Wednesday, 27 December 2017

No 12199, Wednesday 27 Dec 2017, Arden

Answer and annotation for 21A left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.

 A beer brewed — infusing Oxygen or bacteria? (6) AEROBE {A+BEER}* over {O}
4   Repercussion on black novel remains (8) BACKLASH {BLACK*}{ASH}
9   Arrogant over emotion (6) UPPITY {UP}{PITY}
10 Cut without garden tool, push into limited space (8) SHOEHORN {S{HOE}HORN}
12 Escort had a drink with a President once (8) CHAPERON {CHA}{PERON}
13 Avoid initial plunge into abyss, perhaps (6) BYPASS {Pl...e} into {ABYSS}*
15 Marine from nowhere (3,2,3,4) OUT OF THE BLUE [DD]
18 One from former USSR can make you brainless (12) BYELORUSSIAN*
21 Astronaut loses bearing, feet going nowhere (6) A?R?F? (Addendum - ADRIFT {AlDRIn}{FT} - See comments - Deletion of L not clear)
22 Criminal triad figured among spies, sent back to sea (8) ADRIATIC {TRIAD}* in {CIA<=}
24 Mostly round, can it become news? (8) BULLETIN {BULLEt}{TIN}
25 A material as you like (2,4) AT WILL {A}{TWILL}
26 Perhaps need to say — point out one's toothless (8) EDENTATE {NEED*}{sTATE}
27 Doctor learnt there is some growth at the top (6) ANTLER*

1   Like marriage, getting cold in the capital (8) ASUNCION {AS}{UN{C}ION}
2   New stapler used — reattaches severed limb (8) REPLANTS {N+STAPLER}*
3   Ramjet — result of small causes leading to big events (9,6) BUTTERFLY EFFECT {BUTTER}{FLY} {EFFECT}
5   Long to face them basically (4) ACHE {fACe}{tHEm}
6   Stay calm, don't do a Ganguly (4,4,5,2) KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON [DD]
7   Refund money, pick a jacket (6) ANORAK {K{A}RONA}<=
8   True, landlord gets nice tips (6) HONEST {HO{NicE}ST}
11 The loop maybe a regular feature on our roads (7) POTHOLE*
14 Regular orbit, short project (7) OBTRUDE {OrBiT}{RUDE}
16 Money under a cloud? You've to try all over again (8) MISTRIAL {MIST}{RIAL}
17 Joint reading and kind of delivery (8) KNUCKLER {KNUCKLE}{R}
19 Bet doctor's caught in the rain (6) GAMBLE {GA{MB}LE}
20 Question the ultimate framework (6) GRILLE {GRILL}{thE}
23 Anorexic from top to bottom tip (4) HINT (-t)HIN(+t)T



  1. Repeating my comment of yesterday for those who may not have seen it

    I have prepared a Jumbogrid special for the 9th anniversary of the blog which falls on Sun 04 Feb 18. The Grid has 74 words of varying length with some unusual words as well due to the size of the grid. I propose to have it as a community grid with commenters from the blog contributing the clues.
    Please send me an e-mail and let me know how many words you would like to clue and whether you want short/Long words/difficult/easy words. Please let me know by 31 Dec. You will have time upto the end of Jan 18 to submit your clues

    1. Request for 43 words received as of now. 31 more to be distributed

  2. Astronaut is Aldrin; losing bearing is ln; (don't know bearing = ln)
    feet is ft
    Answer is ADRIFT

  3. Fans, Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears.
    Let me be HONEST.
    Please KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON. Don't GRILLE me. This is no time to GAMBLE.
    You see no BULLETIN was issued. 31st
    December is only a HINT. If you pre-
    empt it may BACKLASH.

    His decision is AT WILL. He might BYPASS that date by wishing us all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  4. I checked. I have my shirt on- unlike Ganguly, of course!

    1. You would have to beat England at Lord's to do something like that especially if you had one Freddy Flintoff taking his shirt off after a win in India!!

  5. My favorites

    Keep your shirt on and
    Out of the blue

  6. Replies
    1. A(-l)DRI(-n)+FT
      LN=Left North=a bearing?

  7. Send a search party? But even for that we need bearings!

  8. ALDRIN (- L,N) + FT
    L and N stands for line and neutral
    which carry (bear) the current.