Tuesday, 1 June 2021

No 13262, Tuesday 01 Jun 2021, Hypatia

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Solution to 24D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   One who doesn’t believe cashiers at bank robbery (5) HEIST atHEIST
4   Bored from touring Basel (5) BLASE*
11 Friend hugs hot sweetheart in movie show (7) MATINEE {MAT{IN}{swEet}E}
12 Half of standard French milk that’s recalled (7) PARTIAL {PAR}{LAIT<=}
13 Nod off ignoring naughty innuendo in boredom (5) ENNUI INNUEndo*
14 Alienated participants in protest rang editor (9) ESTRANGED [T]
15 Spooner’s question on offspring — something dirty (10) DITCHWATER (~which daughter to ditchwater)
17 Joint auditor’s born in France (4) KNEE (~nee)
19 A wide track is crooked (4) AWRY {A}{W}{RY}
21 What do screenwriters do — Fuss around? (4,1,5) MAKE A SCENE [DD]
25 Pilot’s rifle? (4-5) HIGH-FLIER{RIFLE}* [RA]
27 Criticise cook (5) ROAST [DD]
28 Greed A weakness that engulfed a king (7) AVARICE {A}{V{A}{R}ICE}
29 Pick up huge contract (7) TIGHTEN (~titan)
30 Drive cattle (5) STEER [DD]
31 Nibble starter of naan put in fire (5) SNACK {S{Naan}ACK}

2   Dated old flame before time in court (7) EXTINCT {EX}{T}{IN}{CT}
3   Minor, around one might wake you up (8) SUNLIGHT {S{UN}LIGHT}
5   Rope holds up dog biting artist (6) LARIAT {TAI{RA}L}<=
6   A small amount, say 1,000 — signed off (7) SMIDGEN {S{M}IDGEN*} (Correction - {M+SIGNED}* - See comments)
7   Approach Independent parliamentarian at border (6) IMPEND {I}{MP}{END}
8   Made rare synthetic sugar (8) DEMERARA*
9   Fight and knock son over (4) SPAT {TAP}{S}<=
10 Insult taking President for second oath (6) PLEDGE (-s+p)PLEDGE
16 Damn old box carrying drug (8) EXECRATE {EX}{E}{CRATE}
18 Sort gene to produce hormone (8) ESTROGEN*
19 Like hot butter in retreat? (6) ASHRAM {AS}{H}{RAM}
20 Expecting to relinquish power for ruling (7) REGNANT pREGNANT
22 The Spanish wine is cold and pliant (7) ELASTIC {EL}{ASTI}{C}
23 Having treat in Gujarati’s house (6) EATING [T]
24 Support function (6) ?F?I?E (Addendum - OFFICE [DD] - See comments)
26 Assistant cycling in thought (4) IDEA (-a)IDE(+a)A

Reference List
Hot = IN, Milk in French = LAIT, Wide = W, Track = RY(Railway), King = R, Time = T, Court = CT, One = UN, Artist = RA, 1000 = M, Independent = I, Son = S, President = P, Second = S, Drug = E, Hot = H, Power = P,  The in Spanish = EL Cold = C


  1. Quite brilliant! Thanks Hypatia.

  2. You made it very simple, yet most entertaining. Enjoyed solving. Thank you Hypatia.

    1. Thanks AJ. Good to know that you had fun solving.

  3. Clues are very brief and precise- wonder if there was a specific attempt. My best solve of a Hypatia CW. I could not get only one- it was Spooner again!
    Put in Aide in stead of Idea (I always commit this mistake) and was stuck for crossings for a while.

    1. Thanks Paddy. There wasnt any specific attempt just for this Grid, but following sound cryptic grammar means implicitly that a setter has to choose every word carefully so that it contributes to the clues and there should not be any extraneous words. Too bad you missed the Spooner - it was one of my better ones. Good you were able to back pedal from that error:)

  4. 2D- Un for one- I wonder if there should have been an indication of a French word.

  5. Knee jerk reaction of CGB is enjoyable!

  6. Could someone please clarify

    2d) what's the role of the word flame on the clue?

    13a) what's the role of ignoring in the clue? Off already is removal indicator right?

  7. 13a Ignoring indicates that we should delete ndo....

  8. Replies
    1. I thought naughty was anagram indicator

    2. off, indicates that the letters to be removed are not in the same sequence but jumbled.
      lets say if the word was "innueNOD" then off wouldnt be there,

    3. Got it.. thanks for the clarification :)

    4. Thanks @Bhargav Sir and @Sree_Sree for clarifying.

  9. Old flame is one's former lover which is ex.
    With regards,

  10. Was easy as watching a matinee
    Though some clues took a knee
    Like execrate, ashram and sunlight
    Others Answers were quite right
    Making me wonder was it easy!

  11. 6d anno typo! no insertion indicator. only anaind.

  12. 29A - what's the role of "pick up" in the clue?

    1. Pick up is the homophone indicator in this clue.

  13. Hypatia - was it easy by your standards? I finished in 20 mins. But could not get OFFICE. 🙄
    Thank u.

    1. I am glad that more folks are getting used to my style and finding the grids easier to solve. I don't intend to make them tough though sometimes solvers end up finding thenm hard. Too bad it was a DNF - Better luck next time.

  14. Hi, can someone explain the RAM in 19D solve, as well as the annotation for 24D? Thanks a lot - novice here! :)

  15. Butter - one who butts - RAM
    24d - i also did not get. Its a direct clue.