Thursday 21 December 2017

No 12194, Thursday 21 Dec 2017, Gridman

Solution and annotation of 8D left for any rookie commenter till 10 AM.

1   If a native says he is from a certain place, there he's ... (4,3,4) BORN AND BRED [CD]
9   Colour of small kiddy, disheartened and sad (3-4) SKY-BLUE {S}{KiddY}{BLUE}
10 I had backed officer-commanding — see renovated place of bishop (7) DIOCESE {I'D<=}{OC}{SEE*}
11 Everybody to return ration (5) ALLOT {ALL}{TO<=}
12 Well, you can't take this permission from work (4,5) SICK LEAVE [CD]
13 Escape from car? (5) DODGE [DD]
15 Topicality of the French cave being described around noon (9) RELEVANCE {RE}{LE}{VA{N}CE*}
18 A recall by university board is trustworthy (9) REPUTABLE {PER<=}{U}{TABLE}
21 Fellows who come in suits? (5) CARDS [DD]
22 In support of eastern gallery holding small preview (9) FORETASTE {FOR}{E}{TA{S}TE}
24 Five have a fever that's hard to pin down (5) VAGUE {V}{AGUE}
26 I retain studied disinclination to move (7) INERTIA {I}{RETAIN*}
27 The fellow, ace, strayed into a terrible raid fool (7) AIRHEAD {HE}{A} in {RAID}*
28 Treadmills reset by primarily rigorous military trainer (5,6) DRILL MASTER {TREADMILLS}*{Ri...s}

1   Spectator breaks brandy set (9) BYSTANDER*
2   Throne occupant unites two men (5) ROYAL {ROY}{AL}
3   Grant a learner much, male servants little time (9) ALLOTMENT {A}{L}{LOT}{MEN}{T}
4   Medical officer knocks the head of minor hospital assistant (7) DRESSER {DR}{lESSER}
5   Firebrand carries out raid on parts of California (7) RADICAL {RAID*}{CALi...a}
6   Gigolo ordered to show up slaver (5) DROOL [T<=]
7   Trainer riding roughshod over Oriental servant (8) RETAINER {RETAIN{E}R*}
8   Told an outstanding player to hand over (4) ?E?E (Addendum - CEDE (~seed) - See Comments)
14 Left section indeed (8) DEPARTED {DE{PART}ED}
16 The other way around — boy's somewhat averse (4,5) VICE VERSA {VIC}{AVERSE*}
17 End teaser about a person living in part of London (4,5) EAST ENDER*
19 Cricketer, leaving TN, makes odd trip for rice (7) BASMATI {BAtSMAn}{TrIp}
20 Stare upon hearing setter shout (7) EYEBALL {~ I bawl)
22 Turn over female's undergarment without a trace of sensitivity (4) FLIP {F}{sLIP}
23 Child journalist carried around (5) TOTED {TOT}{ED}
25 Reportedly took a stab at the hotel patron (5) GUEST {~guessed) Debatable homophone again See comments

Bhargav's Tale

The DRILLMASTER BORN AND BRED as a true EASTENDER, wearing a SKY BLUE Tee had just DEPARTED having applied for SICK LEAVE.
Why a VAGUE reason to DODGE and go away?
The EYEBALLs of the Public School Headmaster turned like Zamin Chakkars.
He was a RADICAL in his youth.
Leaving aside his INERTIA he followed his drillmaster and saw him enter an Indian restaurant.
As a casual BYSTANDER he looked inside and the CARDS were on the table.
The drillmaster's weakness was Hyderabad BASMATI Biryani!!!


  1. 8D CEDE sounding the same as seed, top player

  2. 11A (everybody to return ration)
    We know of people returning their awards to protest
    some government action, now we have people returning what they got from ration shop. Let us hope electorate return money received from the candidates.

    28A. Drill master makes us run faster by speeding up the treadmills? I don't want to be in the military.
    4D. This medical officer is dangerous knocking the heads of underage subordinates.

    1. He didn't knock the head off!
      Thanks, Vanchinathan, for your comments based on the surface of the clues.

  3. Re the comment against 25d, please visit

    1. 25DN
      I thought "took a stab" meant attempted.
      If attempt is guess, it is fine, I think.



    3. Thank you CV, I stand corrected. By my teacher wife as well :-(

  4. But the less colourful and sober clues such as 24A "Five have a fever..."(vague) are more challenging (IMHO) as they are . . . difficult to pin down!
    --Vanchinathan (I deleted earlier comment having many typos)

  5. Bhargav's story added in main post

  6. Deserving Front Page- with a cartoon to boot.
    Thank you CGB & Col.

  7. One of those days- started very late, finished very early. No references to Dic., google, wiki et al. Smooth flowing,most enjoyable. Thank you Gridman. Nice surfcaes as brought by Vanchinathan.

  8. Got very many clues today. One of mny favourite setters. Thank you, Gridman!

  9. Tomorrow being Friday the blank clues will be posted at 7 AM and will be open only to first time/irregular commenters till 4 PM, as was done last week.