Saturday, 10 February 2018

No 12237, Saturday 10 Feb 2018, Afterdark

Answer and annotation of  27d left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.


9. Paperwork for migration managed outside of TN (7) ORIGAMI {MIGRATION-TN}*
10. Instrument is old, registered in murderer's second name (7) OCARINA {O}{CA{R}IN}{nAme}
11. Odd tear, fractured knee? Take time and have a break (4,3) TAKE TEN {TeAr}{KNEE*} around {T}
12. Old, bald , deranged and eccentric (7) ODDBALL {OLD+BALL*}
13. A bold ruse to create breaches (9) APERTURES {A}{PERT}{RUSE*}
15. Samosa, kabab parcelled in city (5) OSAKA (T)
16. Shrink gets an award (7) ATROPHY {A}{TROPHY}
19. Ladies buy all contraptions for a song (7) LULLABY {L}{BUY+ALL*}
20. Crew leaves workplace in a frenzy for a dance (5) POLKA {WORKPLACE-CREW}*
21. Birds hang on animals (9) KILLDEERS {KILL}{DEERS}
25. Plant is crisp in a chilly surround (7) SPINACH (T) Does the clue work?
26. Pharmacist's child is taking film about drug (7) CHEMIST {CH}{MIST} around {E}
28. Oddly team knew, to get perfect reaching the top of mountain is target (4,3) TAKE AIM {TeAm}{KnEw}{AI}{Mountain}
29. Dev, as I ventured, is deceptive (7) EVASIVE (T) Can 'is' be a 'Hidden word indicator' ?


1. Took off in North America to an island (6) NOOTKA {N{TOOK*}A}
2. Choose love, pouring the heart out in difficulty (6) PICKLE {PICK}{LovE}
3. Temptation for bachelor's sex appeal (4) BAIT {BA}{IT}
4. Victor having meal with wife in daughter's absence (6) WINNER {(-d+W)INNER}
5. Huge debt after company's taken over by gangster (8) COLOSSAL {CO}{LOSS}{AL} Debt=Loss?
6. Tough to style hairdo with bun primarily on lady's head that's lumpy (4-6) HARD-BOILED {HAIRDO+Bun*}{L}{hEaD} lumpy=uneven
7. Writing system in Iran, Agha developed (8) HIRAGANA {IRAN+AGHA*}
8. Prayer given by couple losing heart after husband gets pain (4,4) HAIL MARY {H}{AIL} {MArRY}
14. Pot helps to make leading comedians (3,7) TOP BANANAS {POT*} Reverse anagram
16. It’s appropriate for a quiet state before onset of engagement (8) APPOSITE {A}{P}{POSIT}{Engagement}
17. Men are backward; lady enjoys and acts in a carefree manner (8) ROLLICKS {OR<=}{L}{LICKS}
18. Lennon's wife has pork at a city (8) YOKOHAMA {YOKO}{HAM}{A}
22. Using chlorine, men come up with skin disease (6) LICHEN {OR+LICHEN*=CHLORINE}
23. Concentrate on player on 51 runs carrying the side (6) ELIXIR {E}{LI}{XI}{R}
24. Landlord left for school with dog, perhaps (6) SETTER {(-l+S)ETTER}
27. Test mail regularly sent to others (2,2) E? A? (Addendum - ET AL {tEsT}{mAiL} - See comments)

Reference List
Old=O, Registered=R, Murderer=Cain, Ladies=L, Child=Ch, Drug=E(Ecstasy), Perfect=AI (A one)
North America=NA, Bachelor=BA, Sex Appeal=It, Wife=W, Daughter=D, Company=Co, Gangster=Al, Husband=H, Quiet=P, Lady=L, Men=OR, Player=E, 51=LI, Runs=R, Side=XI

Colour/Font Scheme

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  1. Men = OR in 17 down and
    Player = E in 23 down
    are new to me

    1. I Think E is bridge player.
      Could not get OR.

    2. Yes Player is bridge player the others being N,S and W

  2. Submissions invited for the Sunday Specials. I have just one left in the kitty for tomorrow

  3. Is=exist/be present
    Surround=constitute part of (environment)
    But both are new usage.

  4. 'et al' means 'and others', I think.

  5. 22D- Surface reading is nice, but in cryptic reading, the compound anagram is not clearly indicated. Am I right?

    1. I took comma as cut (meaning cut off piece) so
      Using (chlorine-men) come up with lichen

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Will that not need an anind? I took it as Lichen+OR= chlorine. But I felt that this is not clearly indicated in cryptic reading.

    4. Paddy , I think "Using" indicates the CA.Using chlorine, men and the solution would make up the required letters.

    5. Come up with is produce/devise

  6. OR is supposed to indicate 'Other Ranks' in army parlance (not officers)
    It has been used again in 22D also. It has been regularly used in THC.

  7. My 9.21 is in response to Venkatesan's 9.11.

    Place: YOKOHAMA town.
    Setting: A party hall.

    The lad wanted to show that he was a WINNER. Was he an ODDBALL?
    He knew some ORIGAMI. So what?
    He dares and ROLLICKS. He makes a paper plane. And then he has the audacity to TAKE AIM. Not one, he will TAKE TEN!!
    But the girl wearing the POLKA dotted skirt cares two hoots! What a COLOSSAL waste of time!
    When accosted he is EVASIVE. He and his friends ET AL.
    As I said before: BOYS WILL BE BOYS!!

  9. 9a: origami - {migration-tn}*
    13a: apertures - a+pert(bold)+ruse*
    16a: atrophy - a(n) + trophy(award)
    20a: polka - {workplace - crew}*
    25a: spinach

    1d: nootka - {took + n + a}*
    2d: plckle - pick(choose) + l..e
    5d: colossal - co+loss(debt)+al(gangster)
    22d: lichen - {chlorine - or(men)}*

    1. Dr Krishnamorthy, this option of providing answers and annotations is meant for the Friday crossword only. On other days you can comment on clues, ask for doubts if any or answer the one clue which has been left for newcomers, like 27D today, or you can provide answers for any queries raised in the post

  10. Nice puzzle. Didnt know the name of Lennon's wife but due to crossings and the second part of charade could guess:the wonder of cryptic crosswords never ceases.