Wednesday, 9 June 2021

No 13269, Wednesday 09 Jun 2021, Arden

Lockdown Day 42 of 47 Stay Safe at home

Solution to 10A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

9   No.1 story about happiness (7) ELATION {NO}{1}{TALE}<=
10 Boy wonder, at last one becomes an outlaw (7) L?D?O?E (Addendum - LADRONE {LAD}{w...eR}{ONE} See comments)
11 Ive struggled in pain to succeed (7) ACHIEVE {ACH{IVE*}E}
12 The schism stops the German, but he always moves on (7) DRIFTER {D{RIFT}ER}
13 A Syrian perhaps is crazy to reject a fight (9) DAMASCENE {MAD<=}{A}{SCENE}
15 IBinto a team bleary eyed (5) AMBLE [T]
16 Ready and neat source of funds (4,3) CASH COW {CASH}{COW}
19 Dined at home, most clean (7) NEATEST {NE{ATE}ST}
20 Israel has another hidden capital (5) LHASA [T]
21 Fruit crate broken — it’s sort of square outside (9) NECTARINE {N{CRATE*}INE}
25 Currently active, reviewed in one to ten games (7) MAGNETO [T<=]
26 Censure gets a doctor in finally... (7) LAMBAST {L{A}MB}AST}
28 ... so eat it as a snack (7) TOASTIE*
29 National greeting for spotless environment all around (7) CHILEAN {C{HI}LEAN}

1   Taken prisoner, soldier brought in giving signal (6) HERALD {HE{RA}LD}
2   Total chaos, prime minister once was on edge (6) MAYHEM {MAY}{HEM}
3   Decapitate spear fish (4) PIKE sPIKE
4   Join flower girl on top (6) ANNEXE {EXE}<=>{ANN}
5   Go with bundle, free to kill (8) BLUDGEON {GO+BUNDLE}*
6   Capital supplement, is the music group getting across? (5,5) ADDIS ABABA {ADD}{IS}{AB{A}BA}
7   Detailed study onboard can be carried out (8) PORTABLE {PORe}{TABLE}
8   Dries out wet clothes, it’s extremely strange (8) WEIRDEST {WE{DRIES*}T}
14 Sent to have a fill with zero capital (10) SACRAMENTO {S{A}{CRAM}ENT}{0}
16 Disaster state, peace will come later (8) CALAMITY {CAL}{AMITY}
17 Kidnap quietly, criminal again found outside hotel (8) SHANGHAI {SH}{ANG{H}AI*}
18 Turnover now, finally one separated the chaff (8) WINNOWED {WIN{NOW}{onE}D}
22 Some political icons are dressed in rough white cloth (6) CALICO [T]
23 One month is a long time in pictures (6) IMAGES {1}{M}{AGES}
24 Reach for old wine (6) EXTENT {EX}{TENT}
27 Cripple Mike and Mark (4) MAIM {M}{AIM}

Reference List
The in German = DER, Doctor = MB, Soldier = RA(Royal Artillery), Flower(River) = EXE, Across = A, Hotel = H, Month = M, Wine = TENT, Mike = M


  1. 10A LADRONE = a highwayman {LAD, boy, R,wondeR last letter,ONE}

  2. Good solve Suresh. Obviously you ignored the misleading comma after wonder.

  3. Wonder how a novice would interpret "detailed" in 7D

  4. "detailed" is pretty common here. I feel "turnaround" in 18d is more challenging to a novice.

    1. Yes. There is a pattern - De-tailed, (Wind)Turn-Over. It was re-fuse couple of days back.

  5. Prior to switching on my PC and accessing this blog, I happened to solve the very first clue (9A) and this, by itself, gave me happiness!!!
    But this was short-lived since I failed in my attempts of solving 10A, 13A, 21A & 29A apart from 1-D,4-D, 7-D, 17-D and 24-D.
    Thank you Arden for this teasing grid...

  6. Easier grid to solve today. All Arden's specials are in place. Enjoyed solving.

  7. Nicely put. All Arden's specials are in place!

  8. very interesting grid by Arden today. 9,11,1 are my favorites.

  9. 3rd day in a row. Arden solved. Have u made ur grid easier?
    Anyways thrilled. Thank u blog.