Wednesday, 3 August 2022

No 13625, Wednesday 03 Aug 2022, Arden

Solution to 23D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

9   Scottish pudding and scotch, finally feeling like a witch (7) HAGGISH {HAGGIS}{s...cH}
10 Chinese complaint or a place to chill? (7) HANGOUT {HAN}{GOUT}
11 Stretch is back in joint (7) TENSION {TEN{IS<=}ON}
12 Run taken, one had to cause destruction (7) RUINATE {RU{1}N}{ATE}
13 Another thing to combine with a clip joint (9) NIGHTCLUB {THING*}{CLUB}
15 I do reject bump in the middle causes aversion (5) ODIUM {I}{DO}<={bUMp}
16 Starts arranging cargo lengthwise in the middle of the boat (7) CORACLE {COR{Ar...g}{Ca..o}{Le...e}E}
19 Hurrah! Way to enter an English city (7) CHESTER {CHE{ST}ER}
20 Maintain bearing in defeat, wake them up! (5) ROUST {ROU{S}T}
21 With a writer, take a hundred perhaps (9) WAPENTAKE {W}{A}{PEN}{TAKE}
25 She enters in it, what does she get? (7) INHERIT {IN}{HER}{IT}
26 Costing arrangement on special knowledge (7) GNOSTIC*
28 Subject record reviewed, one on either side (7) ANGOLAN {AN}{LOG<=}{AN}
29 Explosive gas used to erase a hard disk (7) DEGAUSS*

1   Stop capturing booth in the country (6) BHUTAN {B{HUT}AN}
2   Went up taking the girls for a drink (6) EGGNOG {E{GG}NOG<=}
3   Sign "no empty garage for car" (4) MINI geMINI
4   Cut up layer in the compound (6) PHENOL {P{HEN}OL<=}
5   Like 27 she enters, looking angelic (8) CHERUBIC {C{HER}UBIC} 
6   What a Londoner is to an Aussie (10) ANTIPODEAN [CD]
7   Fret about a test? He knows what's good for you (8) MORALIST {M{ORAL}IST}
8   Flag of a ship loaded with cargo, essentially (8) STREAMER {ST{caRgo}EAMER}
14 Understandably, one who retains the Ashes enters quietly (10) TACITURNLY {TACIT{URN}LY}
16 Rum and cigar to keep the chill away (8) CARDIGAN*
17 Approximately how old are you helps in your bowel movement (8) ROUGHAGE {ROUGH}{AGE}
18 We sit in a reformed nation (8) ESWATINI*
22 Indian movie about divinity and place of worship (6) PAGODA {PA {GOD}A}
23 Do eat after it breaks down (4,2) A?T? U? (Addendum - ACTS UP {ACT}{SUP} - See comments)
24 Harry can see cover (6) ENCASE*
27 Overindulgence our guy becomes totally heartless (4) ORGY {OuR}{GuY}

Reference List
Bearing = S(South), With = W, Girl = G, Fret = Sea MIST


  1. 23 Do eat after it breaks down (4,2) {ACT}{S UP}

  2. I have a doubt about 10A-
    I can't find Stretch as a synonym for tension. Stretching, yes.

    1. Tension as verb is to apply a force to (something) which tends to stretch it.


      ...doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to do it?

  3. 18D- Missed reading about the change of Swaziland to Eswatini.

  4. Tough one.
    16a Typo in the annotation.
    E missing at the end.

  5. Compared to yesterday, today's CW by Arden is more challenging type. I got 9A as haggis, but not knowing haggish sounds like witch. 16D, I took rum & cigar for jumble and got stuck, even though I thought it may be a sweater(to keep chill away) but didn't get cardigan. Wapentake is a new to me. Overall enjoyed solving them.
    With regards,

  6. I too initially tried to jumble rum and cigar until wisdom dawned me. It helped that I knew cardigan.

  7. Harry can see cover (6) ENCASE*.Whete does Harry fits?

  8. Enjoyed today's crossword by Arden;
    By no means a walk in the garden!
    Taciturnly(?) struggled with Angolan,
    Wapentake, roughage and antipodean!

    1. Very nice !!

      Don’t HANGOUT in a NIGHTCLUB hoping to indulge in an ORGY,
      ODIUM raised here will RUINATE your reputation
      ROUST the MORALIST in you,
      Wear a CARDIGAN, go to BHUTAN and pray in a PAGODA
      Cleanse the mind with the PHENOL of meditation

  9. HAGGISH ,ORGY was learning session. could complete 80%. 23D was an ultimate one. slightly struggled. but solved. Thank you Arden. Thank you col.sir for EGGNOG. pic.