Tuesday, 20 April 2021

No 13226, Tuesday 20 Apr 2021, Arden

Solution to 21D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Doctor takes certain pains, refuses a box of goodies (8,5) TREASURE CHEST{TREA{SURE}{aCHES}T}
10 Some of it is awful, certainly a deep wound (5) ULCER [T]
11 Quiet study sitting in recliner, one can’t hear you (9) LIPREADER {LI{P}{READ}ER}
12 Gives final touchesit’s four in another state (9) TITIVATES {T{IT}{IV}ATES*}
13 Wild partying, try copying (5) APING PArtyING* [CA]
14 Informs not about taking some measures (5,2) TELLS ON {T{ELLS}ON<=}
16 No good wearing a hat, but one’s all thrilled (7) ATINGLE {A}{TI{N}{G}LE}
18 Artist not even clear in rear view (2,5) EL GRECO {O{ClEaR}GLE<=}
20 Leaders drop out from ‘bottoms up’ — play for first place (7) TOPMOST {bOTTOMS+uP}*
22 As one goes for identity, person becomes oppressive (5) HUMID HUM(-an+id)ID
24 Old nomad’s high teepee, in toto rejected (9) HOTTENTOT {H}{OT{TENT}OT<=}
26 Compete to stop setter getting right up to third place — that’s on the table (9) SERVIETTE {SE(+r)R{VIE}TTE(-r)}
27 Penned by a writera tome on a Greek Goddess (5) ERATO [T]
28 Literary work — another best seller gets permit (6,7) BELLES LETTRES {BEST+SELLER}* over {LET}

2   Then assume one hundred will turn up for the performance (7) RECITAL {LAT{1C}ER}<=
3   Johnny-come-lately is on time, come over (9) ARRIVISTE {ARRIV{IS}{T}E}
4   Dark one has left (5) UNLIT {UN{L}IT}
5   “Move regularly” means permit for worker (2,7) EN PASSANT {mEaNs}{PASS}{ANT}
6   Scavenger vocally disdainful about money (5) HYENA {H{YEN}A}
7   Second gear not engaged, moving this way and that (7) SIDLING {S}{IDLING}
8   Avoid those teach Harry to be brief (3,2,3,5) CUT TO THE CHASE {CUT}{THOSE+TEACH}*
9   Fellow newspapermen lost the top place — it’s total collapse (13) FRAGMENTATION {F}{RAG MEN}{sTATION}
15 They open special school for learners (9) NEOPHYTES {THEY+OPEN+S}*
17 Machine effect (9) IMPLEMENT [DD]
19 In a dilemma to go up one (7) GUMTREE [C&DD]
21 Goods lost in transit over road — there is shock (7) O?T?A?E (Addendum - OUTRAGE {OUT{R}AGE} - See comments)
23 Make a hole close to old stream (5) DRILL {olD}{RILL}
25 Note carrying article on the subject (5) THEME {ME}<=>{THE}

Reference List
Quiet = P, Measure = ELL, No = N, Good = G, High = H, Right = R, Hundred = C, Time = T, Left = L, Second = S, Fellow = F, Special = S, Road = R


  1. Beautiful puzzle. Loved Cut to the chase, Lip Reader, Belles Letters, Lip Reader among other clues. Could get the new words Tirivates, Serviette and Hottentot because of precise word play. Thank you Arden.

  2. I loved the wordplay of unlit. Very elegant.

  3. I don't think "total collaps" exactly means "fragmentation"

    1. Democratic institutions all over the world are collapsing. But they haven't totally collapsed because they haven't fragmented yet.

  4. 18a doesn't the clue read
    CER in (OGLE<=)

  5. 11A Very clever clue indeed, thanks Arden!

  6. Replies
    1. Doesn't seem to be. While lipread is shown as a single word, lip reader is not

  7. Tough and entertaining crossword from Arden. Loved solving. Couple of new words for me..HOTTENTOT, TITIVATES.

  8. A box of goodies essentially refers to tidbits/delectables/yummy food bits.Not a treasure chest.

    1. Treasure chest also means: A collection of valuable or delightful things.