AM(-a)ID



  1. 26 (-di-a)ASPERSED. Should be (-di+a)ASPERSED

  2. 18 THRONES is also part of the list of celestials.

  3. 99 run out! Filled in 5Ac COMETS. :( Nice puzzle. On the whole a happy solve! :)

  4. Like MB, I came a cropper by putting in COMETS at 5a and trying my damnedest to parse it. Great puzzle, Neyartha - many thanks to you and to DG!

  5. So near yet so far.
    Good one, but needing a lot of help esp. for celestial names. Glad I got a few which looked tough initially.
    I had 'orders' for 5A and so struggled for opacity.

  6. 17A- I got the coffee alright (since I knew it) but 'Collapse AFTER...'? No indication of positioning.

    1. 'Collapse receiving the .....' should be good enough,isn't it?

  7. Excellent link for 'Principality'- once you get there your problems are solved, but to get it?

  8. 2nd easier puzzle in a row by Neyartha's standards....could solve before 6:30....thanks to Bhavan for posting the clues in The Hub...

  9. To solve the puzzle in computer..I create a grid in excel & there any other way...can i import the grid & clues in Acroslite? If so how to do it?

    1. I would also love to get an answer to Vasant's question.

    2. I suggest you download a free crossword compiler from Puzzlers' Cave. Using that software create grids of the various setters and save it on your computer (all grids are repeated by the setters). The grid that you save is the interactive type so open the grid in one window and the clues in another window and after placing them side by side on your screen go ahead and solve after you finish solving clear all answers and save the grid for use whenever the setter uses it next time

    3. Thanks a lot sir..shall try this..

  10. 2nd easier puzzle in a row by Neyartha's standards....could solve before 6:30....thanks to Bhavan for posting the clues in The Hub...

  11. I also put ORDERS and missed the samosas:((

  12. I also put ORDERS and missed the samosas:((

  13. How is it that you missed the samosa at 10.20 and again at 4.53 pm? Anyway, you had today's share in advance yesterday itself!