Thursday, 10 June 2021

No 13270, Thursday 10 Jun 2021, Arden

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Solution to 28A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Make it wet, study current passing through (6) DAMPEN {D{AMP}EN}
4   In the tunnel cats bounce, going over the barrier (8) OBSTACLE [T<=]
10 Tries out, not good to squeeze bottom (9) POSTERIOR {PO{TRIES*}OR}
11 Trust us Sir, it all evens out for some of them in Africa (5) TUTSI {TrUsT+uS+sIr}
12 Tile set wrongly second time (7) TESSERA {SET*}{S}{ERA}
13 Drums tied on top, Im carrying water in Rajasthan (7) TIMPANI {Tied}{IM}{PANI}
14 Tax overruns on the plant (5) CRESS {C{R}ESS}
15 Lead in, lead out, insert paper and leave only sides (8) PREAMBLE {P{REAM}B}{LeavE}
18 Ask, was it correct symbol? (8) SWASTIKA*
20 Villager loves to carry fodder on the way back (5) YAHOO {00}<=>{HAY<=}
23 Boost for a month, America replaced soldiers (7) AUGMENT {AUG(-us+men)MENT}
25 Ring out, ring in, I will get you the runs... (7) CALOMEL {CAL{O}{ME}L}
26 ... empty bag and a piece of cloth on the neck (5) SCRAG {SaC}{RAG}
27 Side wheels — not hard to make a bloomer (9) EDELWEISS {SIDE+WhEELS}*
28 Way ahead in Railway — is it so so? (8) M?D?R?T? (Addendum - MODERATE {Rail=RATE}<=>{Way=MODE} - See comments)
29 Movie called “Country” (6) GREECE (~grease)

1   A level finder drops credit (8) DIPSTICK {DIPS}{TICK}
2   Wine in the making, bishopric worth watching (4-3) MUST-SEE {MUST}{SEE}
3   A number of regular steps after meal (9) ELEVENSES {ELEVEN}{StEpS}
5   Butchery that he set in motion, should we forget and forgive? (4,3,7) BURY THE HATCHET*
6   From Rome to Turin, going towards North Pole (5) TOTEM [T<=]
7   Nab everyone, not hard to say boo (7) CATCALL {CATCh}{ALL}
8   Rant about Chinese leader growing, maybe it’s the drink (6) ELIXIR {RI{XI}LE}<=
9   Regret troll post (14) DISAPPOINTMENT {DIS}{APPOINTMENT}
16 Ship carrying ex-PM over Thames, perhaps (9) MAYFLOWER {MAY}{FLOWER}
17 Business lease revised to include carbon in mix (8) COALESCE {CO}{ALES{C}E*}
19 Bet one’s embarrassed to support conduct (7) WAGERED {RED}<=>{WAGE}
21 Englishwomen tailored gowns? It will surely be below the knee (7) HEMLINE {ENgLIsHwoMEn}* [CA] Semi&lit
22 Resin adds mass to timber (6) BALSAM {BALSA}{M}
24 Keen to see the Queen over time (5) EAGER {E{AGE}R}

Reference List
Current = AMP, Second = S, Water in Rajasthani = PANI, Run = R, Lead = PB, Hard = H, Troll = DIS, Mass = M, Queen = ER


  1. So so - moderate
    Way - mode
    Ahead at
    Railway re?
    Not sure of the Anno though

    1. Brilliant Arden clue. Anyone solving this should be promoted.

    2. moderate meaning so so; way -mode; railway-track- rate; Is it so?

    3. Not the correct parsing Sridhar.

  2. I enjoyed this a lot. Thank you, Arden. In 15A not clear to me how one gets PB.

    1. Pb is the symbol for lead

    2. Lead- name of metal derived from Latin Plumbum, chemical formula Pb

  3. PB symbol for lead, metallic element

  4. 28 A Trying with split words - Way - MODE
    A head - A T (T head) in Rail Way - R E (east as a way)

  5. 28A can be solved by anyone now

  6. moderate-so so.way-mode rate-rail

  7. Way ahead is to indicate 'Mode' has to come first and rate (rail) later. So 'Railway' has to be split.
    A real good clever ploy.

  8. Got a message from Prasanna Rao that he posted twice on this clue but somehow it was not visible.
    His take was:
    Ahead- leading towards….I.e meet
    (Road+meet)*. MODERATE

    1. Thanks a lot KKR Garu. noted my Crux. 'Mode' I can understand the clue. but Rate rail couldn.t correlate. The word Rate seems commercial. good solve by Paddy. Have a gr8 day.

  9. 25ac - what does CALOMEL havectovdo with runs? Kindly explain.
    I got the answer wo parsing.
    Arden - 4th day in a row. Full solve. Thank u blog.

    1. Read the page at the link embedded over the word Calomel in the blog and you will get your answer

    2. Well done Gowri. Congratulations.

      Regarding your query about Calomel, it's used as a laxative (gets people the runs)