Wednesday 26 May 2021

No 13257, Wednesday 26 May 2021, Dr. X

Lockdown Day 28 of 40 Stay Safe

Solution to 24D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   A wife oft berates poor husband for worthless talk (5,2,6) WASTE OF BREATH {A+W+OFT+BERATES}*{H}
8   Aim to catch glimpse of rare goat-antelope (5) GORAL {GO{Rare}AL}
9   Practical to separate on reflection, consumed by devastating malice (9) EMPIRICAL {EM{RIP<=}ICAL*}
11 Perhaps I too can win award for business (10) OCCUPATION {I+TOO+CAN}* over {CUP}
12 Lie back after drinking strong punch (4) BIFF {F{F}IB<=}
14 Criminal in fact sheltering a militant (7) FANATIC {IN+FACT}* over {A}
16 Reputable university’s predicament — radicals primarily toppling Left (7) UPRIGHT {U}{P(-l+r}RIGHT}
17 Channel features film showing home for the terminally ill (7) HOSPICE {HOS{PIC}E}
19 Onset of myasthenia embodied by sharp tremor (7) TREMBLE {TRE{My...a}BLE}
21 Make up for time lost? Excellent (1-3) A-ONE AtONE
22 Emotional poet in a mess after inhaling dope (10) PASSIONATE {POET+IN+A{* over {ASS}
25 Reporter’s lament about going after rascal conducting scam (9) RACONTEUR {RUE<=}<=>{RA{CON}T}
26 Essentially crave to get high in any way (2,3) AT ALL {crAve}{TALL}
27 Defeat easily and holler, winning a match to dance endlessly (4,3,6) BEAT ONE HOLLOW {BE{A}{TONE}{HOp}LLOW}

2   One from Nigeria, say, most wealthy, welcomed by a follower (7) AFRICAN {A}{RICh}{FAN}
3   Elite rogue conducting course primarily claims to be psychic (10) TELEPATHIC {TELE{PATH}I*}{Cl...s}
4   Noticeable hangover, totally drunk (5) OVERT [T]
5   Artfully cut by fencing move in consequence (9) BYPRODUCT {CUT+BY}* over {PROD}
6   Time to welcome leading Zionist, a Hebrew prophet (4) EZRA {E{Zi...t}RA}
7   Revolutionary fashion leader in gathering (7) TUCKING {CUT<=}{KING}
8   Stop broadcasting buffoon’s article in show (2,3,3,3) GO OFF THE AIR {GOOF}{F{THE}AIR}
10 What a bridegroom might do to reveal a secret? (4,3,4) LIFT THE VEIL [DD]
13 Go down to arrest men after bar brawl (4-3-3) FREE-FOR-ALL {F{REEF}{OR}ALL}
15 Australia’s opener inside crease, bowled by an unorthodox delivery (9) CAESAREAN {C{Au...n}ESARE*}{AN}
18 Plant in case decomposing without source of light (7) SANICLE {IN+CASE}* over {Li..t}
20 Bachelor party, endless commotion and bluster (7) BRAVADO {B}{RAVe}{ADO}
23 Rush all over the place to secure a twilled fabric of silk (5) SURAH {SUR{A}H*}
24 Outfit includes new tie (4) ?N?T (Addendum - KNIT {K{N}IT} - See comments)

Reference List
Wife = W, Husband = H, Strong = F, University = U, Left = L, Time = T, Men = OR(Other ranks), Bachelor = B, Party = RAVE, New = N 


  1. Very nice but a solver-friendly grid. Loved 7d, 15d, 10d and 24d.

    1. Thanks AJ. Nice to know what you liked👍

  2. 24D {K{N}IT} ; OUTFIT IS KIT N from New

  3. 2D- African- has to be an anagram. Not indicated. Say is the anagrind?

  4. Replies
    1. How does RAV get in the middle. I am missing something.

    2. Endless party = RAVE - E

    3. I meant the position- B RAV ADO.

    4. No paddy. I read it wrong.
      It's just sequence
      (Bachelor) (party endless) (commotion)

  5. 1A. Is poor needed? Can not Husband do?

    1. Poor is not for husband but as anagrind for (Oft berates) as indicated by Col. in the main post.

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  7. 13D. MEN = REEF, OR? Could someone explain...

  8. Men= OR (Other Ranks)
    Bar=Reef (under the sea)

  9. I remember a joke of my friend. Many years back pants made of double knit fabric was the rage. He said: Come again, is it double net, double knot or double knit?

    1. Good one....
      As for pants, recall the late '50s and early '60s in Bangalore when pants were meant only for those past the teenage and at the most we had to be content with white pyjamas. There was a public event in our neighbourhood and a cop was engaged to keep the kids or youngsters in half pants away.
      My eldest brother, then aged 18, eager to attend it resorted to act as grown-up before the cop at the gate for which he gave a flip to the bottoms of his pyjamas for a fold as if to 'resemble a pant' and gained entry!!

  10. 24D - Outfit includes a new tie: KNIT (KIT - outfit + N - new).

  11. 15D was a fanastic clue that made me recall every Aussie opener right from Colin Mcdonald, Les Favell, Stevens, Lawry, Simpson, Ian Redpath etc. and believe me, in the end, I laughed at myself on accessing this site to know the answer...

  12. Nice one from Dr. X today. My COD 15D. I think he will build up the crescendo over the next three days.

    1. Thanks Mr Prasad. Yes, I guess this was easy enough as AJ said.

  13. Thanks Mr Sathia. Nice to know what you liked 👍