Wednesday, 13 December 2017

No 12187, Wednesday 13 Dec 2017, Scintillator

Plenty of stationery used up today.

Any first time commenter to provide answer for 16A with annotation and without seeing the answer using the reveal option. Regular commentors may wait till 10 AM before providing the answer.

1   Outline of endless space to be clearly visible (6) SKETCH {SKy}{ETCH} Not sure if the anno is correct
4   Draft in Cho's Thuglak about lack of special public hospital (5,3) CHALK OUT {CHOs+ThUgLAK}* GH/Public Hospital
9   He evaluates answer scripts, not necessarily using this (6) MARKER [DD]
10 Antibiotic injection originally left out? Put down for the time being (6,2) PENCIL IN PENCIlLIN (Addendum - PENiCIlLIN - See comments)
12 Validity of part of journey involving Italy (8) LEGALITY {LEG}{ITALY*} Involving as AInd?
13 Shy bridegroom content to have mixture (6) HYBRID [T]
15 Without self-control, Scintillator's fine (4) AMOK iAM OK Self on double duty (Addendum - {AM}{OK} - See comments)
16 Telugu capital moved out with creation of Telangana? That's an illusion! (10) ?P?A?I?I?N (Addendum - APPARITION {AP PARtITION} - See comments)
19 Battered Tyson hides lack of sincerity (10) DISHONESTY*
20 Pounds and pennies, say (4) PENS (~pence) Inaccurate homophone
23 They order and assist to form a line (6) RULERS [DD]
25 Make tea on hearing laughter and commotion (8) BROUHAHA (~brew){BROU}{HAHA}
27 Covering unlimited discontent, run away (8) ENVELOPE {ENVy}{ELOPE}
28 Tolerates biased characters (6) ABIDES*
29 Drove home under a lot of pressure (8) STRESSED [DD]
30 He sells food that's reportedly more disgusting (6) GROCER (~grosser)

1   Very much a country that’s easternmost in Africa (7) SOMALIA {SO}{MALI}{a...cA} &lit
2   Notorious, for example, about getting grand notes (9) EGREGIOUS {EG}{RE}{G}{IOUS}
3   I had to pull out recoiled tongue (6) CREOLE RECOiLEd*
5   Lean over the body of a car (4) HEEL [DD?] Body of a car?? (Addendum - wHEELs - See comments)
6   Duly pick at random in a game of chance (5,3) LUCKY DIP*
7   Well, some from the south are lion-hearted (5) OILER [T<=]
8   Sensitive and at the right frequency (5,2) TUNED IN [C&DD]
11 Key elements of ear bone with limited length (7) STAPLES {STAP{L}ES}
14 Daft king surrenders in assault (7) BATTERY {BATT{ER}Y}
17 Twice in charge of protecting antelope — one belonging to Scandinavia (9) ICELANDIC {IC}{ELAND}{IC}
18 Plain and empty dumplings have these right inside (2-6) NO-FRILLS {R} in {NO FILLS}
19 They can leave you in stitches, running errands (7) DARNERS*
21 Correct parsers rather scarce (7) SPARSER*
22 One can wipe out the decider (6) RUBBER [DD] I thought 'rubber' was the series and not the decider See comments
24 Suitor's suit and top stripped (5) LOVER cLOVER Clover/Club
26 Lecturer forgetting break/recess (4) APSE Anno pending (Addendum - lAPSE - See comments)


Any first time commenter to provide answer for 16A with annotation and without seeing the answer using the reveal option. Regular commentors may wait till 10 AM before providing the answer.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks CGB, I get the drift :-)

    2. Is 'L for Lecturer' a valid abbr. found in a dict?
      I believe it is indeed in one dict.
      But where - in which context - would you use that abbr.?

    3. L for Student and for lecturer also?

    4. there was a discussion sometime back on the blog. L for lecture used in short titles by universities (in US esp) like L/C is lecturer convertible. most common usage is lect for lecturer. so debatable but have seen usage before.

  2. Tha answer to 16 ac, for which the Col has given every other letter, is to be provided only by any visitor who has not posted comment before.
    Anno also to be given.
    This is a good initiative by the blog owner to tease more visitors to participate. Only participation is an encouragement to blog owners After all, there is no subscription.
    I suggest that the Col repeats the Note at the end of the blog too so people don't miss it and go ahead and post answer when they are regulars.
    Such a comment I deleted a while ago.
    Let'see if there is a new Commenter today.

  3. I thought that rubber was ... ...

    1. Apropos your comment in FB yesterday, CV Sir

    2. Oh yes. I didn't remember that at the moment of writing the above Comment. Do read today's Comment on my FB wall. FB members, search for Chatur Vasi.

  4. 5D I think it may be Car= Wheels, Body/content of car being (-w)Heel(-s)

  5. Scintillating puzzle. Loved 16A, Chalkout, Somalia among many wonderful clues. Thanks Scintillator.

  6. vasant
    Thanks for not giving it away! Good boy!

  7. 16 Across: Telugu Capital is AP (Andhra Pradesh).
    Creation of Telengana is Partition.
    Telugu Capital is also T which is moved out of partition.

    1. Well done Karthikeyan. So the anno will be shown as under

      Telugu capital = T
      moved out = Deletion indicator
      creation of Telangana? = AP PARTITION
      That's an illusion! = {AP}{PAR(-t)ITION}

  8. 16A: AP PARTITIION - T(Telugu) = APPARITION = Illusion
    AP Partition --- Telangana

  9. 15A. I had anno as {AM}{OK} where Scintillator's fine=AM OK ('I' is implicit in this statement)

  10. AP PARTITION WITH T out apparition

  11. Enjoyable CW with quite a few good clues and good participation. Thank you.

  12. How is 1D &lit? I thought Somalia is in South India :)


    Companies CHALK OUT plans to increase sales during Christmas and New Year.
    A GROCER may have a Buy One - Get One free offer.
    How about giving a HYBRID TV via a LUCKY DIP? Can one expect some BROUHAHA? The RULERS might question the LEGALITY of such an offer unless you ENVELOPE it as a slogan writing skill contest. Then your DISHONESTY is out of question!
    Giving PENS to all walk-ins is with NO FRILLS.
    But a well TUNED IN customer is capable of seeing through the APPARITION!!

  14. ...or should I say CGB is running AMOK?

  15. 20A Homophone penny's? (pens is old plural for penny)

  16. Pence could be common to singular & plural.

  17. Thanks for the solve. SKETCH and BATTERY were also intended in the theme. A few thoughts:
    20A - Why is the homophone incorrect?
    22D - From OED: (also rubber match or rubber game) a deciding game in a rubber of cricket, tennis, etc.
    26D - L for lecturer is from Chambers

    1. The pronunciation of PENS and PENCE is different. Check it out

    2. How is Battery part of the theme?

    3. I see. You mean PENCE is pronounced with an 's' sound at the end and PENS with a 'z' sound. I overlooked this point, good to know!

  18. Thank you for the clarifications.
    20A- Is pence a synonym for pennies and then pens homophone for pence?
    22D- The correct term is 'Deciding game' for deciding the final outcome of the rubber. To call that itself a rubber may be a simplification while talking.

    1. Rubber, in 16th century used to mean the deciding match in an odd number of games hence decider.

    2. Sorry for not making it clear. The OED definition above is for RUBBER, i.e, RUBBER=deciding game.