Sunday, 17 December 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2974, Sunday 17 Dec 2017,

1   Perfect demon, last of cattle caught by rope (10) IMPECCABLE {IMP}{c...lE}{C}{CABLE}
6   Practise boxing in yard? (4) SPAR [DD]
10 Correct to skirt likely trap (7) CAPTURE {C{APT}URE}
11 Heart? Inquiry's opening with account relating to it (7) CARDIAC {CARD}{In...y}{AC} Semi&lit
12 Revolutionary flag millions value (5) MERIT {TIRE}{M}<=
13 Outlaw group with odd bits of easy money (9) BANKNOTES {BAN}{KNOT}{EaSy}
14 Typical routine by retired father, absorbed by map, in charge (14) CHARACTERISTIC {CHAR{ACT}{SIRE<=}T}{IC}
17 Prickly feeling almost excessive after pressure in desert? (4,3,7) PINS AND NEEDLES {P}{IN}{S AND} {NEEDLESs}
21 Hesitant number, four, entering art institution (9) TENTATIVE {TEN}{TAT{IV}E}
23 Half of test covering fringe subject (5) THEME {T{HEM}Est}
24 Evil one with constant appeal against the law (7) ILLICIT {ILL}{1}{C}{IT}
25 Loving stir, mostly, seizing moment (7) AMOROUS {A{MO}ROUSe}
26 Ruler essential to work in geometry (4) KING [T]
27 Power in tree men treated as supreme (3-7) PRE-EMINENT {P}{IN+TREE+MEN}*

 Money earned from popular approach (6) INCOME {IN}{COME}
2   Annoyance about place in Australia being insubstantial (5-4) PAPER-THIN {PA{PERTH}IN}
3   Make up for hesitation in matter and rest (14) COUNTERBALANCE {COUNT}{ER}{BALANCE}
4   Sharp and brilliant, playing crib (7) ACERBIC {ACE}{CRIB*}
5   Parasites formerly having no love for authority (7) LICENCE {LICE}{oNCE}
7   Purpose in detail (5) POINT [DD]
8   Question scoundrel raised with crook, missing contents in bag (8) RUCKSACK {ASK}{CUR}<={CrooK}
9   Take on fit rider trained to be jockey (7,7) FRANKIE DETTORI Thanks to Google
15 Time and energy occupied by breed of cattle, endlessly so (9) THEREFORE {T}{HEREFORd}{E}
16 See potency in penalty (4,4) SPOT KICK {SPOT} {KICK}
18 One with unsettled life blushing, upset about estrangement (7) DRIFTER {D{RIFT}ER<=}
19 Raise tax in free-for-all, ignoring leader (7) ELEVATE {mELE{VAT}E}
20 Accommodation with debt is complicated (6) BEDSIT*
22 Only broadcast new material (5) NYLON {ONLY}*{N}