Sunday, 6 June 2021

The Sunday Crossword No 3153, Sunday 06 Jun 2021

Lockdown Day 39 of 47 Stay Safe at home

1   Show of affection: awfully frisky, but ... let's! (9,4) BUTTERFLY KISS*
8   Somewhere in W Indies, Antigua evacuated to make room for Polish (5) ARUBA {Ant{RUB}iguA}
9   Making feeble slang for 'criticise a load of jewellery' (9) DISABLING {DIS}{A}{BLING}
11 Informed state of Royal Engineers in Swansea on manoeuvres (9) AWARENESS {AWA{RE}NESS*} 
12 A bunch of shops sent back hairy Bolivian (5) LLAMA {A}{MALL}
13 'Sorceress': who knows how many 's's? (7) SPELLER [DD]
15 Most sore, a thorax injected with iodine (7) ACHIEST {A}{CH{I}EST}
17 Heading west, bats halt, reaching German conference venue (7) POTSDAM {MAD}{STOP}<=
19 Land crumbling into sea (7) ESTONIA*
21 Hair in smoked salmon: reported (5) LOCKS (~lox)
23 Luxuriant merriment during second date, money spent on wicked things (5,4) SLUSH FUND {S}{LUSH}{FUN}{D}
25 Undemanding diversion, then, a period in Lichtenstein's career? (4,5) SOAP OPERA {SO}{A}{POP ERA}
26 Olympian who enraged Nazi sensibilities, primarily! (5) OWENS Acrostic &lit
27 Harry Kane (Cap.), getting trophy after month, we're told by foundation (7,4-2) PANCAKE MAKE-UP {KANE+CAP}*{MAKE-UP}(~ may cup)

2   Hour of anticipation: Glaswegian singer to turn up and screech (7) ULULATE {ETA}{LULU}<=
3   Time composer made decisions, went on the road (9) TRAVELLED {T}{RAVEL}{LED}
4   Removing half of moat crossing: that's elevation! (5) RIDGE drawbRIDGE
5   Eats crow and louse, heartless café's condemned (5,4)  LOSES FACE {LOuSE+CAFES}*
6   Seen regularly, harbour in Kuala Lumpur (it's somewhere in Asia) (5) KABUL {K{hArBoUr}L}
7   Mushroom in Bangladeshi takeaway (7) SHITAKE [T]
8   Wandering, passed a palm tree, led to these in a story (5,6) ADAMS APPLES*
10 'Much-loved creatures', soldier ant and asp? Questionable (5,6) GIANT PANDAS {GI}{ANT}{AND+ASP}*
14 Spooner's to frustrate Playboy: bottom cut (4,5) RUMP STEAK (~ stump rake to rump steak)
16 Thriller director's Problem With Avian (9) HITCHCOCK {HITCH}{COCK}
18 With perfect exactness, carbon copies captured a collection of notes (7) TOCCATA {CC} in {TO A T}{A}
20 In France, contemporary cooking: oven; uvula, evenly sliced (7) NOUVEAU {OVEN+UvUlA}*
22 Bed's seen with Everyman in: rising; uncomplaining (5) STOIC {C{I}OTS}<=
24 Partially stun armadillo to render harmless (5) UNARM [T]

Reference List
Second = S, Date = D, Time = T, Soldier = GI

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