Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Sunday Crossword No 2982, Sunday 11 Feb 2018

1   Waterlogged ruins hastily emptied (6) MARSHY {MARS}{Ha...lY}
4  Reform tailored for worshipper (8) IDOLATER*
9   Shrinks from agreements (9) CONTRACTS [DD]
11 Number ahead in projection (5) TENON {TEN}{ON}
12 Destroy poem after hesitation (5) ERODE {ER}{ODE}
13 Article by joker filled with knowledge, popular and inspiring (9) AWAKENING {A}{WA{KEN}{IN}G}
14 Odd loner, brash, playing without rules (2,5,6) NO HOLDS BARRED*
17 Artist, demon with racket, endlessly going back into combat (13) IMPRESSIONIST {IMP}{RES{NOISe<=}IST}
21 Element first of all used by artist making pasta sauce (9) CARBONARA {CARBON}{All}{RA} Thanks to Google
23 Low point in production, a dirge (5) NADIR [T]
24 Depth in error, not fine for mature person (5) ADULT {fA{D}ULT}
25 Sad and single, after love in network, for example (9) WOEBEGONE {W{O}EB}{EG}{ONE}
26 Overthrow ended with detention of the confused king (8) DETHRONE {D{THE*}{R}ONE}
27 Thanks returned by nurse? Listen (6) ATTEND {TA<=}{TEND}

1   Derided medium, shaken? Not right (6) MOCKED {M}{rOCKED}
2   Disparage extremely tired summary (7) RUNDOWN [MD]
3   Recast hero so he's symbol of good luck (9) HORSESHOE*
5   Is success in exam ahead of one consumed by present objective? (13) DISPASSIONATE {D{IS}{PASS}{1}ONATE}
6   Behind schedule, keeping time for coffee (5) LATTE {LA{T}TE}
7   Port having a sharper taste (7) TANGIER [DD]
8   Traitor with energy after study covering information up (8) RENEGADE {RE{GEN<=}AD}{E}
10 Naturalist in wandering saw richer land (7,6) CHARLES DARWIN*
15 Land, not hot, inhabited by northern people in alliance (9) ALIGNMENT {ALIG{N}{MEN}hT}
16 Fish cut up? Not easy (8) PILCHARD {CLIP<=}{HARD}
18 Incentive, first off, to join outfit for activity (7) PURSUIT {sPUR}{SUIT}
19 Silly to plead for larva (7) TADPOLE*
20 Comrade, loud and clear, capturing hearts of fiery romantics (6) FRIEND {F}{RI{fiEry}{r..aNt..s}D}
22 External course, first to last (5) OUTER (-r)OUTE(+r)R



  1. Special at 10:30 is an Alphabet Jigsaw by KKR.

    1. Wouldn't be able to participate as I am travelling. Shall solve later.

    2. KKR as a setter is doing lots of experiment. The other day we had a starred, themed puzzle from him and today an alphabet puzzle. Great KKR!

    3. Thanks Vasant!
      I hope it will be to your liking!

  2. Submissions invited for the Sunday Specials as my kitty is empty

  3. Col, please let me repeat this as the last one was posted too late in the day. If anyone wishes to receive a complimentary copy of my trans in Eng if a long short story of Viyavan, pl send request to chaturvasi yahoo com . Copies will be sent by publisher on Monday to those who have already done so.