Sunday, 22 February 2015

No 2829, Sunday 22 Feb 2015

1   Insight shown by hospital department, originally (5) DEPTH {DEPT}{H}
4   Established practice in art? I do it differently with end of crayon (9) TRADITION {ART+I+DO+IT}*{c...oN}
9   American's vest in desert, reportedly shown on film (9) WAISTCOAT (~waste)(WAIST}{COAT}
10 Cancel yearbook missing second article (5) ANNUL ANNUaL
11 Hamleys, say, developed photos - first of yours displayed inside (7) TOYSHOP {TO{Yours}SHOP*}
12 A rounded character, but not initially amusing man (7) OMICRON {cOMIC}{RON}
13 Women's crew, showering after end of work-out improving muscle performance (6-8) WEIGHT-TRAINING {W}{EIGHT}-{w...-..T}{RAINING}
17 Fat American woman shown up by car headlight? (5,2,3,4) BROAD IN THE BEAM {BROAD} {IN THE BEAM}
19 Resolved to live permanently with daughter (7) SETTLED {SETTLE}{D}
20 Girl in cold area round a factory (7) CAMILLA {C}{A}{MILL}{A}
22 Living in a city, some favour banking (5) URBAN [T]
23 Can one run broadcast? (9) ANNOUNCER* &lit as well
24 To exceed one's budget unfortunately proves point (9) OVERSPEND {PROVES*}{END}
25 Unpleasant odour I start to detect in damp (5) HUMID {HUM}{I}{De...t}

1   Business centre in Bangor, perhaps (8) DOWNTOWN [DD]
2   Old writer, popular within fold (5) PLINY {PL{IN}Y}
3   Struck senior teacher - row's made the papers (3,3,9) HIT THE HEADLINES {HIT} {THE  HEAD}{LINES}
4   Bad time over in platoon? (5) TROOP {T}{ROOP}<=
5   One who might have excited NASA tutor? (9) ASTRONAUT* &lit
6   Drink - two words for it! (7,8) ITALIAN VERMOUTH {It for Italian and It for Vermouth}
7   Lack of awareness in church sheltering good girl (9) IGNORANCE {I{G}{NORA}N}{CE}
8   Stockings, new, only ruined by son (6) NYLONS {N}{ONLY*}{S}
14 One bishop, one on board, is cranky (9) IRRITABLE {1}{RR}{1}{TABLE}
15 That rider is shaky, not much good (5-4) THIRD-RATE*
16 I'm mated, being handicapped (8) IMPAIRED {I'M}{PAIRED}
18 Criminal does, pocketing copper coin in use before the euro (6) ESCUDO {ES{CU}DO*}
20 Thoroughly defeated a northern European, breaking record (5) CANED {C{A}{N}{E}{D}
21 Stand-in doctor reduced swelling across one's chest, initially (5) LOCUM {L{Ones}{Chest}UMp}


  1. I think you would have finished under 15 mins. VERMOUTH denied me samosa

  2. Replies
    1. American's vest = Definition = WAISTCOAT
      desert = WASTE,
      reportedly = Homophone Indicator
      desert, reportedly shown = WAIST (~waste)
      film = COAT


  3. 1A- Since originally is preceded by department, I took it as just D. It turns out that 'originally' is for hospital.

  4. 'Originally' is not for hospital. It indicates that DEPT goes ahead of H.
    That is, the order is not
    H DEPT
    DEPT H, where 'dept' appears 'originally', at the beginning.