Friday 22 December 2017

No 12195, Friday 22 Dec 2017, Gridman

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. There is no limit on how many answers you want to give. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

The regular blog will replace the clues at 4 PM after which anyone is free to comment. 

Thanks everyone for the great response. Here is the regular blog 

1   Angelic youngster grabs that woman — one's beginning to cheer (8) CHERUBIC {C{HER}UB}{1}{Ch..r}
6   Story starts from where the earthquake starts (4) EPIC EPICentre
9   Martial art — nothing to hearty maid and child (6) AIKIDO {mAId}{KID}{O}
10 Embarrassment of fellow trailing off and not completing dull routine (7) CHAGRIN {CHAp}{GRINd}
13 Disconcerting peep into a chosen person (9) APPOINTEE*
14 The same tie (5) EQUAL [DD]
15 Note bad way of speaking (4) TONE*
16 Book that may have impressive collection (5,5) STAMP ALBUM [CD]
19 This prompt response won't bring any cash (5,5) READY REPLY [CD?]
21 Culture mediumif in Delhi perhaps (4) AGAR [DD]
24 Female relative briefly gets a zoologist's study (5) FAUNA {F}{AUNt}{A}
25 Flying specialist deteriorating post-title (4,5) TEST PILOT*
26 Resentment voiced by private (7) RANCOUR (~ranker)
27 Stiff at a wedding anniversary (6) WOODEN [DD]
28 Two children with no directions — only OK (2-2) SO-SO {SOn}{SOn}
29 So trendy, fashionable method of wall construction (3-5) DRY-STONE*

2   It secures locks or provides a turn (7) HAIRPIN [DD]
3   Sultana, for one, leaves foot of hill (6) RAISIN RAISINa
4   A volume might have spine to show it! (4,5) BOOK TITLE [CD]
5   Conceal money, they say (5) CACHE (~cash)
7   Bother each head right in soaking site (7) PERTURB {PER}{TU{Ri..t}B}
8   Somehow get clean room for corporation (12) CONGLOMERATE*
11 Player in parts of game settings (6) ARENAS {ARE{N}AS}
12 A smart set for troubling educated person (6,2,4) MASTER OF ARTS*
17 At a far distance — 'smile' may emerge (5,4) MILES AWAY {SMILE}* [RA]
18 Bundle of energy — deputy PM? (6) DYNAMO {DY}{NAMO}
20 Former pupil — a bright one — circle dismissed (7) ALUMNUS {A}{LUMiNoUS}
22 Audacity, having drug aboard ship (7) GALLEON {GALL}{E}{ON}
23 Decide to withdraw and work with agent (3,3) OPT OUT {OP}{TOUT}
25 Needing a break, even Rector got in (5) TIRED {TI{R}ED}



  1. 15a: (note)* = tone = way of speaking.
    24a: f+aun (-t)+a = fauna = zoologist's study.
    25a: (post-title)* = test pilot = flying specialist
    20d: a+(lum (-i)n (-o)us) = alumnus = former pupil.
    29a: (so trendy)* = dry stone = method of wall construction.
    23d: (OP + tout)* = opt out = withdraw.
    12d: (a smart set for)* = master of arts = educated person.
    1a: c(her)ub + i + c = cherubic = angelic.
    5d: (cash - homophone) = cache = conceal.
    28a: so (-n) so (-n) = so so = OK.
    27a: stiff = wooden (5th anniversary is known as wooden anniversary ).
    18d: dy + namo (short name for our PM) = dynamo = bundle of energy.
    9a: (o+ai+kid)* = aikido = Japanese martial arts.
    2d: hairpin (DD) - (which secures hair and provides a turn in a road).
    19a: prompt response = ready reply (by defaulters who evade payment).
    16a: stamp album ('impressive' book).
    8d: (get clean room)* = conglomerate = corporation.
    14a: equal (DD).

  2. 7a: each =per, soaking site = tub, right =r, PERTURB
    17d: smile = miles, MILES AWAY
    6a: epicentre start = EPIC

  3. Available:
    Ac: 10, 13, 21, 26
    Dn: 3,4,7,11

  4. A one-line introduction and place of residence may please be added by new solvers.
    Col, I appreciate the rule that Friday solvers may place as many answers as they like.
    If not today, another Friday a fresh solver may try to forestall someone.

  5. Replies
    1. Culture medium = Agar
      If in Delhi perhaps (If in Hindi language) = Agar

    2. Thanks Dr. I was breaking my head how Agar is related to Delhi.
      Thanks for the clarification.

  6. Hi I am Dr Jyotsna Deo from Navi Mumbai

  7. 8dn Conglomerate (get clean room)*

  8. 13a APPOINTEE (peep into a)*

  9. 10a: CHAp + GRINd = CHAGRIN
    25d: even = tied, Rector = R; TIRED

  10. 10 ac CHAGRIN..Cha (p) grin (d)

  11. I am Rakesh Rai from Chennai, interested in puzzles and sudoku. Not good at crosswords but I am trying.

  12. Sorry..This is Dr. Mukund Jagannathan from Mumbai

  13. 1ac c(her)b ic
    6ac epic (enter)
    9ac ai(kid)on
    10ac cha (p)grin
    13ac appointee (peep into a)
    14ac equal
    15ac tone (note bad way)
    16ac stamp album
    19ac ready reply
    21ac agar
    24 ac fauna
    25 ac test pilot
    26ac rancour
    27ac wooden
    28ac so so
    29ac dry stone

    2dn hairpin
    3dn raisin
    4dn book title
    5dn cache
    7dn perturb
    8dn conglomerate
    12dn master of arts
    17dn miles away
    18dn dynamo dy pm=namo
    20dn alumnus
    22dn galleon
    23dn opt out
    25dn tired

    1. Great. Unknown from the Nowhere Country.

    2. Unknown,
      There is no point in just listing out the answers without providing the annotations

  14. 11d: parts = areas? Player =N ?? Game settings = ARENAS. Sure about the answer but not the logic.

    1. Your answer is correct. See the logic in my comment at 10:16 below

  15. The unknown CHERUBIC new APPOINTEE in the Government office was found seated on his WOODEN chair. The BOOK TITLE on his table read "How to solve cryptic crosswords".
    He was a MASTER OF ARTS and an ALUMNUS of a famous Christian College. His father had told him to OPT OUT of the plum offer from a leading CONGLOMERATE.
    His interest lay in crosswords but he was still MILES AWAY from solving all the clues in one go. The very thought did PERTURB him. "Oh. I am SO SO...AGAR..."
    But he was like a DYNAMO today.All solved in 15 minutes!!
    The expert walked in with a RAISIN box.
    The TONE and tenor of his message was encouraging.
    "Your soving sills are now EQUAL to that of a pro"

  16. 11D : Players N S (Bridge players)
    Parts = AREA.
    And ARENAS ( N S in AREA)

  17. I am Chandrasekhar from Hyderabad. Following your blog from 10 years

    1. 10 Years!That's a long time!That means you have been following the blog since day 1, 4th Feb 2009!!

    2. My day wouldn't start unless I dsw how far wrong I was. Never was able to more than 3 or 4. Thanks to this blog I have learnt a little.

  18. I am vasantha lakshmi arumugam (unknwown) from aminjikarai, chennai
    Following your blog for 2 years

    1. The same Unknown who commented at 8:38 above?

  19. 6a epic {(epic)entre}
    9a aikido m(ai)d + kid+o
    13a appointee (peep into a)
    14a equal (dd)
    16a stamp album(dd)
    21a agar (dd)
    24a fauna (f + {aun}t+a)
    25a test pilot (post title anagram)
    27a wooden(dd)
    28a so-so (son son)
    29a dry stone (so trendy anagram)
    2d hair pin(dd)
    4d book title
    7d perturb (per + {tu(R)b})
    12d master of arts ( a smart set for anagram)
    17d miles away

  20. I am Elakya,pulmonologist from salem. Following your blog for past 2 years.

  21. Is there any compiled book of hindu crossword sir?

    1. No. For a long time I have wanted to bring out a compilation of my puzzles. But I didn't get down to it. Now a publisher says he will. I will try. Before that he will be bringing out my trans. in Eng of his Tamil novelette.

    2. That's nice to hear sir. Few cryptic crossword books out there are not as interesting as hindu crossword.

    3. Looking forward to the compilation of your puzzles. Pl. book my copy in advance.

    4. Uryazhs : Is this your real name or a pseudonym? While we can wait for the publisher to bring out the compilation of CV's crosswords, for your immediate use, you can buy CRYPTIC CROSSROADS compiled by Sowmya Ramkumar of FaceBook 1 Across Org which is now out. A paperback edition is available at Rs. 315/- It is gratifying to note that all the proceeds of the sale will go to an organization involved in cancer research and cure. You may also contact her at : Also visit Crossword unclued website as per details on the side of this blog. You will find them very useful.

  22. Last Friday and today, has altogether drawn out 22 new commenters from the woodwork of the blog

    1. Great going Col. The lively participation and the no. of bloggers far exceeds my expectations.

  23. I'm following this blog for a couple of months. Earlier I used to buy newspapers(IE/TH)only for crossword in my salad days. Now back in a(ddi)ction during commute.
    Manogar, Chennai

  24. I will be replacing the blank clues with the regular blog at 3:30 PM today as I have to leave for a function at 3:30

  25. For thos e who don't know/ not noticed-
    In the main blog given by Col. the underlined words lead to a link which gives dic. meaning/ wiki or other details about the word/ phrase.
    For.e,g. for 21A Col. has given 2 links. One for the chemical agar & the other giving the meaning of the Hindi word (in Delhi) 'Agar'.
    This will help us to understand how it is solved.

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