Tuesday, 8 June 2021

No 13268, Tuesday 08 Jun 2021, Arden

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Solution to 13A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Do eat mushroom, take it (6) ACCEPT{AC{CEP}T}
4   Preserve ground for game (8) CANFIELD {CAN}{FIELD} 
9   Capital Lima — placed on both sides of delta (6) L?N?O? (Addendum - LONDON  {L}{ON}{D}{ON} - See comments)
10 Pay off in stages, it romanticises some of those returning (8) AMORTISE [T<=]
12 Soldiers involved in attack, lost one — it’s hard cheese (8) PARMESAN {P{ARMiES}AN}
13 No set back for world leaders surrounded by petals (6) ?T?M?N (Addendum - STAMEN STAtesMEN - See comments) 
15 Cars in the air, going around in this day and age (9,3) CHRISTIAN ERA*
18 Source of Ayn Rand’s work (12) FOUNTAINHEAD [DD]
21 Animals retreating are getting little coverage (6) LLAMAS {LLAM{A}S<=}
22 West loses nothing but gets a chance (8) ACCIDENT (-0+a)ACCIDENT
24 Jacket takes sheen off case hardening, perhaps (8) CARDIGAN {CAse+hARDenING}*
25 After emptying a barrel, German’s all sozzled (6) BLOTTO {Ba..eL}{OTTO}
26 Died unfortunately, any time it could blow up (8) DYNAMITE {D}{ANY+TIME}*
27 Remarks about fool catching fish (6) ASIDES {AS{IDE}S} 

1   Special cocktail with a drop of lemon and myrtle pepper (8) ALLSPICE {A{Le..n}LSPICE*}
2   Central part in country isn't upper class — it’s the opposite (8) CONTRARY {COuNTR{pARt}Y}
3   Expertise to claim island is in Lake Michigan initially (15) PROFESSIONALISM {PROFESS}{IONA}{Lake}{IS}{Mi...n}
5   Automatic machine — covers are on top (4) ACME {Au...iC}{Ma...nE}
6   Basic facts: In the beginning, cricket tournament excluded royalty (5,10) FIRST PRINCIPLES {FIRST} {PRINC{IPL}ES}
7   A setter having a drink, raises a question (6) ENIGMA {A}{M{GIN}E}<=
8   Outstanding! Girl picked up an escort (6) DUENNA {DUE}{ANN<=}
11 Knowing with gear change, you get greasepaint (7) SAPIENT {greaSEPAINT}* [CA]
14 Popular supporter extremely cheeky at the beginning (7) INFANCY {IN}{FAN}{Ch..kY}
16 Agreed it’s fast in grass (8) RELENTED {RE{LENT}ED}
17 Volumes on crime, from top to bottom (8) EDITIONS (-s)EDITION(+s)S
19 I went for a point, kept calm (6) PLACID PLAC(-e+i)ID
20 Two boys find a well wisher (6) PATRON {PAT}{RON}
23 Flock right back (4) RAFT {R}{AFT}

Reference List
Mushroom = CEP, Lima = L, Delta = D, Are = A, Died = D, Upper class = U, Cricket tournament = IPL, Point = E, Right = R


  1. L on (D) ON. L is Lima phonetic alphabet.

    1. +1. Both Lima & Delta are Nato phonetic alphabet code words

    2. Got mixed up here. The initial intention was to leave ths one for the Non-regulars

    3. Probably, you propose to leave two clues to non-regulars from now on?

  2. 13A. World leaders = statesmen. Sta(tes)men = petals

  3. 8d I took "picked up" as HP indicator.

  4. 13A,26A v.good clues. Ardens clues are hard allright!

  5. In 21A, little = small. Where does one get the extra a from for llamas?

  6. Sorry, but I find most of the clues ‘inelegant’.

    1. Sachin, if you can be a bit more specific and tell me what is 'inelegant' with these clues

      may be I will be able to improve and make them 'elegant'. I am always willing to learn

      from experts. "Live and Learn" - that's my motto

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    1. Comment deleted as you have not mentioned your name.
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    2. The advisory is visible in the web version of this page but not in the mobile version

  8. Online edition gives OCCIDENT as the correct answer for 22A! But as given in this blog it has to be ACCIDENT.

  9. In 19dn - i went for a point so i wrote PLACED - PLACID -I + E.
    Kindly explain.
    Otherwise solved Arden 2nd day in a row. 😊

  10. 13 ac def:petals solution:stamen is aother part of the flower and has nothing to do with petals.

    1. The clue is surrounded by petals & the answer is STAMEN