Wednesday, 25 February 2015

No 11327, Wednesday 25 Feb 2015, Lightning

As entertaining as ever by Lightning.

1   German army's first incursion into island nation resulting in censure (8) DIATRIBE {D}{I}{A}{TRIBE}
5   Finishes checking old porches (6) STOOPS {STO{O}PS}
9   Fish egg in rock clipped (8) STURGEON {ST{URGE}ONe}
10 University dividing a compact courtyard (6) ATRIUM {A}{TRI{U}M}
12 Peacekeepers' look is rough (5) UNCUT {UN}{CUT} cut=fashion=look ?
13 Planned to speak after engineer at research facility (9) ELABORATE {E}{LAB}{ORATE}
14 Attachable container for bullets, open at both ends (4-2) CLIP-ON {CLIP}-{OpeN}
16 Perhaps one that buries boxes, say (7) INTEGER {INT{EG}ER} My COD
19 Long-lasting commitment at first by Archie, Veronica, with their hearts, moving ahead (7) CHRONIC {arCHie}{veRONIca}<=>{Co...t}
21 Siesta that's not just for felines (6) CATNAP [CD]
23 Type of a coral we destroyed with scuba equipment for beginners (9) LOWERCASE {CORAL+WE}*{Sc..a}{Eq...t}
25 Try our life vest (5) FLOAT [DD]
26 Working release sent back neither late, nor early (2,4) ON TIME {ON} {TIME<=}
27 Tedious rote is irritating me (8) TIRESOME {ROTE+IS*}{ME}
28 Smart saint with foresight leaving den (6) SPRUCE {S}{PRUdenCE}
29 Box to hold two shillings and electronic board with 32 pieces (5,3) CHESS SET {CHES{S S}{E}T}

1   Brush over quarrel (6) DUSTUP {DUST}{UP}
2   Like Sam or Pai (9) AVUNCULAR [CD]
3   Correct side (5) RIGHT [DD]
4   Detailed book on network smuggling ecstasy - it could convey the truth (7) BOOLEAN {BOOk}{L{E}AN}
6   Retaliation by Thailand to strike leaderless stronghold on a tor for starters (3,3,3) TIT FOR TAT {T}(hIT} {FOR T}{A}{Tor}
7   Approvals from Paris and Moscow for a board (5) OUIJA {OUI}{JA}
8   Extremely savvy engineer covers millimeters in attempt to show proportion (8) SYMMETRY {SavvY}{MM}{E}{TRY}
11 I am going back to get grand men who brought gifts (4) MAGI {MA{G}I<=}
15 Extensive fear gripping troubled Roman for the most part (9) PANORAMIC {PAN{ROMAn}*IC}
17 Attractive American gal arranged exquisite rooms to accommodate head of union (9) GLAMOROUS {GAL*}{MORO{Union}S*}
18 Measuring device nearly severs marine creatures (8) SCALLOPS {SCALe}{LOPS}
20 Burn tea recipe (4) CHAR {CHA}{R}
21 Rancher is happy to display treasure (7) CHERISH [T]
22 Verify  a temperature examination (6) ATTEST {A}{T}{TEST}
24 Server missing one essential liquid (5) WATER WAiTER
25 Sustains oil pipelines at last (5) FEEDS {FEED}{p...eS} (Addendum - FUELS {FUEL}{p...eS} - See comments)



  1. 16 Perhaps one that buries boxes, say (7) INTEGER {INT{EG}ER}

    Doesn't BURIES result in INTERS?

    1. Perhaps one that endlessly buries boxes, say (7) Would have been better

  2. 25 Sustains oil pipelines at last (5) FEEDS {FEED}{p...eS}

    Is it FUEL+S?

  3. 7D - OUI JA -- Ja is German for Yes, not Russian i believe... Google says Da is Russian equivalent for Yes and not Ja... so shouldn't it be Berlin instead of Moscow?

    1. Initially I too put it as DA. An oversight by Lightning.

    2. Acc. to Wikipedia, ja is 'yes' in many Germanic languages, incl. informal Eng.

  4. 25D I got it as FUELS ... FUEL (oil) + S (end of pipelines)

  5. Cut = look perhaps as in "In his torn, dirty clothes, he cut a sorry figure, so I bought for him a fresh set."

  6. Pai for Uncle was used in a clue in a Gridman puzzle. It is good to see THC setters between them evolving and sustaining conventions. May the Indian touch live long!

  7. 17 Attractive American gal arranged exquisite rooms to accommodate head of union (9) GLAMOROUS {GAL*}{MORO{Union}S*}

    The 'American' in the clue is somewhat misleading.

    1. Probably it should have been 'American girl', leading to gal.

    2. That would make it an indirect anag.

  8. Overall an enjoyable grid from Lightning...

  9. American bec.. the spelling of ans. Is US. The Br. sp. is glamourous.

    1. Chambers online & the hard copy gives "glamorous". There's no meaning for "glamourous"?

    2. says the same too.

      Note that although glamor is an American spelling of glamour, glamorous is not an American form. This word is spelled the same way in both British and American English, and glamourous is regarded as an error.

    3. My dear friends,
      See Collins, a reliable Eng dict recommended by some UK crosswords.
      'Glamourous' is there, though 'glamorous' seems to have evolved later and is probably now preferred spelling.

    4. I stick to my position - with Araldite, a phrase that the HT anchor in a debate show, usually very soft, polite and staid, used yesterday while speaking to no less a person than the Congress MP Mani Shankar Aiyyar. I liked it!

    5. It looks like even OED had it in 1973. So CV ji is right

    6. I belong to the old school!

      I would write
      'fledgeling' not 'fledgling'
      'Clueing' not 'cluing'
      and so on.

  10. I was under the impression that even the British spelling is 'Glamorous'. This is what OED says- (under words usually misspelt)
    glamorous -mor- in the middle glamourous

  11. In any crossword pattern search software based on UKACD,


    GLAMOUROUS (among others)

    1. My learning for the day! Although I grew up learning (and still use) British spelling, I have always been using "glamorous" (and, on similar lines, clamorous, humorous, tumorous, and so on).

  12. Enjoyed the crossword - thank you, Lightning! Thanks to DG for the blog.

    Some of the surfaces were a treat - 13, 28, 18, and 21, to pick a few.

    I concur with Sandhya's observation above that "buries" would give us "INTERS" rather than INTER. Also, is LOWERCASE one word? I have always seen it written as either two words or as a hyphenated word, and Collins and Chambers have only these two variants.

    I too had put down 25 as FEEDS, but I think the posters above who have proposed FUELS have it right.


  13. 16A: I had the indicator "nearly" in the original clue, messed it up in the corrections I sent in yesterday.
    25D: Intended word was fuels
    17D: I had always thought glamourous was the British version of the spelling (without checking it online) and added "American" as I felt I had no other choice.
    And lastly reg: 7D, should have checked online for the translation of "Ja" esp. given that I am generally not good with languages other than C !

    1. :) I started programming in C++ and Golang only recently and it has been an interesting ride.

  14. Question on Excel find facility I use Word 2007.
    I know how to find/find all in a an XL workbook/sheet.
    Now instead of a consolidated large file, I have two/three XL files in a folder.
    My question is
    Is it possible to get search results from all files within the folder?
    I googled and found it is - if we go to advanced option under Find.
    But in the 2007 version, I don't fnd the advanced option under Binocular Find & Select.
    Anyone know what I can do? TIA>

    1. seems to answer your question. Essentially use the Windows search feature

    2. I did some more Google search.
      Using the Windows Search facility, where I entered .xls; string; look in, in relevant fields
      I got the relevant files where the string is.
      But to see the string, it seems I have to find within each search result.
      This was not exactly what I was looking for.
      It seems I was asking for something too much.

  15. quite enjoyable. We had to,rather I had to beat my brains at times eg.4d.11d Equally nice.Just reminded of J.Honeyman's 'Journey of the Magi'.1a - I could crack but couldn't get Island nation.2d- enjoyed.All told,an entertaining puzzle.Thank you Lightning.