Saturday, 3 April 2010

No 9807, Saturday 03 Apr 10, Nita Jaggi

1   - Short time in the steamship results in the modification (13) - META{MO}{R}PH{O}SIS* Don't know the origin of the R and the O
8   - Paid her to disturb the goddess (9) - APHRODITE*
9   - Left out player in the sanctuary (5) - BOW(-l)ER
10 - Patch of an extraordinary rag is cut out from the costume (7) - {ODD}{(-gar*)MENT}
12 - Embarks upon the techniques behind the street (6) - {ST}{ARTS}
14 - City that is for each person (5) - {IE}{PER}
16 - Initially archaeologists leave aside eaten insect wings (4) - {A}{L}{A}{E}
19 - Vibrations in the air (4) - AERO or AIRY ?
20 - Seek shelter in a cavern guarded by the purchaser (4,5) - TAKE {COVE}R
21 - Go together with us in silence (4) - {ME}{SH} How does US become ME ?
22 - Let out the limited kind of women's clothing (4) - MIDI(-let)*
25 - Sticky substance is over the small tin without cover (5) - {RO<-}{S}{(-t)IN} )
27 - Big numbers found right in companies (6) - C{R}ORES ?
29 - Continue to have an affair (5,2) - CARRY ON [DD]
32 - Old lady loses the diamond in the queue for a garment (5) - BUR{Q}{A} ? Anno pending ( Addendum - {BUR(-ma)}{Q}{A} - Thanks to Kishore)

33 - One who forces the firm politician to tip off the bank clerk (9) - {CO}{MP}{(-t)ELLER}
34 - Still form of punishment (5,8) - {DEATH} {SENTENCE}
2   - Mammal can hide camouflaged (7) - ECHIDNA*

3   - Foregoing sailor has no victory (5) - {AB}{O}{V}E ?
4   - After an operation, I took in a sedative (6) - {OP}{I}{ATE}
5   - Look at the mountain, overheard (4) - PEEK(~peak)
6   - Revolve the eye socket (5) - ORBIT [DD]
7   - Protected the elders in the group (9) - SHELTERED* Nice clue
8   - Smell in a foreign capital (5) - {A}{ROMA}
11 - Boy will regularly hear a bit of subtle sounds made by horses (7) - {NICKE}{E}{R}{S}
12 - Demon king follows the fasts ending in the holy month (7) - {S}{RAVANA}
13 - It goes off in an emergency! (5) - ALARM [E]
15 - Wraps up the containers (5) - PACKS [DD]
17 - Hang around idly to continue a session (3,6) - {LIE} {A}{ROUND}
18 - The sky here changes over time (5) - E{T}HER
23 - Perfect place I would finally say for a couple of learners I see (7) - {I'D}{Y}{LL}{I}{C}
24 - It may be the seamless kind of wear (5) - INNER [CD]
26 - Killer is in charge of an Asian worker (6) - {IC}{E}{MAN}
28 - Praise the one time good officer (5) - {EX}{A}{LT}
30 - Pass through the right side at last with the lady (5) - {R}{E}{EVE}
31 - Figures on playing cards (4) - ACES [CD]

HERE is a photograph of Kishore and his family


  1. Been having trouble with the new editor of blogger so there may be inadvertent errors in my posts due to the rush to meet my deadline

  2. Good Morning All:
    32A Burma (a variety of diamond) loses old lady (-ma)=BUR+Q+A

  3. Did not like clue for 17d: Both the clue and answer use the same word 'around'

  4. Apropos the Gitas, Nita Jaggi anagrammed would be Gita Jangi, Gita the warrior !

  5. @ Col: I Missed on Metamorphosis but had the same issues with Crores, Airy/Aero/Airs, Above : all those supernumery alphabets..

  6. Good morning everyone

    1A - Made a bold guess and put it down as METAMORPHOSIS, clueless about a couple of characters.

    21A - 'us' may be because of the practice of saying 'hum' in Urdu or Hindi even for first person singular. ;-)

    3D - Can't account for E at the end.

    12D - Good clue, but could not get the answer.

    Some saving grace - a few good clues and anagrams like 8A, 2D, 7D, 8D, 18D and 23D.

  7. @ Richard: Seems like yesterdays max post record is matched by today minimum ? Thanks to Col for maxing it.

  8. 19A I thought may be AURA

    27 - Big numbers found right in companies (6) - C{R}ORES ? Maybe NJ meant Corps, which is pronounced as Cores

    25 - Sticky substance is over the small tin without cover (5) - {RO<-}{S}{(-t)IN} )I think this could also be RESIN. RE standing for over (meaning about)

  9. @Suresh,
    RESIN looks better than ROSIN

  10. I do believe metamorphosis is from STEAMSHIP and MORO (short for tomorrow)

  11. Only military corps are pronounced cores, Citicorp is not pronounced citicore, so companies = coporates can be only pronounced corps in short, I think. I agree on Resin.

  12. I know Kishore. Just imagining what NJ meant.

    What is the view on 19A

  13. Not finding fault but just making a point. CORPS being of French origin is pronounced 'core' as singular. Plural is spelt the same way but pronounced 'corez'. Phew, these funny languages !

  14. @ Richard: Agree with you that plural Corps is pronounced corez. Quite a few mispronounce these 'romantic' language words and put up a brave 'foosad' ..., when they say corpse.

  15. Contd: I have purposely put romantic in quotes, the correct usage would be romance...

  16. @ Kishore, you indeed have a way with words.

  17. @ Richard: Thanks. That is what comes out of being a legume enumerator.

  18. @ Richard: Answer to yesterday's clue from ET that I had given in yesterday's post is "Wicket Keeper". Nice play on ball and miss in the clue. And bowler in todays THC becoming bower. Must be IPL- How I detest it!

  19. @ Suresh: No offense. Strange are the ways of New Jersey that we cannot fathom...

  20. @ Suresh: Hi to 80974 from 23148. And you stay at Geetanjali? Another Gita, spelt differently, of course.

  21. Interesting thing happened today. I was doing the crossword, and was stuck with 1A because of the incomplete anagram fodder. my 11 yearold daughter looked over my shoulder at 1A and without a second thought, nonchalantly mentioned 'metamorphosis'.

  22. KISHORE.
    Maybe I am feeling so bright, but I did not get the numbers

  23. Kishore, Are u practicing too. And wgere do u stay

  24. Suresh, Bangalore.

  25. Suresh, Andaru Mahanubhavulu, Kaada?

  26. tpa: you just got a Third Party Administrator !

  27. @ Suresh, legume enumerators, bean counters...

    I am sure there are quite a few CAs out here on this forum. I had a couple of friends, who used to practise book-keeping very diligently. They kept the books borrowed from me for themselves and never returned. No offence, guys.

  28. Richard I hav a lot of book keepers like that too

  29. Richard: Didn't they borrow your bookshelves too?

  30. @ Kishore, they must have deemed that bit of job too cumbersome.

  31. Richard: Plum says: He was by profession a chartered accountant, and inclined to be stout; and all rather stout chartered accountants are sentimental. Also, "All chartered accountants have hearts as big as hotels. You think they're engrossed in auditing the half-yearly balance sheet of Miggs, Montagu and Murgatroyd, general importers, and all the time they're writing notes to blondes saying 'Tomorrow, one-thirty, same place.' "