Wednesday, 2 June 2021

No 13263, Wednesday 02 Jun 2021, Bruno

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Solution to 10D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Church architect’s advanced instrument (6) WRENCH  {CH}<=>{WREN}
4   Crazy sailor’s taking boat on road (6) ABSURD {AB'S}{U}{RD}
8   Group of people of some obscure origins have base in large town... (7) SOCIETY {Some}{Ob...e}{C{havE}ITY}
9   ... chasing King’s lost drawing (7) TRACING TRACkING
11 Idea from one in local office’s killed regularly (10) BRAINCHILD {BRA{1}NCH}{kIlLeD}
12 Less number of fouls, initially pitched by pitcher (4) EWER fEWER
13 Sugar container emptied daily (5) CANDY {CAN}{DailY}
14 He rigs networks to support Hawaii’s skyscraper (4-4) HIGH-RISE {HE+RIGS}*<=>{HI}
16 Popular old rat (8) INFORMER {IN}{FORMER}
18 Where one may find a movie director — somewhere on the big picture? (5) INSET {IN SET}
20 Last bit of frizzle airbrushed from photograph of braid (4) PLAT PLATe
21 Only men can get this notice at a Mississippi tech company (5,5) ADAMS APPLE {AD}{A}{MS}{APPLE}
23 Wise, mostly courteous, and nice at heart (7) POLITIC {POLITe}{nICe}
24 A new team’s entry often causes worry (7) ANXIETY {A}{N}{XI}{EnTrY}
25 This’ required to obtain college degrees, ultimately? (6) THESIS {TH{c...gE}{d...eS}IS} &lit
26 Window’s old — top requires replacement (6) DORMER (-f+d)DORMER

1   Lover without love — ever without heart (5) WOOER {WO}{0}{EveR}
2   Ignoring sound eastern law, leader lost foresight (7) ELISION {E}{L}{vISION}
3   Pet at Macy’s running with tip of leash causing disaster (9) CATACLYSM {CAT} and {MACY+Le..h}*
5   Management sounded unenthusiastic (5) BORED (~board)
6   Cloudy nuclear explosion (7) UNCLEAR*
7   Utensils to mostly tenderise ingredients hung around head of nail (6,3) DINNER SET {TENDERISe}* over {Nail}
10 Perform extemporaneously, express displeasure and walk (5-4) ?I?H? R?A? (Addendum - SIGHTREAD {SIGH}{TREAD} - See comments)
13 Fire set to a lab on freight carrier (5,4) CANAL BOAT {CAN}{TO+A+LAB}*
15 Rapid slides on islands go sliding (9) GLISSANDO*
17 Not oddly, robust oldie vies to survive (7) OUTLIVE {rObUsT+oLdIe+ViEs}
19 False argument demonstrated by Glossop & his minions (7) SOPHISM [T]
21 It could bail one out? (5) ALIBI {BAIL+1}* &lit
22 Change will finally come up after some time (5) LATER (+l)LA(-l)TER

Reference List
Church = CH, Sailor = AB, Boat = U, King = K, Popular = IN, Notice = AD, New = N, Team = XI, Without = WO, Eastern = E, Law = L 


  1. 19A- & can be ignored in T?
    First time I am conibg across.

    1. I was told that all punctuations are tools for deception :-)

  2. Very entertaining puzzle. Straight clueing in many cases but it has to dawn upon one. I had many favourites, absurd, informer, inset, anxiety, 10d etc. which needed mere concatenation of words in the clue. Brainchild, ewer, thesis and former also I liked.

  3. 10D- sight read- perform extemporaneously; sigh- express displeasure; walk -tread; sigh(t)read

  4. Dormer not former : typo

  5. 8AC I feel the 'have' here indicates containment ind. and base=E

    1. I thought so too first, but later I felt that 'in' is the containment indicator that way both 'have' and 'n' are employed

    2. I know your interpretation was on this line. Just thought this too would work.

    3. I took 'Have' to be a connector and basin large town as (CI E TY)

    4. I intended S(-...) O(-...) CI(E)TY so Have as the concatenation and in as the containment indicator... Have as a containment is tough to make it work since nothing is going into S O...

  6. Change will finally come up after some time (5) LATER (+l)LA(-l)TER

    Change is Alter, that I get. But how does ‘will finally come up’ tell us to exchanging the first two letters?

  7. Will finally is l. It comes up in Alter.

  8. 10Dn - Extempore performance = Sight Read with Anno-: (Sigh)(Tread)

    1. Sorry already solved by N Sridhar @ 8.40. Did not see. Good solve

  9. 3d Anno looks incorrect. It should be CAT + (MACYS+L)*

  10. Braid is plait, not plat?

  11. Plait is a noun and plat is a verb- to plait. Just checked with Free dic.

  12. I see plat as both noun and verb... in

  13. Nice puzzle. My fav - ABSURD, INFORMER, ADAMS APPLE, HIGH RISE.
    Thanx. 😊