Thursday, 8 February 2018

No 12235, Thursday 08 Feb 2018, Neyartha

Answer and annotation for 19D left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.

1   US government agency protecting investors backing revolutionary coils in a disgusting and corrupt place (8) CESSPOOL {SEC<=}{LOOPS<=}
5   Cooking aid for a dressmaker (6) BASTER [DD]
9   Tapestry covering the no-good queen's orchestrators (9) ARRANGERS {ARRA{NG}{ER}S}
11 Mark for insertion of a promised reward to the auditor (5) CARET (~carrot)
12 Cooking aid for the trespassing hunter's fish (7) POACHER [DD]
14 Run out with a parade decoration to the ship (7) STEAMER STrEAMER
15 Lee sent creep out for something achievable using, say, Skype? (12) TELEPRESENCE*
17 Pointless to burn acetone and granite mixture after Edward leaves to get an antiknock measure (6,6) OCTANE RATING {ACETONe}* {GRANITe}*
20 One put on it might be heavily criticised (7) GRIDDLE [CD]
22 Spark off anger about the spin after the name comes up (7) INSPIRE {IRE} around {(+n)NSPI(-n)}
23 Letters from Laskhmi, a minor, in an American city (5) MIAMI [T]
24 Aircraft component in a pallet gets disassembled (9) TAILPLANE*
26 Pressure situation that might result in a whistling food-preparation aid? (6) COOKER [CD]
27 Worried Edward's behind the article on the holy book (8) AGITATED {A}{GITA}{TED}

1   No answer to Pascal's transformation of the fasteners (6) CLASPS PASCaLS*
2   Cynical actors sheltered by Rhode Island in an enclosed space (9) SARCASTIC {SA{R{CAST}I}C}
 Cooking aid found with the speaker's velvet-like fabric (3) PAN (~panne)
4   Have a disproportionately large percentage of pre-teen rovers at sea (13) OVERREPRESENT*
6   Military forces capture a revolutionary bottling gas for people extremely hostile to each other (11) ARCHENEMIES {AR{CHE}{NE}MIES} What's the role of 'bottling'?
 Play a stringed instrument as the leaders of the Huns reveal undated manuscripts (5) THRUM Acrostic
8   Delay in wages after wife goes out for a short time (6) RETARD RE(-w+t)TARD
10 Arranging the gymnast's tie is tricky (13) SYSTEMATISING*
13 Dutch province attracting first-class bridge players with a type of sauce (11) HOLLANDAISE {HOLLAND}{A1}{SE}
16 Aware of the article under the broken sign kept inside a small bed (9) COGNISANT {CO{SIGN*}{AN}T}
18 Flag a microbe revealing something related to asexual reproduction (6) AGAMIC [T]
19 Bet compounded by the departure of a couple of Orientals (6) ?E?E?D (Addendum - DEPEND DEePENeD - See comments))
21 Depiction of energy transforming into an egg shows the last stage of an insect's metamorphosis (5) IMAGO IMAG(-e+o)O
25 Crown lifted to reveal a vessel (3) POT<=



  1. Compounded = deepened, deleting E E ( couple of Orientals ) = DEPEND = Bet

  2. Nice puzzle. Typical Neyartha fare.

  3. Neyartha has cooked a nice neiyappam today ! Most of the across clues relate to cooking.

    Liked TELEPRESENCE. Shouldn't ARCHENEMIES be two words-4,7 ? Or is it an hyphenated word with the hyphen dropped? or is it a modern portmanteau word like FRENEMIES ?

    Why keeps others away from today's delectable recipe?


    2. Yes, cookery ( or neyyappam as you call it!) is his theme today,as highlighted by Col.

    3. Thank you Prasad for the interesting link. Seems to be a thorough research. Also made a note of the website for future ref.

    4. Most enjoyable Rajuisms!😀😀

  4. What keeps and not why keeps above. sorry for the typo !

  5. 23 A Should I use this spelling for my name ? 😀

  6. Is Aadhaar pe? ;) Hubby will end up with twisted tongue ;)

  7. Pl.let me know how to get at Ac 5.

  8. Replies
    1. It's a Double definition. Baster means cooking aid as well as dressmaker. Look it up in a dictionary