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No 13266, Saturday 05 Jun 2021, Gussalufz

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9 Naughtily erotic, can create an increase in size (9) ACCRETION {EROTIC+CAN*}
10 Couple of nuns cited after taking clothes off (5) UNITE {nUNs}{cITEd}
11 Go back inside with wisdom oozing (7) SEEPAGE {S{PEE<=}AGE}
12 One might be attached to a horse: keeps blabbering about hugging horses back! (7) NOSEBAG {GABS ON<=}  around {horsE}
13 Dada, perhaps, returning after getting old, for some more (5) EXTRA {EX}{ART<=}
14 Defender at front turns late to block attempt of extremely poor quality (9) SHODDIEST {SHO{Defender}{DIES}T}
16 Routine resettlements of software rights drag endlessly (15) STRAIGHTFORWARD {SOFTWARe+RIGHTs+dRAg*}
19 Fresh, clean air, without a trace of smell or of some poisonous element (9) ARSENICAL {CLEAN+AIR*} around {Smell}
22 Comment scratched, essentially after one bad pun (5) INPUT {I}{PUN*}{scraTched}
24 Guy, having consumed drug without limits in retreat, is receptive to treatment (7) CURABLE {C{dRUg<=}ABLE}
26 Mrs. happens to be flippingrang in agitation over nothing! (7) SIGNORA {IS<=}{RANG*} around {O}
27 Creatures responsibility, primarily: bridging tax (5) TROLL {T{Responsibility}OLL}
28 Head off to travel after home is run down (9) DENIGRATE {DEN}{mIGRATE}


1 Harry’s son left England (6) HASSLE {HAS}{S}{L}{E}
2 One getting carpet to fly around these days! (8) ACCEPTER {CARPET*} around {CE}
3 No sexam a government agent rejecting scandal (10) DEFAMATION {NO}{IT}{AM}{A}{FED}<=
4 Various // birds looking for fish (6) DIVERS (DD)
5 Fond of an idly, every once in a while? (2,3,3) ON AND OFF {FOND+OF+AN*}
6 Swear in the middle of discussion (4) CUSS (T)
7 Bucket of kippers?? Interplanetary blistering barnacles!! Lubberly, earthworm-like starters! (6) KIBBLE (Acrostic)
8 Carried by 10, having additional bulk? (8) WEIGHTED {W{EIGHT}ED} 10 across=Unite=Wed
15 Mending tool with tip of glass used in gardening, possibly (7,3) DARNING EGG {Glass} in {GARDENING*}
16 In a kind of rhythmic fashion, an animal climbing upon another of its kind — very absorbing! (8) STACCATO {S{CAT<=}{CAT}O}
17 Doctor had a nice house (8) HACIENDA {HAD+A+NICE*}
18 Label oddly lacking on unopened aromatic compound jars (8) AMPHORAE {cAMPHOR}{lAbEl}
20 Columns or rows displaying possible impact of loss? (6) SORROW (T)
21 Whistle after toilet, wiping bottom and behind (6) LOSING {LOo}{SING}
23 Advertisement says electricity’s initially included in rent (6) TEASER {TEA{Says}{Electricty}R}
25 Indian bird, mostly gets garlic, perhaps (4) BULB {BULBul}

Reference List

One=I, Nothing=O
'S=Has, Son=S, Left=L, England=E, These days=CE, Sex=IT, Government agent=Fed,8=Eight, Very=So

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  1. 13A.. couldn't understand how the Dada fits in the clue?

    1. Dada:A European artistic and literary movement (1916-1923) that flouted conventional aesthetic and cultural values by producing works marked by nonsense, travesty, and incongruity.

    2. Dada is short for dadaism, ART movement as mentioned by VAsant

    3. New to me. I know only Ganguly!

  2. Enjoyable Puzzle. With so many themed words and Nina. Thank you Gussalufz for the puzzle and Ramesh for the blog

  3. I wonder what the Nina means. Haddock obviously must be a reference to Captain Haddock whose idiosyncrasy was using cuss words. But Wow Bagger? Some reference to Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy?

    1. Yes

    2. Thanks Colonel for the link. Interesting.


      Yes, Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged is a character who goes around the universe insulting everyone (in alphabetical order :-))

  4. 4D- I knew only Diverse. I had to check this one out. Thank you.

    1. remembered because Gridman Had used it before.

  5. 7D- bucket and kibble- are they inter changeable? Can someone elaborate please.
    4D- idly for anagram is interesting!

  6. 5D- Idly- for a long while I was trying to read it as idly (South Indian snack) esp. with with 'fond of' preceding it! Intended to mislead? If so I was a ready made victim.

  7. I followed Gridman's advice- referred to dic. This is what I found-

    An iron bucket used in wells or mines for hoisting water, ore, or refuse to the surface.
    Spot on.

  8. Thanks! I was also thinking about the snack when I read the clue(5D)!

  9. Thanks for the blog, Ramesh!

    Here are the notes that I had jotted for this puzzle:

    There are two ninas, HADDOCK and WOWBAGGER, located in the first and the last row. Captain Haddock and Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged are both fictional characters who are famous for their creative insults and curses.

    In addition, the following solutions and surfaces are connected to the theme of insulting:

    1d. HASSLE.
    6d. CUSS.
    7d. The surface reads like a Captain Haddock statement.
    12a. NOSEBAG may be hurled as a creative insult by the likes of Haddock and Wowbagger.
    14a. Similarly, SHODDIEST may be unleashed as a colourful adjective in an insult.
    23d. TEASER.
    27a. TROLL.
    28a. DENIGRATE.

  10. Interesting notes. Thank you Ratnakar for sharing.
    Yes,I thought of Prof.haddock when I read 'Blistering Barnacles'. BTW,I knew the meaning of Barnacles only after meeting him in Tintin.
    I did not know the meaning of teaser as advt. until recently,when they started calling trailers as teasers. No end to learning new words. Of course CW ans setters help in a big way.
    Surprised there are so many words of insult.

    1. You said it dear Mr. Padmanabhan,
      Certain pastime hobbies are truly educative and prime among them, if you ask me, are crosswords and philately. Apart from being a brain-teaser, the former brushes up vocabulary and even general knowledge while the latter gives an insight to less-known and unknown facts from the pages of history.
      However, often I am ridiculed by many as an idler who wastes his prime time in the mornings solving crosswords in The Hindu, IE and The Tribune. Some of these worthies who criticise me presume or assume that I earn prize money from this addiction whereas the fact is I reap it rich in terms of learning new words and annotations at my age 75 years young. So much so the maid who comes in the morning to sweep-n-swob has reckoned the crosswords as my profession!!
      Several decades ago, the crossword competion in the Illustrated Weekly of India was more of a competition in which the winners and the second-best used to earn in hundreds and even Rs.1000. Certainly, it was a gimmick by the Bennet & Coleman to boost the circulation of this popular journal. And that reminds me of this good old joke coined by my late friend R K Murti that when the witty literary genius Kushwant Singh took over the reins of this magazine, its title changed to Ill Lust Rated Weekly!!!
      I trust our learned Admin will permit comments from guys like me to appear in this slot of our Blog.
      Take Care & Stay Safe... Cheers!!!

    2. Interesting, Mr Panje. Enjoyed reading. A friend posted at Ahmedabad was asked if he gets paid for solving the crossword. On learning that he doesn’t get paid the worthy asked why he’s wasting his time!

    3. You said it and the known fact is that the end product for most of those from Gujarat is the vitalmin 'M', in tune with the good old number by ABBA - Money, Money......
      And that reminds me of a good old adage in Kannada: HANA ENDARE, HENA BAI BIDUTTADE to mean even a corpse will rattle at the jingle of coins. This idiom in Kannada when translated in Hindi would mean - 'CASH' KEHANESE, LAASH BHI MOOH KHOLEGA!

  11. Gussalufz puzzled me totally.Be a bit more lenient.

  12. Name please.
    That is how we learn things. Last time around it was a lesson on Astronomy,if I remember right.