Tuesday, 28 July 2015

No 11458, Tuesday 28 Jul 2015, Gridman

RIP Dr Abdul Kalam

1   Animal skin in reserve in safe place (8) HIDEAWAY {HIDE}{AWAY}
5   Almost mention America's reputation (6) STATUS {STATe}{US}
10 Shall we sound green? (7) LETTUCE (~let us)
11 Abjectly servile son's over-indulgent (7) SLAVISH {S}{LAVISH}
12 Lifted the article (without head) by newspaperman (6) HEFTED {tHE}{FT}{ED}
13 Strained voice in squabble following trip not being completed (8) FALSETTO {FALl}{SET TO}
15 Big lie: No female's up to the task (4) ABLE fABLE
16 Excellent vehicle for good old ship employee-trader (10) SUPERCARGO {SUPER}{CAR}{G}{O}
18 Niche I can't yield to the craftsman (10) TECHNICIAN*
20 Fourth letter and the fifth returned? One needs time to correct (4) EDIT {abcDE<=}{1}{T}
23 Pro's to-do to put up lintel support (8) DOORPOST*
24 Mask that is knocked over deliberately? (6) DOMINO [DD]
26 Measure lawyers try to ban (7) EMBARGO {EM}{BAR}{GO}
27 Railway track employee turns over conventioneer's pin-on (4,3) NAME TAG <=
28 Levels precious stone left out of plan (6) STRATA STRATAgem
29 Short boy, white, trips badly on vessel's prow (8) BOWSPRIT {BOy}{W}{TRIPS*}

1   When 50 per cent of willingness is absent (4-11) HALF-HEARTEDNESS [CD]
2   Conscientiously compliant in saying “levy complete” (7) DUTIFUL (~duty full)
3   Employer follows sailor — one who might mistreat (6) ABUSER {AB}{USER}
4   Got on with a good engineering design, for starters (4) AGED Acrostic
6   Carry on business with security group in field (8) TRANSACT {TRA{NSA}CT}
7   Giggle about women in social network (7) TWITTER {T{W}ITTER}
8   Is it where pupils get ideas? (6,2,7) SCHOOL OF THOUGHT [CD]
9   Relaxed ace at rest in station wagon (6,3) ESTATE CAR*
14 Heir's victory on operating room (9) SUCCESSOR {SUCCESS}{OR}
17 Encourage — apparently thus when you can't be at a place where you should be? (8) INSPIRIT [CD]
19 Defeat Chennai's top tennis player, at times (7) CLOBBER {Ch...i}{LOBBER}
21 Nomad more ironic about newspaper (7) DRIFTER {DRI{FT}ER}
22 Orderly universe of commanding officers and medical officers (6) COSMOS {CO'S}{MO'S}
25 And the German officer's to cancel an action (4) UNDO {UND}{O}



  1. A great start to the morning - thank you, Gridman! My COD (also my LOI!) was 19d - it brought to mind Murray's masterful use of the lob (if I were to set a tennis-themed crossword, I would perhaps use "Murray at his defensive best" to clue the LOBBER part!).

    "Newspaperman" giving {FT ED} is an ingenious clue, but it does lead to FT being clued as "newspaper" twice in the puzzle.

    The succession of words ending in O around the periphery (FALSETTO, SUPERCARGO, DOMINO, UNDO, EMGARGO) made me wonder whether there was some pattern emerging, but I can't see anything.

    Thanks to DG for the blog!

  2. Took 17d as a charade defn=encourage wordplay yields 'in spirit'

  3. What a way to have samosas before nine! Thanks GM

  4. 2 Excellent very long CD's in 1 & 8 D propping up the grid.
    Agree with Abhay on 'Newspaperman'.

  5. 12a.... i thot lifted played two roles... as definition as well as part of word play... lifted the article i thot was theft... without head heft and newspaperman being ed as usual...

    1. Not sure how "Lifted the article" can get us to "theft" - it can, at best, give us "thieved". To get theft, we would need the gerund - "Lifting the article..." - which would then not fit the definition.

    2. After we get the answer, our minds sometimes work mysteriously in our efforts to parse. If setters' minds are crooked, the solvers' minds are more crooked.. Only a cold, clinical analysis will reveal the intricacies of wordplay. The destination having been been reached, let us not worry too much about the road taken.

    3. Srividya could mean (Theft)- (The) = ft

    4. I took it as

      Lifted = Definition
      the article (without head) = (-t)HE
      newspaperman = Financial Times Editor = {FT}{ED}

      Lifted = {(-t)HE}{FT}{ED}

  6. Col.'s anno for 12A is not clear, since it looks like he has taken 'newspaperman' to indicate 'ft'only.

    1. Newspaperman = Financial Times Editor = {FT}{ED}

    2. Newspaperman = Newspaper man = FT man = FT Ed(short for Edward)

    3. True that CV sir...about crooked minds :) lol.. i guess the anno is important so we add Newspaper titles to newspaper man in future

    4. True that CV sir...about crooked minds :) lol.. i guess the anno is important so we add Newspaper titles to newspaper man in future

  7. My doubt is why 'Newspaperman' has to be FTED and not just ED (which is normal) It could be THED as well.

  8. Agree with Padmanabham. Newspaperman (journo/ Ed) can't be both FT Ed & Ed

    1. As usual Raghu I do not agree with you. It can be either.

  9. In 25d 'the' is not required. Otherwise it can mean 'der', following 'and'.

  10. I first referred German for THE only. Subsequently referred for UND