Tuesday, 2 August 2022

No 13624, Tuesday 02 Aug 2022, Arden

Solution to 21A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Insult another ruler (6) SULTAN [T]
4   Traitor will regularly lampoon, say... (8) APOSTATE {lAmPoOn}{STATE}
9   ...fools take time, is it worth? (6) ASSETS {ASSE{T}S}
10 Expressing doubt about spade work in capital (8) BUDAPEST {BU{SPADE*}T}
12 Dimensions of money, this has no interest (8)  BREADTHS {BREAD}{THiS}
13 Want to be a father? Keep quiet (6) ASPIRE {A}{S{P}IRE}
15 Hiring again with harvest giving some indications (12) REAPPOINTING {REAP}{POINTING}
18 Herb's off — boards plane on time finally (8-4) LEOPARDS BANE {BOARDS+PLANE}*{timE}
21 Self-starter with a place to live, extremely sensible (6) S?N?S? (Addendum - SANEST {Self}{A}{NEST} - See comments)
22 Instrument to play latest musiclearn it, perhaps (8) CLARINET {m..iC}{LEARN+IT}*
24 Islanders establish overall ancestry (8) BALINESE {BA{LINE}SE}
25 Washer and empty cartridge in box (6) SPACER {SPA{Ca...gE}R}
26 Art is very famous (4,4) ROCK STAR {ART}* [RA]
27 Already fast, city wise they're in the centre (2,2,2) AS IT IS {fASt}{cITy}{wISe}

1   Band on the road carrying empty bag or a sheath (8) SCABBARD {ABBA}{RD}<=>{SaC}
2   What a gambler possibly salvages here (3,5) LAS VEGAS* Semi&lit
3   Like to have working president, sent these to fight depression (15) ANTIDEPRESSENTS {AS} over {PRESIDENT+SENT}*
5   Choice to pare the fat somewhat (4) PLUM PLUMp
6   Use spartan dress, it's standard (5,3,7) STARS AND STRIPES*
7   American flying ace, a mile away (6) AMELIA {A}{A+MILE}*
8   Vietnamese have become vain with pride (6) ESTEEM viETnaMESE*
11 The fleet drops one, crosses the border for some prawns (7) SHRIMPS {SH{RIM}iPS}
14 Old houses, right time to frighten (7) STARTLE {STA{R}{T}LE}
16 Hold on, allow business partners to come up and fix the wooden panelling (8) WAINSCOT {WAIT} over {CO}<=>{NS}
17 Studies cover true representation, some old people use them (8) DENTURES {DEN{TRUE*}S}
19 Regular mission except for a line on the weather map (6) ISOBAR {mIsSiOn}{BAR}
20 To make carbon steel, change rates altogether (2,4) EN BLOC {CarBON+steEL}*
23 From the South part of Australia is adjoining this land mass (4) ASIA [T<=]

Reference List
Time = T, Money = BREAD, Interest = I, Quiet = P, Road = RD, Ace = A, Right = R, Partners = NS(North, South in Bridge game)


  1. 26a "art is" to be read as art's for the RA?

    1. Then it is rocks (art)*?
      Or 'Art is' to be Art's?

    2. Paddy, the elegance of RA clue lies in discovering the common phrases to fit cryptic usage. Just putting an anind and rest of the words together isn't RA, IMHO. breaking the law, offshore, out of order etc. Rocks tar!

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  3. Definition needs to be only American flying?

    1. Then it would have to be American flier

    2. Got it. So, ace is on double duty here?

    3. I think an extra a kept in.
      Is away a valid anind!

    4. I also took def.as American flying. It soves all issues including extra A.
      Of course it would better if it is flier.
      American flying is Amelia.

  4. 21 A
    Answer : SANEST
    S from self starter
    A place to live = A NEST
    SANEST, extremely sensible

  5. Very nice clues, liked 8d. Was wondering if 26a is RA and the blog clarified.

  6. Fantastic clues given by Arden today. My performance today is much better than yesterday. Wainscot is a new to me. Great going Arden!
    With regards,

  7. Small doubt.
    No Indicator required for 1A?

    Wonderful clues by Arden.

    1. I was wondering the same. Is it supposed to be interpreted as 'In' sult another ruler. I realise whether 'sultan' is in is debatable since then it's not sandwiched but this is the closest explanation I can find.
      Good clues indeed.

    2. Perhaps 'in' should be taken as Telescopic Indicator. Answer is 'in' the clue.

  8. Spook withholds gunmen (6)
    Clue in ET today

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  10. It always satisfying to be able to finish an Arden puzzle! Just one correction to the blog: the link for leopard's name leads to the wrong herb. It should be https://www.google.com/search?gs_ssp=eJzj4tTP1TdIt6hMTjdg9OLLSc0vSCxKUS9WSErMSwUAc-MIsQ&q=leopard%27s+bane&oq=leop&aqs=chrome.1.69i59j46i39j69i57j46i20i131i263i433i512j0i20i131i263i433i512j0i433i512j0i131i433i512j46i175i199i433i512j0i433i512.3762j0j16&client=ms-android-motorola-rvo3&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8

  11. Checked up. It leads correctly to Aconitum/ Leopard's Bane

  12. An observation:
    In 3d, 7-letters of the Definition (DEPRESS) are in the Answer too.
    The definition could have been framed differently perhaps.

  13. Replies
    1. A synonym of DEPRESSION in the Definition would have been better IMHO.

    2. And isn't the spelling with "a". AntidepressAnts!

    3. Indeed, yes Prasad garu!

  14. Reg. 3DN, the letters lead to anti-depressents. I don't find this in dictionaries. I think it should be anti-depressants. Even TH online grid accepts anti-depressents only!

  15. Same doubt. @ Prasad - is there a root issue? Depression/ antidepressants?

  16. I also completed an Arden puzzle after quite sometime! 😊