Sunday, 5 December 2021

The Sunday Crossword No 3179, Sunday 05 Dec 2021

1   My jape is silly, overshadowing isolated overnight events (6,7) PYJAMA PARTIES {MY+JAPE+IS}* over {APART}
8   Bootlegging, excluding number that's suggestive (4) RACY piRACY 
9   A nun, woozy with a cigar from somewhere in Central America (10) NICARAGUAN {A+NUN+A+CIGAR}*
10 Small amount of money Everyman's hiding, getting stick (6) CEMENT {CE{ME}NT}
11 Without a plan to lose home, becoming derelict (8) UNTENDED UNinTENDED
12 Dame; unsettling macabre author, uncomfortable reading including eerie Rebecca, primarily! (2,7) DU MAURIER Acrostic &lit
14 Some Blairism that's essential in vision (4) IRIS [T]
15 Tasteless rubbish! American! I'm off! (2-2) TA-TA {TAT}{A}
16 Monsieur altered canton to include limits of Basel and an Alp (4,5) MONT BLANC {M}{CANTON+BaseL}*
20 Scratching head, orthopod's performing skilful manœuvre (4-4) DROP-SHOT oRTHOPODS*
21 Haunt with unnatural sobs describing evacuated entrails (6) OBSESS {OBS{En...lS}S*}
23 Leafy green – or cheese and white wine? Not half! (5,5) SWISS CHARD {SWISS}{CHARDonnay} Just Swiss for Cheese?
24 Complain as storyteller returning (4) RAIL<=
25 Strict type of ballerina, initially narcissistic drama queen withholding support (4,3,6) PRIM AND PROPER {PRIMA}{Na...c}{Drama}{PROP}{ER}

1   'Table' in France: a single dish with water (7) PLATEAU {PLAT}{EAU}
2   Writer in bliss before seeing cheque ... gutted (5) JOYCE {JOY}{Ch..uE}
3   Troll using some 'gammon' stereotypes (7) MONSTER [T]
4   Correspondence from overseas resort captured Tropics (7,8) PICTURE POSTCARD 
5   Equality – with prince becoming king – it's seldom seen (6) RARITY (-p+r)RARITY
6   Ordinarily, flipping Luxembourg and Austria mostly backslide, 'neutral; independent' (2,7) IN GENERAL {L}{A}{RENEGe}{N}{I}<=
7   They rebuke people found on roofs (7) SLATERS [DD]
13 Topple after a little Negroni and fizz as starters (9) ANTIPASTI {TIP}<=>{A}{Ne...i} and {ASTI}
15 Pour most of the whiskey out – what you may do later? (5,2) THROW UP {POUR+THe+W}*
17 Also, the German harbours run as per specifications (2,5) TO ORDER {TOO}{R}{DER}
18 Time to note: what was more savoury now more indecent (7) NASTIER (-t+n)NASTIER
19 Tea, followed by tea dance (3-3) CHA-CHA {CHA}{CHA}

22 Hone temper (5) STROP [DD]

Reference List
Number = PI, Home = IN, American = A, Monsieur = M, Queen = ER, Prince = P, King = R, Neutral = N, Independent = I, Whiskey = W, The in German = DER, Run = R, Time = T, Note = N