Friday 23 December 2011

No 10342, Friday 23 Dec 11, M Manna

1   - Apartheid issue in which evidence is put down (5,3,5) - BLACK AND WHITE [DD]
8   - Colour of FBI agents in depression? (7) - PIGMENT {PI{GMEN}T}
9   - Radar equipment for the surveyor (7) - SCANNER [DD]
11 - All the fractures could have calamitous results (6) - LETHAL*
13 - Check the others have water (8) - RESTRAIN {REST}{RAIN}
15 - Feeling of horror may go slowly (5) - CREEP [DD]
16 - Entitle one blend to be endlessly distributed (7) - ENNOBLE {ONE+BLENd}*
18 - Become fashionable in dressing (7) - SHARPEN [DD]
19 - Big Ted sent back for a metal piece, to hold another, in place (5) - GIBED {GIB<-}{ED} As per the definition the word should be GIBBED
21 - During examination, pop gains surprisingly (8) - APPOSING*
23 - Twins for example brought up on very little (6) - GEMINI {GE<-}{MINI}
25 - Originate from gentleman at embassy (7) - EMANATE [T]
26 - Ennoble at levee specially convened (7) - ELEVATE*
28 - Reserved large amount of money — or just an adequate amount (6,7) - MODEST FORTUNE {MODEST} {FORTUNE}
2   - Envoy takes note that he's the beneficiary (7) - LEGATEE {LEGAT{E}E}
3   - Hint given to play billiards (3) - CUE [DD]
4   - Against anything proposed (4) - ANTI [E]
5   - Making out many nice rings can be fake (10) - DISCERNING {D}{NICE+RINGS*}
6   - The courage of one in a suit (5) - HEART [DD]
7   - Ship's carrying capacity (7) - TONNAGE [E]
8   - Country with a governing force? (6,5) - POLICE STATE [CD]
10 - Grade and lodge ordinary people (4,3,4) - RANK AND FILE {RANK} {AND} {FILE}
12 - A Greek letter (5) - ALPHA [E]
14 - Take ill swallowing stagnant water and he'll go to court (10) - RESPONDENT {RES{POND}ENT}
17 - A low heavy truck possibly for a Gobi course (5) - BOGIE {GOBI*}{E}
18 - Staff officer hurried into the river for the singer (7) - SOPRANO {SO}{P{RAN}O}
20 - Country genius full of sex appeal (7) - BRITAIN {BR{IT}AIN}
22 - No real point feeling it if you are not to blame (5) - SHAME [CD] Thought 'sorry' fits better.
24 - It's nothing near the end of the dictionary (4) - ZERO [DD]
27 - Partake of a tea spread (3) - EAT*


  1. Hi

    Am I the one to break the ice or some problem with the Blogger?

    Legal terms today. - Blank and white, Legatee, Anti, Respondent, and possibly Restrain...

    Rank and File in Police state too.

  2. 20Country genius full of sex appeal (7)BR{IT}AIN}

    Old Times CW yesterday had clued Sex Appeal (SA) as 'it':

    Charge copper with it during lawsuit (10)AC(CU SA)TION

  3. entitle becomes "ennoble" which "elevate"s! Reminded of "God is love"-"Love is blind" and so "God is blind!

  4. 12d Alpha is not just an E type clue. I could mean a Greek letter equivalent for A. So a CD or DD

  5. Agree with Suresh. To me, it's a DD, since in modern writing both the English 'A' and Alpha (in the uppercase) are represented by the same symbol.

  6. On yesterday;s comments relating to radio Ceylon, do ye all know that the famous Sunil Dutt started his career as Balraj deejaying for Radio Ceylon? He then moved on to films.
    I used to enjoy listening to the gazals they used to play.

    Have ye all been listening to Radio Goa too which used to feature a lot of Talat mahmood's songs?

    My wife, Sapna, who used to Aarjay in Nairobi late nightswith the National KBC and then thr FMstation East FM, playing Puraani Yaadein songs of the 50s to the 60s became a house hold names amongst the settler asians in Kenya. Reading your comments, her eyes got dewy with nostalgia. ''If only they could have a Hindi segment in Coimbatore'', she pines and whines!!

    Vividh Bharathi was a latterday- johnnycome lately.

    As for Dalda it used to get free ads in the movies with comedians carrying the same with water for you-know what in the mornings !

    As for Brylcream ans Sylvecrin, the less said the better . They cheated me all those years into an egg head.!!

    As for Binaca Geetmala, on my way back from work, the entire street would resound with that inimitable voice of Amin Sayani and the songs that top the list from the radios of all households.

  7. Logging in late today, probably going to continue the trend due to tight mornings.

    Raju, Amin Sayani read with Nairobi also reminds me of the uncomparable Mohd Amin and his great wildlife photo books.

    And for those of you laughing at tight mornings, I am talking about my schedule and not intoxication.

  8. As for Brylcream ans Sylvecrin, the less said the better . They cheated me all those years into an egg head.!!

    They can still take credit for the shiniest head in town. Suresh may also be bidding for that crowning glory title. ;-)

  9. Today's puzzle was very unlike MManna, as compared to yesterday's.

    He took a GIBE at all of us, by GIBED, which should be GIBBED!! All in all, not a crossword for 8 down solvers.

    POLICESTATE reminded me of those grim days in Nairobi of th Kenyatta and Moi eras.

    Yeah, Mohammed Amin was an intrepid photo journalist whom we in Kenya were very proud of. He died in harness,plunging from mid-air, a hero's death, with another brave ournolist, Brian Tetley.