Sunday, 18 February 2018

The Sunday Crossword No 2983, Sunday 18 Feb 2018

1   Tons in store, say, for competitor in field event (4-6) SHOT-PUTTER {SHO{T}P}{UTTER}
6   Unwanted messages in charts going around (4) SPAM <=
9   Storm, test for men at sea throughout (4,4,2,5) FROM STEM TO STERN*
11 Supervisor in favour of returning call (7) FOREMAN {FOR}{NAME<=}
12 Burden quietly accepted by old journalists (7) OPPRESS {O}{P}{PRESS}
13 Chapter, part containing good unfinished record of events (9) CHRONICLE {CH}{RO{NICe}LE}
16 Raging against one breaking cover (5) LIVID {LI{V}{1}D}
18 Careless in head of state's absence (5) SLACK {St..e}{LACK}
19 Cheerful people I spot, excited about film (9) OPTIMISTS {MIST} in {I+SPOT}*
20 Anger acceptable in show (7) PROVOKE {PROV{OK}E}
21 Musical piece from applicant at audition (7) CANTATA [T]
23 Criticism popular doctor alters, changing dressing (8,7) STICKING PLASTER {STICK}{IN}{GP}{ALTERS*}
24 Outfit beginning to accumulate capital (4) RIGA {RIG}{A}
25 Like an idealist, waited to receive right cereal (6-4) STARRY-EYED {STA{R}{RYE}YED}

1   Cut off, erring in appeal for help not sharply defined (4-5) SOFT-FOCUS {CUT+OFF}* in {SOS}
2   Smell food, so hurry, deprived of regular portions (5) ODOUR {fOoD+sO+hUrRy}
3   Upright fellow with second innings in game (8,5) POSTMANS KNOCK {POST}{MAN}{S}{KNOCK}
4   Metal casing that is forming connection (3-2) TIE-IN {T{IE}IN}
5   Outgoing traveller, on time after departure, missing one (9) EXTROVERT {EXiT}{ROVER}{T}
7   Maintains power over substitutes (9) PRESERVES {P}{RESERVES}
8   Without source of light I'm upset (5) MINUS {SUN}{IM}<=
10 Extra flexible with translation of any term (13) SUPPLEMANTRY {SUPPLE}{ANY+TERM}*
14 Group filled with energy when working and thinking (9) REASONING {R{E}{AS}{ON}ING}
15 Finish with king and fool bound together (5-4) CLOSE-KNIT {CLOSE}{K}{NIT}
17 Wanted around Panama, lost hope (9) DESPAIRED {DES{PA}IRED}
20 Difficult question for exhibitionist (5) POSER [DD]
21 Cloak right for illicit activity (5) CAPER {CAPE}{R}
22  Restless, say, bothered about part of Bible (5) ANTSY {A{NT}SY*}



  1. Driving back from Yelagiri to Bangalore today.

    Special at 10:30 by Fraz