Monday, 12 February 2018

No 12238, Monday 12 Feb 2018, Scintillator

Answer and Anno for 11D left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.
No clue as to what 6D is.

1   Valuable information about the past (6) GOLDEN {G{OLD}EN}
4   Synthesizing molten cobalt in a lab (8) ANABOLIC {CO+IN+A+LAB}*
9   Foolish people without time to buy properties (6) ASSETS {ASSE{T}S}
10 High quality tee shirt possibly cut (3-5) TOP-NOTCH {TOP}{NOTCH}
12 In revolt, have to handle gangster causing disruption (8) UPHEAVAL {UP}{HAVE*}{AL}
13 Police finding hard to let go of motorcycle (6) COPPER ChOPPER
15 Show the way in cycle advert (4) LEAD [T]
16 Malicious instructions causing registry and chip failures (5,5) LOGIC BOMBS {LOG}{IC} {BOMBS}
19 One helps the seer cop it indirectly with courage (5,5) OPTIC NERVE {COP+IT}* {NERVE}
20 Press is raving over new leaders (4) IRON Acrostic
23 Little money to get cabbage often, fella! (6) NICKEL {NICK}{fElLa}
25 Being caterer, cooked high-class stuffs (8) CREATURE {CATERER}* over {U}
27 Barrel to feed a hybrid giant horse (8) BANGTAIL {B{A}{GIANT*}L}
28 Accommodate late notice by heartless landlord (6) OBLIGE {OB}{LIeGE}
29 Handle nonsense putting an end upfront (8) STOPCOCK {COCK}<=>{STOP}
30 Relatives those are sugar-free? Gems! (6) UNCLES carbUNCLES

1   Gentle introduction to ghost — "Ra, Ra!" (7) GRADUAL {Gh..t}{RA DUAL}
2   To give in and fall in love (4,5) LOSE HEART [DD]
3   Frame in nurse role going overboard (6) ENTRAP {EN}{PART<=}
5   Leaving home after nine, working light (4) NEON {NinE}{ON}
6   Bribe amount reported is nonsense (8) B?N?O?B? (Addendum - BUNCOMBE (~bung come) - Se comments)
7   Some dispute leads to turnover slacking off (3-2) LET-UP [T<=]
8   Fellow host serves to entertain right groups (7) COHORTS {CO}{HOST*} over {R}
11 I could be putting glory ahead of facts (7) ?A?O?E? (Addendum - HALOGEN {HALO}{GEN} - See comments)
14 Siemens, the Italian, extremely gentle (7) SILVERY {S}{IL}{VERY}
17 Erratic miracle the essence of doubt, fake pastor finally arrested (9) MERCURIAL {p...oR} in {MIRACLE+doUbt}*
18 Hundred entering to choose international college promoting diversity (8) ECLECTIC {E{C}LECT}{I}{C}
19 I'm excited with bonus that's comprehensive (7) OMNIBUS {IM+BONUS}*
21 Poor people resented being lost when that leader died (7) NEEDERS RESENtED
22 Duplicate vehicle's good in Paris (6) CARBON {CAR}{BON}
24 Part of poem with stock phrases on love (5) CANTO {CANT}{O}
26 Element 0/100? (4) ZINC {ZIN}{C} Zin/0 ?



  1. Replies
    1. ...but Buncombe is a variant spellin of Bunkum. How is it related to Bribe amount?

    2. Bun scottish bribe. Amount=come (to) be

    3. I don't think the def can be two words added together

    4. The def is then probably nonsense.

    5. Bribe: BUNG from
      Amount as put by sree_sree COME (TO) BE. So the def is nonsense.

    6. How does the G get deleted from BUNG

    7. BUNG COME ~ buncombe.
      bun·kum also bun·combe (bŭng′kəm)

  2. That is what I am still thinking...

  3. 26 Element 0/100? (4) ZINC {ZIN}{C} Zin/0 ?

    Is it Zero in hundred: Z in C?

    1. 0/100 will be 0 'over' 100 and not 'in' 100

    2. It has to be Z in C, but why 'in' for over has to be explained.

    3. 5/100 could be interpreted as 5 out of 100, or 100 containing 5, or 5 in 100?

    4. I took it as similar to 1/100 i.e., one in hundred.

    5. Technically one in every hundred.

  4. Of late a number of comments are going into the spam folder. In case anyone finds their comment not getting published please send me an SMS or email. Yesterday 3 comments from Venkatesan and one from Cryptella went into the spam folder

  5. Replies
    1. enrolled nurse. Most of the times it would be in

    2. Thank you Raghu. I have faltered on this earlier also.

  6. Chopper as a helicopter is common, but a motorcycle was new. On checking I found it to be a custom made one.

  7. 11d: {halo}{gen}
    glory = halo
    Facts = gen
    Definition: I (Scintillator, author)
    Halogen is a scintillator - a metal that fluoresces)

  8. Reminded one of the Chemistry lab with so many elements and related words today

  9. A TOP-NOTCH student with bountiful ASSETS,
    Her very appearance created UPHEAVAL and sweats!
    One with a SILVERY tongue,
    Got a LEAD after he sung;
    But GRADUAL UNCLES received only threats.

  10. Chemical elements is the theme today (as Raghu @10:15 said)

  11. Golden,Copper,Lead,Iron,Nickel,Neon,halogen, Silvery,Mercurial,Carbon,Zinc- just short of a dozen. To round it up, we may include Anabolic.

    1. The COHORTS who arrived in an OMNIBUS were big-wigs. None can ENTRAP them. To OBLIGE you have to pay COPPER. Elementary?
      Wait, they have passed their elementary of course and the know that if SILVERY things are taken care of the GOLDEN will be automatically taken care of. Their ASSETS are distributed among UNCLES and other relatives. Their rise has been MERCURIAL amd not GRADUAL. But there seems to be a LET UP. Let us not LOSE HEART. Let us wait for a change or maybe an UPHEAVAL.

  12. CV had put up a note on Sunday CW which I note no one has noticed. Hence I copy paste it here for those who may be interested-
    Col, please let me repeat this as the last one was posted too late in the day. If anyone wishes to receive a complimentary copy of my trans in Eng if a long short story of Viyavan, pl send request to chaturvasi yahoo com . Copies will be sent by publisher on Monday to those who have already done so.

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  14. To view a SILVERY COPPER-NICKEL coin in his pocket,
    A mumismatist removed NEON and put a HALOGEN lamp in its socket.
    But a LEAD coin with GOLDEN plating,
    To determine its age needed CARBON dating!
    But the MERCURIAL guy settled for an IRON piece for his locket!!

  15. 2nd instalment is more interesting than the first. 3rd one coming?

  16. Last one:
    To write CANTO after canto and be hectic,
    One has to have knowledge ECLECTIC,
    And the OPTIC NERVE
    Should serve with verve,
    Finally without BUNCOMBE the lines ought to be metric!!

  17. Wow!
    Something interesting for our nerve optic
    and imparting knowledge eclectic.

    1. Nice rhyme Paddy to complement the 3rd story