Monday, 2 August 2021

No 13315, Monday 02 Aug 2021, Arden

Solution to 11D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Crop of a kind we raise (6) CASHEW {CASH}{WE<=}&lit
4   Doctor aims to follow with daily presence (8) CHARISMA {AIMS*}<=>{CHAR}
9   Tailoring units get ultimate fabric to make cloaks (6) TUNICS {TUNI{f...iC}S}
10 Arden’s after money, all detailed on tape (8) CASETTE {CASh}{sETTEr} Arden is beheaded as well!! (Correction - {CASh}{SETTEr} See comments)
12 People assemble here before a trip (5,3) OPIUM DEN [CD]
13 Head of police cross with someone who sells duplicates (6) PIRATE {Po...e}{IRATE}
15 Randy felon is dividing prize money, it's a very small amount (12) CONCUPISCENT {CON}{CUP}{IS}{CENT}
18 Invested after a magazine became traditional (4-8) TIME-HONOURED {HONOURED}<=>{TIME}
21 A woman in America, for us in India (6) ABROAD {A}{BROAD} [C&DD]
22 Im on it, following a setter within a time frame (3,5) AGE LIMIT {IM}{IT}<=>{A}{GEL}
24 Venerated marriage vow — left side shaky (8) IDOLISED {I DO}{L}{SIDE*}
25 Beer only after a bite (6) STINGO {O}<=>{STING}
26 One called into shade to give an earful (8) HARANGUE {H{A}{RANG}UE}
27 Instruments used only in batteries (6) CELLOS {CELL{O}S}

1   In other constituencies, insets have no effect (3,2,3) CUT NO ICE COnstITUENCies*
2   Feeling about maiden, same feeling (8) SENTIENT SENTImENT
3   After open text messaging you are sent out of the church (15) EXCOMMUNICATION {tEXt}{COMMUNICATION}
5   When calm hearts get cured (4) HEAL {wHEn}{cALm}
6   Who’s Putin to be allowed to come in the way? It’s a dangerous game... (7,8) RUSSIAN ROULETTE {RUSSIAN}{ROU{LET}TE}
7   ... a bit like promoting a strongman (6) SATRAP  {PART}{AS}<=
8   Our predecessors put me in a cage... (6) APEMEN {A}{PE{ME}N}
11 ... slated to be free, yea (7) ?E?I?E? (Addendum - DERIDED {DE{RID}ED - See comments} 
14 Wrong categorisation, linking Titania with this Dickensian character (7) SCROOGE CatEGORiSatiOn* [CA]
16 Deplorable to get caught at boundary, covers are off for last match (8) CRIMINAL {C}{RIM}{fINALs}
17 Upsurge is on novel books (8) EDITIONS {TIDE<=}{IS+ON}*
19 Basically cut in and cut out, looks tacky (6) GARISH {GA{tRIm}SH}
20 Our support for gun and protection (6) ARMOUR {OUR}<=>{ARM}
23 Proper use of annexed land (4) PERU [T]

Reference List
Left = L, Only = O, Maiden = M, Caught = C


  1. +1. His head is safe. Cassette has 2 S's. enu is 8 and not 7.
    Just 'detailing' Prasad's cryptic msg.

  2. 10 a must be cassette
    Case(-h) setter(-r) The enu is 8 not 7

    1. Sorry typo cash, not case

    2. I can't make head or tail of all this confusion

    3. Your head is safe any way- as also your clue! So,there's nothing to worry about.

    4. My mistake in annotation, since corrected and remarks struck off

  3. 11D. {DE{RID}ED} ... YEA = in DEED

  4. Col. has Monday morning blues!
    He is already on Aug. 21 (Byline) beheading Arden!

    1. No paddy. That's the year!!!
      It shows month and year.

  5. Yes, Just checked up. He has not been putting the date there- only at the top. My bad.

  6. 17D Super clue, fit for despatches!

  7. Awful puzzle.Whst has befallen Arden? Till yesterday he.was alright.
    1A I dont understand how CASH the solution

    1. Kind of a crop- Cash crop. Quite a common usage.

    2. Dear Mr. Sundaram, first thing in the morning I get beheaded, and now you ask "what has

      befallen Arden?". So, technically you can infer Arden has lost his head. Looks like I

      got off the bed the wrong side today. Jokes apart, I would suggest you spend a little

      more time thinking about the clues and you'll definitely get there. Before calling to

      question the sanity of the setter, I would suggest you look at yourself in the mirror

      and ask "where am I going wrong?". It is known to help sometimes, or at least it will

      help you spell your name in the right order. Have a good day!

  8. I'm comparatively new to crosswords. Kindly tell me the right way of solving them? I want to make crosswords an important part of my life. I don't want them to "cut no ice" as Arden would perhaps say.

    Thank you :)

    1. Check out the various links for beginners at

  9. You can get everything connected with CW's and how to solve them at Of course our blog is there fr the day's edition.

  10. 21a technical doubt.
    Can we read the clue def as "US(A) in India" is abroad.

  11. Is not healed the past tense of cured?

  12. The definition is get cured: present tense
    Heal means cure as well as get cured.