Monday, 20 July 2015

No 11451, Monday 20 Jul 2015, Aspartame

True to his name Aspartame has sweetened this CW.

9, 13 Fosters heroic youth for a long-lasting impact (6,3,6,2,7) CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY {FOSTERS+HEROIC+YOUTH}*
10 It always gets subtracted (7) MINUEND [CD]
12 You will report about diary cake (4,3) YULE LOG (~you'll){YULE} {LOG}
14 Before heads of plants resign, increase official remuneration (5) PRIOR Acrostic
15 Carbon pipe is carrying fluid at the centre of a ship (7) CRUISER {C}{R{flUid}ISER}
18 It’s said to be the best attack (7) DEFENCE [CD]
21 Cuts shirt and skirts (5) TRIMS {T}{RIMS}
23, 29 Postmodern Taiwan focusses on development of nuclear bombs (7,2,4,11) WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION*
25 Oddly, noodle found in a container that’s half-opened is sweet (7) CANNOLI {CAN}{NoOdLi}{Ie} (Addendum - {CAN{NoOdLi}Ister} - See comments)
26 Poker is played by dogs (7) PORKIES*

1   Dirty film on rotten individual (4) SCUM [DD]
2   Young deer reportedly found enchanted woods (4) FAWN (~faun) (Addendum - FAUN (~fawn) - See comments)
3   See gross, terrible creatures (8) OGRESSES*
4   Workplace of television company (6) STUDIO [C&DD]
5   West Asian surrounded by Yankee leaders is indeed close to tears (4-4) DEWY-EYED {DE{W}{Y-{E}Y}ED}
6   Work on revolutionary referendum at ball (6) DOLLOP {DO}{LLOP<=}
7   XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX (8) TRILLION [CD] There should have been only 13 of them! See comments

8   Geeks are urged to cook sugar free dish (8) KEDGEREE {GEEKs+aRE+urgED}*
11 Theorize about gin ferment extract (5) INFER [T]
15 Accountant’s account buried in burial place that’s a maze (8) CATACOMB {CA}{T{AC}OMB}
16 Group will employ housing leaders of nations in one neutral institute (8) UNIONISE {U{Na...s}{In}{One}{Ne...l}{In...e}SE}
17 Handling weird sot is most troublesome (8) ROWDIEST*
19 Professional, a little distance ahead, drank sip of Rasna at marathon (8) FOOTRACE {FOOT}{Rasna}{ACE}
20 Check vehicular valve (5) CHOKE [DD]
22 Poor-quality wine needs two drops of sherbet for little taste (6) SHODDY (-t+sh}SHODDY
24 A first-class senator found with topless woman and ecstasy (6) AMPERE {A}{MP}{hER}{E}
27 Bird found among Serengeti bisons (4) IBIS [T]
28 Peacekeepers in the borders of Shivalik went underwater (4) SUNK {Shiv{UN}aliK}


  1. 9, 13: The solution CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY is imperative but the def as given seems to suggest it is a noun.
    12 What is a 'diary cake'? Shouldn't surface reading be plausible even if bizarre?
    22 SHODDY is adj. As the def 'poor-quality' is hyphenated we may take it as pointing to an adj, though usually we would say something is "of poor quality".

  2. 7 XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX (8) TRILLION [CD] There should have been only 13 of them!

    I think the upper case X denotes 10 and the lower case x denotes multiplication. Trillion is 10 multiplied 12 times.

  3. 18A: The saying is "Attack is the best form of defence" Looks like Aspartame has turned it on its head and has made defence the best attack. Is that acceptable?

  4. I was about to raise a query about CHANGE in the solution of 9,13 clue but after giving it a thought for a while, realized that it was a 'reverse anagram' clue!

    Nice puzzle. Found NE corner tough. A satisfactory solve though.

  5. Nice workout, but kedgeree,fawn,yule log,cannoli made things difficult.
    Agree about attack being best defence.

  6. Is it in order to use 'Half opened' to use a letter of 'ie'? Strangely it applies to 'is' as well.

  7. Of course it goes so well with the container in surface reading.

  8. For some reason, I was always under the impression that Aspartame was a female CW setter. Col. seems to have insider info. Now I need to go and fix my mental image of Aspartame.

  9. I guessed 15A. C = carbon. U = fluid at the center. What gives the "riser" part?

    1. In offshore platforms, the pipes (lines) that come out from sea-bed to the deck carrying hydrocarbon are termed as Risers.

    2. Any pipe which transports material in the vertical direction is a riser

    3. Thanks a lot for the clarifications.

  10. 25 Ac - CAN(N O L) I with CANI coming from half-opened canister.
    2 D - Faun (~ fawn).

    As always brickbats are most appreciated. Thanks all.

    1. Your explanation of the above - most appreciated :)

    2. Thank you Aspertame.
      One more doubt- Is trillion 10 power 12 as explained by Bnavan?

    3. Yes it is Paddy. 6 0's is million 1000 million is billion 1000 billion is trillion. The British have it as million million and million billion leading to 10 power 18.

  11. Phew!3 hrs of monumental struggle...still missed out on give aways....happy to have got the rest

  12. Isn't MINUEND the number from which one subtracts? And SUBTRAHEND the number which gets subtracted?

    1. Same double here. But the M is what gets reduced (subtarcted) to the extent of the S.

    2. read 'doubt' for 'double'

    3. You are right. minuend is the no. from which something is subtracted as is given in the link.
      The clue means "the numbers gets reduced' or becomes lesser.The wording could have been ' the number gets reduced' in stead of subtracted,to make it clear.

  13. The number which gets subtracted would be 'subtrahend'.