Monday, 1 August 2022

No 13623, Monday 01 Aug 2022, Arden

Solution to 15D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Doctor, a practising one, will be able to diagnose this (6,8) ANGINA PECTORIS* Semi&lit
10 Mountain accommodation, one beside a lake (5) AERIE {A}{ERIE}
11 Trade partner allows universal entry, middlemen will transport (9) ENRAPTURE {ENRAPT{U}R*}{mEn}
12 Appropriate to jump in, the place needs to be cleaned up (7) FLEAPIT {F{LEAP}IT}
13 He broadcast "Sweetheart has left" (7) TWEETER sWEEThEaRT* 
14 Divine power banks on commandment (5) EDICT [DD] (Addendum - prEDICT - See comments)
16 Attack over instrument (9) BOMBARDON {BOMBARD}{ON}
19 "Containers sort of square inside" — old Bob shows acumen (9) CANNINESS {CAN{NINE}S}{S}
20 "Tales from Navy" caught in state review (5) YARNS {YA{RN}S<=}
22 Indian taxmen keep some in compounds (7) ISOMERS {I{SOME}RS}
25 Drink — we drink provided there is fish (3-4) ALE-WIFE {ALE}{W{IF}E}
27 Love it for consuming universal appetiser (5,4) PETIT FOUR {PET}{IT}{FO{U}R}
28 String that evenly, get high (5) TIGHT {sTrInG+tHaT}
29 Faulty ethernet, delay showing movie (5,3,6) ENTER THE DRAGON {ETHERNET*}{DRAG ON}

2   European lost? Regain now (9) NORWEGIAN*
3   Freeze when you hear I drink (3,2) ICE UP (~I sup)
4   Maintain on board but could be avoided (9) AVERTABLE {AVER}{TABLE}
5   Flyer's remorse for taking off right away (5) EGRET rEGRET
6   It's pointed question about time in an Irish county (9) TIPPERARY {TIP}{P{ERA}RY}
7   Harass a labourer about to leave (5) ROUST ROUSTer About/ER? (Addendum - ROUSTabout - See comments)
8   It's an offence to cross the river to administer oath (5,2) SWEAR IN {S{WEAR}IN}
9   Regularly filled under service — it's a draw (6) RAFFLE {FiLlEd}<=>{RAF}
15 One who checks internal border gets a term (9) T?I?E?T?R (Addendum - TRIMESTER {T{RIM}ESTER} - See comments))
17 Killed and raced away after service (9) MASSACRED {RACED*}<=>{MASS}
18 Straying TV channel coverage, showing only heroic deeds (7-2) DERRING-DO {D{ERRING}D}{O}
19 Constant overlap will do some damage (7) CRIPPLE {C}{RIPPLE}
21 Holder has the variety (6) SHEATH*
23 Not even once treat this as a composition (5) OCTET {OnCe+TrEaT}
24 Empty stomach will allow plenty of indolence (5) SLOTH {Sto{LOT}macH}
26 Additional participation in the next race (5) EXTRA [T]

Reference List
Universal = U, Navy = RN(Royal Navy), Right = R, Service = RAF(Royal Air Force), Constant = C


  1. 7d roustabout is the labourer

  2. 14a reverse charade?
    Divine:predict = P(ower)R + EDICT

  3. 22A- Indian taxmen- IRS?
    Indian Revenue Service?

  4. Replies
    1. 15d TRIMESTER {T{RIM}ESTER} - sorry, still learning to annotate

    2. You seem to be going in the right direction!

  5. 25A Isn’t Alewife one word? Thanks

  6. A typical Arden CW today. I struggled to get 1A but couldn't (starting trouble), hence taken the solution from this blog. Of course it helped me to complete many more after that. Thanks Arden for an excellent CW.
    With regards,

  7. In 19A: acumen= can(nine)s+s
    nine is used as square. Is it a golf term? +S, s here is for old Bob or showing?

    1. I think old Bob is shilling represented by s. Should have been in the Reference List.

    2. Or square as in, one, four and nine

    3. Thanks @Ramesh & @TheBoss.

  8. had a good solve. esp. ENTRAPTURE, ALE WIFE, TIGHT. spl. thanks to col. sir for the cinema poster. (Enter the dragon). remembering my school days by seeing Bruce lee poster.

  9. In some sort of strange twist of fate, I was solving the grid from the city in which River Wear is located!