Sunday, 4 February 2018

The Sunday Crossword No 2981, Sunday 04 Feb 2018


1   Excess force in confident appeal (7) SURFEIT {SUR{F}E}{IT}
5   Answer following reasonable concern (6) AFFAIR {A}{F}{FAIR}
10 Be uncomfortably hot while in bunk (5) ROAST {RO{AS}T}
11 Royal attendants echo doubts about king (9) EQUERRIES {E}{QUER{R}IES} E/Echo?
12 Narrow-minded snub, ignoring conclusion by revolutionary artist (7) INSULAR {INSULt}{RA<=}
13 Barrier formed by river, not well (7) RAILING {R}{AILING}
14 Engine dad had designed for secret purpose (6,6) HIDDEN AGENDA*
18 Carefully controlled step by chap getting on (5-7) STAGE-MANAGED {STAGE}-{MAN}{AGED}
21 No longer working in December, time filled with merriment (7) DEFUNCT {DE{FUN}C}{T}
22 Fancy duck followed by seconds in endless meal (7) SUPPOSE {SUPP{O}{S}Er}
24 Free article, almost useless, with large fit (9) AVAILABLE {A}{VAIn}{L}{ABLE}
25 Tree without decoration by the sound of it (5) PLANE (~plain)
26 Dates, not normally variable,fixed   (6) STEADY {DATES*}{Y}
27 Cloud level about right (7) STRATUS {ST{R}ATUS}

1   Spectacle involving skill coming up directly (8) STRAIGHT {S{ART<=}IGHT}
 Spy hoard, stirred to make expression of ecstasy (8) RHAPSODY*
3   Praise text, old-fashioned to some extent (5) EXTOL [T]
4   Novel gag, hasty, better after revision (3,5,6) THE GREAT GATSBY*
6   In favour of effort, study taboo (9) FORBIDDEN {FOR}{BID}{DEN}
7   Sour account about police department on island (6) ACIDIC {A{CID}{I}C}
8   Extend contract or quit (6) RESIGN [DD]
9   Supply officers in region on planet disrupted by alien's rising (14) QUARTERMASTERS {QUARTER}{MA{ETS<=}RS}
15 Involved in goal, securing team's first corner (9) ENTANGLED {EN{Team}{ANGLE}D}
16 Upset about soldier with angry speech lacking knowledge (8) IGNORANT {ON}{GI}<={RANT}
17 Unravelling lies, ends inactivity (8) IDLENESS*
19 Principles one compromises? (6) IDEALS {1}{DEALS}
20 Erase error initially supported by very loud expert (6) EFFACE {Er..r}{FF}{ACE}
23 Assistant for each essay (5) PAPER {PA}{PER}


  1. Congratulations Col and all members of THCC! :)

  2. Greetings and Best Wishes are due to Col. without whose untiring and 'On the dot' presentation, this blog cannot continue with so much interest and following with countless beneficiaries.
    May the Blog see many more Anniversaries. Amazing to note that it enters double digits in age next year.

  3. The 9th Anniversary Jumbo Community crossword will be published at 9 AM

  4. Greetings and best wishes to Colonel Sir and THCC!

  5. Wishing THCC many more Anniversaries...

  6. Bravo, Col, March on with our blog from 9th to 90th ¬ God bless you and our blog. May it enlighten many more with the intricacies of the esoteric cryptic crosswords. Greetings to all those who keeps it going !

  7. 19A- Earls- Peers
    Listener- ear
    Lok Sabha- LS
    22A- Assisits- Helps
    Adult son- AS
    Female relatives without hesitation- Sist (ER)s

  8. Happy Birthday THCC!
    Col, we are sure the ever-growing blog makes you proud and gives birth to many more setters.
    God Bless The Blog!!!

  9. Posted in Sunday CW by mistake-Padmanabhan9:09 am GMT+5:30
    1D- A R Rear - overdue payment
    12A- Bird Flu- Must be an ailment
    Runaway bride nearly- bird
    Took off we herar- Flu (Flew)

  10. Congratulations Deepak. I salute your phenomenal resilience in bringing out this blog on the dot at 8:30 AM everyday.

  11. Thank you Satyen, LV, Paddy, MB, Ram, Raju, KKR, Bhargav and Ramki