Saturday, 24 February 2018

No 12249, Saturday 24 Feb 2018, Arden

Answer and anno for 20D left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.


1. Starts new demands, one among the employees creates the logjam (8) STANDOFF {STA{New}{Demands}{One}FF}
5. A subject relating to one's predisposition for allergic reaction (6) ATOPIC {A}{TOPIC}
10. Fungicide used in state, including capital (7) CALOMEL {CA{LOME}L}
11. Pay a bribe // to get a cash crop (3,4) OIL PALM (CD & D)

12. Indian movie about Indian wine (5) RIOJA {R{I}OJA}

13. Make a note, it's a complaint (9) ENTERITIS {ENTER}{IT}{IS}
14. Trial of militant on date (5-7) COURT-MARTIAL {COURT}{MARTIAL}
18. Substitute for Hindi? Drag in a former PM (6,6) INDIRA GANDHI {HINDI+DRAG+IN+A}*
21. He is ratting in other words (9) INTRIGANT {IS+RATTING*} (Correction {RATTING+IN}* - See comments} &lit
23. Expert handled pet on a regular basis (5) ADEPT {hAnDlEd PeT}
24. It's about food left over as drunk makes a noise (7) TROPHIC {PORT<=}{HIC}
25. Dirty been so dirty and cold inside (7) OBSCENE {BEEN+SO*} around {C}
26. A sorry way to keep count (6) ROSARY {A+SORRY*} Way on double duty?
27. Perhaps David will cross Alps under a cloud (8) PSALMIST {ALPS*}{MIST}


1. Tie up dog straying into the church (6) SECURE {SE{CUR}E}
2. Efflorescent, able, detailed, low and climbing (6) ABLOOM {ABLe}{MOO<=}
3. Harry enamoured by appearance (9) DEMEANOUR {ENAMOURED*}
4. There could be no issue with this condition (5,9) FALSE PREGNANCY (CD)
6. Layer of sorts with large instep (5) TILER {TI{L}ER}
7. Money chasing scheme involving American, could be one in a bunch (8) PLANTAIN {PLAN}{T{A}IN}
8. Arrived carrying loose soil in a piece of clothing (8) CAMISOLE {CAM{SOIL*}E}
9. Study of language limited to countries, they stymie things (14) CONTAMINATIONS {CON}{TAMIl}{NATIONS}
15. Comes into some money, picks up practice (9) REHEARSAL {RE{HEARS}AL}
16. Expelled nun from home is dark (8) SINISTER {S{IN}ISTER}
17. Books on crime relegatedsecond to eighth place (8) EDITIONS {(-s)EDITION(+S)}
19. I'm dividing money, I am an Arab (6) YEMENI {YE{ME}N}{I} I'm=Me?  See comments
20. Get set, take up some of them to bear witness (6) ?T?E?T ATTEST (T<=) See comments
22. Discharge, in which order? (5) ICHOR (T)

Reference List
State=Cal, Indian=I, Left=Port, Cold=C
Church=See, Low=Moo, Large=L, American=A, Study=Con, Money=Real, Nun=Sister, Home=In, Second=S, Money=Yen

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  1. 19d 1.2West Indian informal I or my.
    ‘I'll get me coat’
    ‘me can come an go as me please

  2. 19D I'm dividing money = I am in money {YE{ME}N} where I = Me

  3. 20D ATTEST..some letters from GET,SET, TAKE?

  4. Reading backwards from A in Take

    1. 'Up' is the reversal indicator.
      3D- Nicely camouflaged T.
      Thank you Ramesh for the nice blog.

  5. 26a May be semi&lit referring to sorrowful mysteries of a Rosary.

  6. From Gridman straight to Arden? What happened to others in between?

  7. We missed Incognito & prob. Lightning?

  8. 21A. It is IN+RATTING and not as given please.

  9. A SINISTER YEMENI made a gesture OBSCENE
    Durint the REHEARSAL of a drama scene
    Later the script writer did ATTEST
    Which put things to rest
    And helped the actor SECURE his part and come out clean.

  10. What's the purpose of DATE in 14 across?

    The three long phrases an name took a while to decipher.

    OIL PALM , oiled palm, palm- grease etc itchy palm etc --- well oiled clue .

    India is now full of INTRIGANTS coming out of the diamond mines .