Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2879), Sunday 07 Feb 2016

1   Keep track of idiot in upland area (7) MONITOR {MO{NIT}OR}
5   Enchantress after small change (6) SWITCH {S}{WITCH}
10 Wayward inspector, very corrupt, securing end (11) DISOBEDIENT {DI}{SO}{BE{DIE}NT}
11 Central point about hairstyle (3) BUN <=
12 Sheep confined by iron structure (5) FRAME {F{RAM}E}
13 Pair united in support, endlessly diligent (9) ASSIDUOUS {DUO}{U} in {ASSISt}
14 Financial backer behind newspaper showing protective spirit (8,5) GUARDIAN ANGEL {GUARDIAN} {ANGEL}
18 Absolute icon, in and out, changed and left (13) UNCONDITIONAL {ICON+IN+AND+OUT}*{L}
20 Game in social event involving crowd with energy (9) BAGATELLE {BA{GATE}LL}{E} How many here remember playing this?
22 Liking sample (5) TASTE [DD]
23 Drink part of the last round (3) ALE [T<=]
24 Detest union, badly biased (11) TENDENTIOUS*
25 Modest protest beginning in earnest (6) DEMURE {DEMUR}{E}
26 Rush about, being one responsible for operation (7) SURGEON {SURGE}{ON}

1   Fielder upset about finish (3-3) MID-OFF {DO} in {MIFF}
2   Losing cat, sadly hankering for the past (9) NOSTALGIC*
3   Firm wanting leader present for discussion (5) TABLE sTABLE
4   Poet's judgement, carrying depth above measure, on sleep (7,7) RUDYARD KIPLING {RU{D}{YARD} {KIP}LING}
6   Comedian, hot and strained, retiring (9) WITHDRAWN {WIT}{H}{DRAWN}
7   Extremely engaging sailor restricted by custom (5) TABOO {T{AB}OO}
8   Truly pious, embracing retreat (8) HONESTLY {HO{NEST}LY}
9   Playing versus Spain, see convincing quality (14) PERSUASIVENESS*
15 Writer of comments from Wigan, not a Tory (9) ANNOTATOR [T]
16 Odd angles, lot in crystalline mass (9) GALLSTONE*
17 Republican in vicious coup bad for cabinet? (8) CUPBOARD {R} in {COUP+BAD}*
19 Time? It's a vast expanse, child (6) SEASON {SEA}{SON}
21 Brightness in valley mostly before noon (5) GLEAM {GLEn}{AM}
22 Instructor in middle of ritual on hill (5) TUTOR {riTUal}{TOR}



  1. Today's special at 10.30 is by Raju

  2. Easy samosas. Unconditional, Persuasiveness, Tendentious, Rudyard Kipling gave out many words

  3. 23A- I took it as {Fin(ale)}
    In anticipation of Raju's offering, but may be late in joining.
    Comparatively easier last week & today?

  4. How does one figure out the serial number of the sunday crosswords when the newspaper itself has done away with disclosing it ?

    1. No one can figure it out. I am just continuing it serially from the time the Hindu stopped numbering it some months ago

  5. Another straight foward sunday xword - lots of familiar clues )