Tuesday, 10 February 2015

No 11314, Tuesday 10 Feb 2015, Gridman

Thank you Gridman for taking me on a nostalgic trip to Coimbatore today.

1   Mouse that may put you out? (6) MICKEY [DD]
4   See officer commanding's lot in a public venue in 1 Dn. and 15 Ac. (1,1,1,4) V O C PARK {V} {O C} {PARK}
8   Lethal loop brought back, before long, to edge of stage (5) NOOSE {NOOS<=}{stagE}
9   Adding, in a new dimension, to top-class Indian inventor (1,1,5) G D NAIDU {ADDING*}{U}
12 Becomes very anxious — what a cat does periodically (3,7) HAS KITTENS [DD]
14 Thoroughfare (4) ROAD [E]
15 See 1 Dn.
19 Help one taking position on donkey (10) ASSISTANCE {ASS}{1}{STANCE}
21 Vagrants strip the sides of musical instrument (4) OBOE hOBOEs
22 Track runway? (4,6) RACE COURSE [CD]
25 Hurricane series — nothing new in it! (7) CYCLONE {CYCL{O}{N}E}
26 Sunk miserably carrying English bombs (5) NUKES {NUK{E}S*}
27 These members of a network could still be young (3,4) OLD BOYS [CD]
28 Greek god's representation of phony sleep, to begin with (6) HYPNOS {PHONY*}{Sl..p}

1 and 15 Ac. Coimbatore hinted manufactories, old, small, primarily hosiery, are to be revamped (10,2, 5,5) MANCHESTER OF SOUTH INDIA {HINTED+MANUFACTORIES+O+S+Ho...y}*
2   Bad-tempered copper at junction in 1 Dn. and 15 Ac. (8) CROSSCUT {CROSS}{CU}{T}
3   I quote said faculty (8) EYESIGHT (~i)(EYE}{SIGHT}(~cite)
5   Look back on a study of time long past (5) OLDEN {OL<=}{DEN}
6   Talks limitlessly of mountaineer's goal (4) PEAK sPEAKs
7   Tabloid glowing over 6 (3-3) RED-TOP {RED}-{TOP}
10 British entrepreneur saves one from troublesome nasties (6) STANES NASTiES* He also founded the school 'Stanes High School' from where I completed my schooling in 1967
11 Major stresses good man removed to include English women dishonouring pledge (12) ADULTERESSES {ADULT}{(-st+e)ERESSES}
13 Country loses fashionable health facility (3) SPA SPAin
16 One male's about to remain in the same (6) IBIDEM {1}{BIDE}M}
17 Advocate at competition not classy (8) ATTORNEY {AT}{TOuRNEY}
18 Nun doesn't start being penniless and knight is whole (8) UNBROKEN {nUN}{BROKEN}{N}
19 Couple given no pressure to broadcast (3) AIR pAIR
20 Over there! Yes, the leading lady's in river (6) NOYYAL {NOY<=}{YA}{Lady}
23 Needle girl over end of journey (5) ANNOY {ANN}{O}{j...eY}
24 Fast-talking head of government's liberal (4) GLIB {Go...t}{LIB}


  1. Photographs of S&B Meet uploaded in the THCC Families blog at the following link S & B MEET

  2. Not that familiar with Coimbatore. Looks like Cv was asking about Coimbatore just a few days back. Must have got this up in double quick time!
    A small correction of spelling in 11D- It is 'Adulteresses'. One E is missing. I got caught by it and checked the spelling.Only then it matches the crossing of 19A.

    1. Thanks Paddy will correct the typo. It's correctly there in the Anno

  3. I was mis-spelling it all the time!

    1. You mean your adulteresses always had some energy deficiency?

    2. Miss-spelling and was spellbound...

    3. Weak or not, spell bound or unbound a miss is a miss! I should never have missed it in the first place.

  4. Nice puzzle.Enjoyed to the core. Things fell into place easily to me,being the son of the soil.Had siruvani been roped in it would have been jewel in the crown. Thanks for photos.On the whole, a memorable puzzle esp. for people like us.

  5. Suburban High School 1974. It was a sort of homecoming. Thanks, Gridman


    1. By the way Swathi, for your info Gridman studied in 'Mani High School'

  6. W.r. to Raju's reply to my query late in the day(?) Yes, you are spot on the second time. It is a cattle pen and I have head it being used by my father. I still don't know the origin of the word. Could be Hindi/ Urdu?
    Enjoy your home town special today!

  7. Nice to see the Coimbatore references! Carmel Garden '84 for me - it did great those days, though Stanes ruled the roost in the mid-70s and earlier.