Thursday, 4 August 2022

No 13626, Thursday 04 Aug 2022, Arden

Solution to 24D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Dream about capturing his heart, get respect (6) ADMIRE {ADM{hIs}RE*}
4   Given electric cable, need to retain the bottom half (8) ACCORDED {AC}{CORD}{neED}
10 Live with Redhead keeping alliance with Harry (9) BELEAGUER {BE}{LEAGUE}{Red}
11 Got nippy, held back the horse (5) PINTO [T<=]
12 Animal in a hay stack, part of habit (7) CASSOCK {C{ASS}OCK}
13 Vault over one time capital city (5,2) SANTA FE {S{AN}{T}AFE}
14 Republican party takes on a piece of music (5) RONDO {R}{ON}{DO}
15 Jerk gets IIT admission, Japanese love it (8) SHIITAKE {SH{IIT}AKE}
18 Man withstood devastation, but not this animal (8) MASTODON {MAN+STOOD}*
20 Representation on public transport (5) REBUS {RE}{BUS}
23 Trouble with hard work? Drink rum cocktail (7) TURMOIL {T{RUM*}OIL}
25 Retail trading — allow middlemen in the workshop (7) ATELIER {AT{mEn}LIER*}
26 Simple to hide one in part of church (5) NAIVE {NA{1}VE}
27 Get Andrea to train a pet (5,4) GREAT DANE*
28 Union's colourful reminders (8) CONFETTI [CD]
29 Tried out top speed before approval (6) CREDIT {TRIED}*<=>{C}

1   Under a pound — a characteristic of the fish (8) ALBACORE {A}LB}{A}{CORE}
2   Issue dogs the country, it's a curse (7) MALISON {SON}<=>{MALI}
3   As one is battered in defeat, try to find a solution (6,3) REASON OUT {R{AS+ONE}*OUT}
5   Anarchism set in — awful for Tom, Dick and Harry, perhaps (9,5) CHRISTIAN NAMES*
6   Starts off rather promptly in new plant (5) ORPIN Acrostic
7   Sinister men from top to bottom in this country (7)  DENMARK {D{(-m)EN(+m)M}ARK}
8   Crowds had a run in with peaceniks (6) DROVES {D{R}OVES}
9   National transport named Lokum (7,7) TURKISH DELIGHT {TURKISH}{DELIGHT}
16 He bullies people in the mountain tops (9) TORMENTOR {TOR}{MEN}{TOR}
17 Recycle, reuse it — last man in gets greedy (8) ESURIENT {REUSE+IT}* over {maN}
19 "Follow a rule" you're told in rebuke (7) ARRAIGN (~ a reign)
21 Outlaw set up gang outside (7) BRIGAND {B{RIG}AND}
22 Racial undertones in Macbeth, nicely covered (6) ETHNIC [T]
24 Order by Vatican, detailed and voluminous (5) O?E?E (Addendum - OBESE {OBE}{SEe} - See comments)

Reference List
One = AN, Time = T, Republican = R, Party = DO, On = RE, Top speed = C, Pound = LB, Run = R, Mountain top = TOR


  1. A couple of clarifications :
    19d) what's the role of "follow" in the clue? Is it just for surface reading?
    18a) what's the role of "but not this" in the clue?

    1. 119d follow as in mimic is the ho indicator, imu.
      18a unlike would have been better making it a semi&lit. " but not" is misleading (esp when "this" is present in the fodder) and extra.

    2. 18A Yes, I think 'Man withstood devastation, unlike this animal' would have been better

  2. 18A-Is it an indication that this animal did not withstand devastation?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. A long shot... not this meaning different. Man also is an animal.

  3. 24d OBESE {OBE}{SEe̶}
    Definition: Voluminous
    Order: Order of British Empire - OBE
    Vatican: SEE (as in, 'The Holy See')
    SEE de-tailed, i.e., removing the tail: SE
    Ah, clever

  4. Fantastic clues given by Arden today. I thought I will complete 100%. Did not get confetti, I thought it was contents. I thought opepe but not convinced and got 24D answer here. Thanks Arden for wonderful clues and an opportunity to improve my solving abilities of tough CWs.
    With regards,

  5. Todays grid was Too good with many aha moments. esp. ALBACORE, BRIGAND, RONDO. Thank you Arden and col. sir. I am speechless for Turkish delight.