Wednesday 20 December 2017

No 12193, Wednesday 20 Dec 2017, Gridman

Solution and annotation of 8D left for any rookie commenter till 10 AM.

1   'Beaker filler' may be what you're looking for (8) SOLUTION [DD]
5   Cover put over reclining worker in short sleep (6) CATNAP {C{ANT<=}AP}
9   Tech graduate to manage cleverly (8) ENGINEER [DD]
10 Tap swine held by drunkard (6) SPIGOT {S{PIG}OT}
12 Show nostalgia for flooring wood (4) PINE [DD]
13 Worried tart to get busy drawing (10) ATTRACTIVE {TART}*{ACTIVE}
15 Fail to pay for blunder (6) DEFECT [DD]
17 Elaborate on stay (5) DWELL [DD]
20 What Tarun and Varun do about entertaining Hyma no end (5) RHYME {R{HYMa}E} Definition by example
21 Tamil leader's mistake causes fear (6) TERROR {Ta..l}{ERROR}
24 A shattered glass would __ __ __ (2,2,6) GO TO PIECES [FITB]
27 Information a bit pulled back (4) DATA {A}{TAD}<=
29 51 pounds — readlily redeemable (6) LIQUID {L1}{QUID}
30 Expecting soft ruling (8) PREGNANT {P}{REGNANT}
31 Joint in short coat (6) REEFER [DD]
32 Take another look at reading by oriental judge (8) REASSESS {R}{E}{ASSESS}

1   Such a head is in the Land of Nod (6) SLEEPY [CD]
2   Fifty, for example, finish map detail (6) LEGEND {L}{EG}{END}
3   Take care of 10d (4) TEND {TEN}{D}
4   Open OT (5) OVERT {OVER}{T}
6   A small photo of jelly (5) ASPIC {A}{S}{PIC}
7   Leggin' discarded with ease for bedroom dress (8) NEGLIGEE {LEGGIN}*{EE}
8   Chief backs chime to city's last corporation (8) P?T?E?L? (Addendum - POTBELLY {TOP<=}{BELL}{citY} - See comments)
11 Leading consultant to assess Russian leader's depression (6) CRATER {Co...t}{RATE}{Ru...n}
14 Only man here is not hot (4) MERE {M}{hERE}
16 Partner gathers up in respect (6) ESTEEM {E}{MEETS<=}
17 Cut out doctor's work (4) DROP {DR}{OP}
18 Girl grew up as one who can escape from any tight situation (8) WRIGGLER*
19 Well I never! Setter's son's quite excited! (8) MYSTIQUE {MY}{S}{QUITE*}
22 Wild plant found around US State (6) SAVAGE {SA{VA}GE}
23 Prickly plant US State cuts indiscriminately (6) CACTUS {CA}{CUTS*}
25 Apply leverage, reportedly, for trophy (5) PRIZE (~prise) Debabtable homophone
26 Frightening extract from the leeriest (5) EERIE [T]
28 Wise man's son climbing down for a long time (4) AGES (-s)AGE(+s)S



  1. 8D POTBELLY {TOP}<= {BELL} {citY},sandwich shop chain

    One could be sure that he would TEND to give the right SOLUTION to any problem.
    If you were to DWELL upon the problem of the leaky SPIGOT - he would quickly point out the DEFECT.
    But wait. The EERIE question put to him was - How did the glass pane in the msnsion go to pieces? A SAVAGE TERROR act?
    The Engineer got up from his CATNAP...
    " People living in glass houses should not throw stones without RHYME or reason!!"

  3. Managed to solve 16 clues.
    7D is a nice find, name of one dress leading to another.
    Should I read "ease" as e's (for two e)?

    The clue at 3D flummoxed me with an apparent cross-reference to a non-existent 10 Down! Recovered in time. Alas I thought 15A was a mistake thinking the solution was DEFAULT (Fail to pay) and how I can fit a 7-letter word there!

    For 23D I thought of THORNY as New York is also a state and never recovered. Enjoyable puzzle. --Vanchinathan

    1. Thanks sir for recording your thoughts on and experiences with some clues in such a detailed manner.

  4. Partner,player etc. usually refer to Bridge (card game) hands- designated as N(orth),E(ast),S9outh) and W(est) N-S are partners as are E-W. Sometime opponents may be a combination of any 2.

  5. Smooth flowing and enjoyable. Varied types of clues. Though initially looked a little difficult, flowed with ease and speed once I set my pen (and mind)to it.

  6. Loved the wordplay for Rhyme and the def beaker filler :)

    1. Thanks Mona. I scrolled up to see the clue - the Indian touch!

  7. In Kenya , I used to term Pot-bellies as PATRIOTIC FRONT, as most Kenyan are fond of their midriff spread due to imbibing of WHITE CAP or Tusker or Stout beers ! CORPORATION used by Gridman here brought back fond memories of many friends I had there during my bar-bingeing days !

    Expecting Newbies to crack the clue for POT BELLY is a nice way of initiating them into cryptic crosswords.

    1. Corpus means body and corporation comes from that. Corpulent can be POT BELLY?

  8. The root must be the same but 'corpulent' is adj and cannot be = pot belly, a noun.

  9. Can anyone explain 13 ,20,30 plz I could follow rest of the things

  10. 13A: Worried tart..rearrange(indicated by worried) the letters tart=ATTR
    Hence ATTR*+ACTIVE=ATTRACTIVE=Drawing, definition. This is what has been shown in the blog.
    20A: About=Re
    Hyma no end- remove the end letter of HYMA=HYM
    Entertaining= container indicator
    So R{HYM(-a)}E
    What Tarun and Varun do=they rhyme which is a definition by example as given in the blog.
    30A: Soft=P(in music, soft=p(pianoismo) & loud=f(fortissmo))
    Hence, P+REGNANT=PREGNANT=definition=Expecting

    1. 13A How is rearrange indicated by worried???
      20A how is about =re???
      30A why only take 1 St word out of soft music???

    2. All these are standard stuff in cryptic crosseords
      Anagrams(rearranging of letters to form another word) is indicated by a variety of indicators like maybe, perhaps, break and so many others. Worried is one of them.
      Re=concerned= about is standard abbreviation.
      Didn't understand the third question.