Thursday, 28 December 2017

No 12200, Thursday 28 Dec 2017, Arden

Answer and annotation for 10 left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.

9   Excited cat enters tank to get milk extract (7) LACTOSE {L{CAT*}OSE}
10 One sleeps during day, commits robbery (7) D?C?I?Y  (Addendum - DACOITY - {DA{CO{I}T}Y} - See comments)
11 African participated in race carrying a baton (7) RWANDAN {R{WAND}AN}
12 Hair swept back — our charm (7) ENAMOUR {MANE<=}{OUR}
13 Mark of a politician who's boxed in (9) CALIBRATE {A}{LIB} in {CRATE}
15 Botch it up and set diamonds (5) MISDO DIaMOndS*
16 Warm changing room in one third of a country (7) AMOROUS {ROOM}* in {AUStralia}
19 Regularly treat body part — may be an infection (7) TETANUS {TrEaT}{ANUS}
20 Gave up — with or without study (5) CEDED conCEDED
21 Twists around path of hurricanes, perhaps (9) WARPLANES {WARP{LANE}S}
25 Tails clipped, disgrace on shoddy wash (7) SHAMPOO {SHAMe}{POOr}
26 Music — It plays out in business... (7) CALYPSO {C{PLAYS*}O}
28 ...stores 26 for posterity (7) RECORDS [CD]
29 Restricted passage provided — before or after kill (7) ORIFICE {OR}{IF}{ICE}

1   Pastor gets in the vehicle, rickety and old (6) CLERIC [T] What's the role of old?
2   Mark with tool, not a scratch (6) SCRAWL {SCaR}{AWL}
3   Low density atmosphere (4) MOOD {MOO}{D}
4   Complaint about girl in a dance... (6) HERNIA {HER}{IN+A}*
5   ...he sticks to an impression created around her (8) ADHERENT {A}{D{HER}ENT}
6   Perhaps camels take part part of the recycling process (5,5) SCRAP METAL {CAMELS+PART}*
7   Big car clipped tail of cattle (8) LIMOUSIN LIMOUSINe
8   Cops try to mix with island people (8) CYPRIOTS {COPS+TRY+I}*
14 Excited, bold, so left for the hunt (5,5) BLOOD SPORT {BOLD+SO}*{PORT}
16 Stock — regular access in one go (8) ANCESTRY {AN}{aCcEsS}{TRY}
17 Arsenal should take interest — it's an order (8) ORDNANCE ORDiNANCE
18 Saying " Gee! Carpenters use it" (8) SAWHORSE {SAW}{HORSE}
22 Girl goes with 1 who's on board (6) RECTOR diRECTOR Definition in the middle
23 Table linen bearing a pink design (6) NAPKIN* (Addendum - {N}{A+PINK}* - See comments)
24 Push to one side of the tool (6) SHOVEL {SHOVE}{L}
27 Raising money for a place to stay (4) LAIR<=



  1. Nice puzzle and an equally instructive blog.

  2. 23D: I think the anno should be N (bearing) + APINK*

  3. Our carpenters rarely have a sawhorse. They will make use of timber at the work spot and make a quick saw donkey and after work is over abandon it and go away.

  4. 10a: (i+otc+day)* = dacoity.
    otc = over the counter sleep
    This is my understanding.

  5. Replies
    1. No problem Karthik. Keep at it; the day won't be far when you will get all

  6. 22d one who's on board is a director. Cleric(1) on board is Rector. &Lit???

  7. 10A : one sleeps : I goes into cot.. and it goes into day ( during day )
    And da(coit)y

    1. in bed or on bed is correct? :(

    2. "in bed" means "asleep". Here cot is used for bed.
      I sleeps => I is in cot => COIT

    3. Grammatically, both are connect and denote different states. You are (lying) on the bed if not covered by any bedsheets. You are (sleeping) in the bed if covered by bedsheets. Its a BRITISH thing.

    4. Thank you. I always have issues in bed! :(

    5. Obviously, doesn't everyone!!!

  8. Arden makes us work and earn it today.
    I have a doubt about 2D- Not 'a' relates to mark and not tool But on the surface it is not placed in that order. Is it okay?

    1. The comma makes mark, the subject. Imho

  9. Where are the newbies ? No more than what we had seen earlier? I'm sure , many more are choosing to chew the pen(cil) in incognito status ? It would help if the newbie entrant's name is colored green ?

    Arden's puzzle is just the cup of tea of coffee for newbies .


    1. Not a cup of tea if one goes by Karthik's comment above.