Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2881), Sunday 21 Feb 2016

1   Oppose company producing cosmetic preparation (4,4) FACE PACK {FACE} {PACK}
5   In course of fever balderdash is spoken (6) VERBAL [T]
9   Friend mostly surrounded by work (5) AMIGO {AMId}{GO}
10 Direct, objective answer in votes (9) REFERENDA {REFER}{END}{A}
12 Jazz pianist liked long tune to play (4,9) DUKE ELLINGTON*

14 Country I haunt, wretchedly in trouble after revolution (9) LITHUANIA {I+HAUNT}* in {AIL<=}
15 Just accepting learner's ability (5) FLAIR {F{L}AIR}
16 Relative insider, chef dispensing with regular ingredients (5) NIECE {iNsIdEr ChEf}
18 Blissful place, Italian city, not one gripped by fear (9) DREAMLAND {DREA{MiLAN}D}
20 Ace goes into lead, being fit, unusually tireless (13) INDEFATIGABLE {A} in {LEAD+BEING+FIT}*
23 Depiction of beam in doorway (9) PORTRAYAL {PORT{RAY}AL}
24 Subject covered by Goethe methodically (5) THEME [T]
25 Agent satisfied about mood (6) TEMPER {TEM}{PER}<=
26 Hot yard deserved to be supplied with water (8) HYDRATED {H}{YD}{RATED}

1   Deceptive fault under ground (10) FRAUDULENT*
2   Pain in neck, alien insect (7) CRICKET {CRICK}{ET}
3   Colour scheme set up in perfect operation (9) PROCEDURE {DECOR<=} in {PURE}
4   Poet, eccentric lady, can run off (5,3,5) CAROL ANN DUFFY*
6   Heron for example regarding middle of water (5) EGRET {EG}{RE}{waTer}
7   Book about soldier nearly made into TV western series (7) BONANZA {B}{ON}{ANZAc}
8   Do nothing for portion of bread (4) LOAF [DD]
11 In essence, supply word of assent and agree (13) FUNDAMENTALLY {FUND}{AMEN}{TALLY}
13 Criminal receiving elevation, man in strong position (10) BRIDGEHEAD {B{RIDGE}{HE}AD}
15 Following hesitation over treatment of rat I go to get pest controller (9) FUMIGATOR {F}{UM}{RAT+I+GO}*
17 Concise saying from end of fable on two farm animals (7) EPIGRAM {fablE}{PIG}{RAM}
19 Wrongly ban item of electronic music (7) AMBIENT*
21 Urgent to include grand mournful song (5) DIRGE {DIR{G}E}
22 Exploits raised in quarrel (4) SPAT <=



  1. Years ago I had great pleasure listening to Duke Ellington's LP 'Discotheque a la Carte' when I visited my sister's home in Jamnagar or Vizag.