Thursday, 21 November 2019

No 12786, Thursday 21 Nov 2019, Hypatia

1   Second student drafting answers initially by mail (6) POSTAL {POST}{An...s}{L}
4   Bit of code left (6) MORSEL {MORSE}{L}
9   Starts to appreciate reed instrument accompanying long solo (4) ARIA Acrostic
10 Horrid urge destroyed cavalryman (5,5) ROUGH RIDER*
11 One needs to be behind babies? (6) DIAPER [CD]
12 Nearly divide ornamental fish left for folk remedy (5-3) SHARK OIL {SHARe}{KOI}{L}
13 Also, a pope rarely conducts a TV program! (4,5) SOAP OPERA [T]
15 On either side, we assumed? (4) WORE {W{OR}E}
16 Say light meals (4) FARE (~fair)
17 Weapons’ leader boasts to Spooner (9) CROSSBOWS (~ boss crows to cross bows)
21 Energy produced trapped again in trees and bushes (8) GREENERY {G{RE}ENERY*}
22 Fall, possibly breaking head for right cause (6) REASON {(-s+r)REASON}
24 Like one’s aunt say, in comparison? (10) RELATIVELY [DD]
25 Essentially lazy, gets allowance (4) DOLE inDOLEnt
26 Change identity because man erroneously inscribed in Persian (6) RENAME {RE{MAN*}E} Ree/Persian? [T<=] See comments
27 Notice toilet cleaned by husband for one neighbour (6) ADJOIN {AD}{JO(-h+1)IN}

1   Co-op forced to display “Right to Information” in waiting area (7) PORTICO {PO{RTI}CO*}
2   Scientist’s first instrument that’s smart (5) SHARP {Sc...t}{HARP}
3   Couple softly went after doctor taking nothing for delivery (3-4) AIR-DROP {(-p)AIR{DR}{O}(+p)P}
5   Part of animal in unopened container picked up right away (2-4) OX-HEAD {bOX}{HEArD}
6   Makes sweater — rose and soft black to clothe homeless man (could be smelly!) (5,4) STINK BOMB {KNITS<=}{B{OM}B} Anno for OM pending (Addendum - {KNITS<=}{B{hOMe}B} - See comments)
7   Check slippery fish reversing current (3,4) LEE TIDE {EDIT}{EEL}<=
8   Cursory anniversary songs loved by kids? (7,6) NURSERY RHYMES (cursory~nursery~anniversary)
14 No replica made in China (9) PORCELAIN*
16 Avoid bring up sibling in concern (7) FORBEAR {F{BRO<=}EAR}
18 Showered close to temples and worshipped (7) SPRAYED {t...eS}{PRAYED}
19 Fresh student can, after admission, be picked up to fleece (7) WOOLLEN {NE{L}{LOO}W}<=
20 Mean psychic (6) MEDIUM [DD]
23 Heard from the mouth of princess — “Old is Gold”, above all (5) AUDIO {DI}{O}<=>{AU}

Reference List
Student = L, Left = L, Again = RE, Right = R, Notice = AD, Softly = P, Man = HE, Can = LOO, Princess = DI, Old = O


  1. Replies
    1. So,Persian is the reversal indicator? Read from right to left.

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  3. Enjoyed solving,though could not complete.

  4. 27a- Husband for one indicates H for I. Does 'Cleaned' reverseit?

  5. Sree Sree I got that (pls correct typo - HOME - HE) . How is soft black = BB ?

    1. Col. has given the link- type of pencil.(HB,BB etc.)

    2. I think Prasad means Homo- HO.

    3. Then it becomes 'Manless home'!

    4. Its hypatia, home less man = home - man.

    5. +1 Prasad, it is Hypatia. We have to be ready to separate words and read in between!

      Well done Hypatia, it is tougher than yesterday. Thanks for the challenge. You win!!!

  6. Though I filled in Nursery Rhyme,could not parse it.

    1. Me too. Innovative. Reversal

    2. Cursory and anniversary are NURSERY RHYMES (rhymes of nursery)

  7. Cracking Puzzle!Had to struggle to parse a few( esp Homeless man!) but loved the variety and innovative clues. COD Nursery Rhymes. Thanks Hypatia.

  8. 26A is REE because in Persian?

    1. Just saw Prasad's comment. Thanks. Nice clue!

    2. the clue is reverse T. INACRIBED IN PERSIAN, written right to left
      becaus(e man er)roneously

    3. Col, There in the clue part, r is also to be reddened.

  9. Variety of clues-7D nautical, 24A humorous and 1D unusual clue but clever.,
    In 3D softly indicates anagram for PAIR, I suppose.
    I need explanation for 1A.
    V. good fare from Hypatia!

    1. Softly is P, PAIR is couple
      1A - Second = POST, Student = L, Answers initially = A

  10. Some nice clues but not satisfied with 25A. It’s not fair to use the indicator, essentially, on a fodder that’s not even in the clue.

    Even with 8D, thought there could have been an indicator for the unusual device - like a !, ? or perhaps.

  11. I loved INdoleNT.First time I have come across such a clue. Not giving indicator for deletion of INNT is very INNovative! Indolent folks depend upon dole! for gold,di for princess with O for OLD is so la di da! .Thanks Sowmyaji for the grid that brought a lot of aha grins!

  12. Challenging grid, thanks Hypatia! Loved Nursery rhymes.
    13A is a telescopic and not anagram. Col, request you to kindly correct it.