Monday, 7 June 2021

No 13267, Monday 07 Jun 2021, Arden

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Solution to 10A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Party and drink, they infuriate one showing obstructionist attitude (3,2,3,6) DOG IN THE MANGER {DO}{GIN}{THEM}{ANGER}
10 Unpacked chatter machine (5) L?T?E (Addendum - LATHE {bLATHEr} - See comments)
11 What the parliamentarians do when support is dead and gone (9) LEGISLATE {LEG}{IS}{LATE}
12 Plant starts operating in America, taking a chance... (7) OPUNTIA {Op...g}{In}{Am...a} over {PUNT}
13 ... oddly their people get open platform (7) TERRACE {ThEiR}{RACE}
14 Fitted with small pipes over the opening (5) DEBUT<=
16 One on relapse with clean drug (5,4) ANGEL DUST  {AN}{LEG<=}{DUST}
19 Invitation to carry fish and chips, perhaps (9) CARPENTER {ENTER}<=>{CARP}
20 Longed to join soldiers on top, got there (5) ACHED reACHED
22 Channel to disembark in the east midlands of Britain (7) RUTLAND {RUT}{LAND}
25 Material to oppose the structure, essentially (7) BUCKRAM {BUCK}{fRAMe}
27 Shock over Jack losing final point in rating (9) APPRAISAL {APP{RAISe}AL}
28 Relationship with a model in port (5) RATIO {R{A}{T}IO}
29 Control disease, doctor refuses (14) RECONSOLIDATES*

2   Put to sleep by anesthesiologist — will get one better? (9) OUTNUMBER {OUT}{NUMBER}
3   Turnover not very sluggish (5) INERT INvERT
4   Perhaps William’s on a roll as they say, can you differentiate? (4,5) TELL APART {TELL}{A}{PART}(roll~role=part)
5   Goitre — lack of Iodine may lead to this disease (5) ERGOT GOiTRE*
6   Country with actual borders in another country (9) AUSTRALIA {AUSTR{Ac..aL}IA}
7   Country song heard in North India (5) GHANA (~gana)
8   Dance — pick second half or pick again (7) REELECT {REEL}{selECT}
9   He left homeland wandering — must be a nut (6) ALMOND {hOMeLAND}*
15 On the other hand, the horse gets in a tangle (4,5) THEN AGAIN {THE}{NAG}{IN+A}*
17 One wearing costume laid out for an Italian nationalist (9) GARIBALDI {GAR{1}B}{LAID*}
18 She does show people their place (9) USHERETTE [CD]
19 Pirate ship? (7) CORSAIR [DD]
21 Boy carrying bananas, came up with another fruit (6) DAMSON {SON}<=}{MAD<=}
23 For artful deception, need a subject (5) TOPIC deCePTIOn* [CA]
24 Dispute? No way after party (5) DISCO DISCOrd
26 Dog with tail up in the centre of a gathering (5) CURIA {CUR}{tAIl<=}

Reference List
On = LEG, Point = E, Model = T, Very = V, Way = RD 


  1. 10A. LATHE

    Def: Machine.
    Unpacked => remove packaging => remove ends.
    Chatter => {blather}
    {blather} - {b r} = lathe

    Joel S.

  2. 14A - Erred badly by reckoning the solution as DUCTS and thus lost the lead or links to solving the 2D and 15D.
    All said and done, with each passing day, this blog has enlightened me while I seek solace in the words of Mahatma Gandhi who said: "Experience is nothing but the name given by men to the mistakes they commit."

    1. As long as one learns from them,mistakes are useful. They say learn from others mistakes as well!

  3. 16A can someone tell me how come "LEG <=" ?

    1. ON side as in Cricket is leg side and relapse is the reversal indicator

      Monday morning blues . My favourites Sirs Padmanabhan, Sreesree, Vasant aremissing

    2. Very much here Sir,but a little late. I did solve though- or most of it. The blog does fill in the blanks.

  4. How does ‘reconsolidate’ mean ‘refuse’?

    1. I think there is a hyphen missing (but cryptic's rarely care for punctuations!).

    2. He means that it has to be cryptically read as Re- consolidate or re fuse.

  5. This from the top drawer from Arden today. Enjoyed solving every one of them.

  6. At last - i solved a full arden - though i was puzzled by RECONSOLIDATE. Thank u for a great grid & a big boost to my confidence. 😊

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  8. This is Balaji. Too many obscure clues for me. Came unstuck at 19, 29, & 23...