Wednesday, 10 February 2016

No 11621, Wednesday 10 Feb 2016, Exa

5   Not turning into champion immediately (2,4) AT ONCE {A{T ON<=}CE}
7   University students carry gloves to where fights are held (8) BULLRING {U}{LL} in {BRING}
9   Live around gold mine (4) BORE {B{OR}E}
10 Great engineer mentored us (10) TREMENDOUS*
11 Withdrawing books after agreement's stamped (12) ESTRANGEMENT {AGREEMENT'S}*{NT}
13 Jewel associated with the French and Parish official (6) BEADLE {BEAD}{LE}
15 Passionate, fanatical friend won't stop chasing love (2,4) ON FIRE {FRIend} after {O} 'E' from ? (Addendum - {FRIENd*} after {O} - See comments)
18 Needless to say, endless working leads to depression (12) DESOLATENESS {NEEDLESS+TO+SAy}*}
21 Firm shrewdly denied possession of title (10) DETERMINED {TERM} in {DENIED}*
22 Corner a king at close quarters (4) NEAR {NE}{A}{R}
23 Couple hired band (8) BRACELET {BRACE}{LET}
24 Any use appearing to be worried? (6) UNEASY*

1   Attracted close to a bright colour on taking drug (8) ENDEARED {END}{E}{A}{RED}
2   In inner room consume what's whipped (6) BEATEN {EAT} in {BEN}
3   Get a role to play for close friend (5,3)  ALTER EGO*
4   Catholic tried to spread belief (6) CREDIT {C}{TRIED*}
6   Overly large woman had implements stored here (8) TOOLSHED {TOO}{L}{SHE'D}
7   Outspoken offspring mixed (6) BREWED (~brood)
8   Word is out that sister is touring (4) NOUN {N{O}UN}
12 Crime has old man getting into terrible stress (8) TRESPASS {PA} in {STRESS}*
14 Chorus answer for 5 Ac. (8) ENSEMBLE [DD]
16 Fines can be collected to generate funds (8) FINANCES*
17 A high mountain's climbed to gain a body (6) PLANET {PLA<=}{NET}
18 Dame goes round river to get wet (6) DRENCH {D{R}ENCH}
19 Bottom of butt I'd certainly clean (4,2)  TIDY UP {butT}{I'D}{Y UP}
20 Diamonds are ridiculously expensive (4) DEAR {D}{ARE*}


  1. Replies
    1. How can 'Friend won't stop' indicate deletion of the last letter?

  2. 14A- Ensemble & 5 Ac? I don't get the connection.

    1. Ensemble (adverb)...All together or at once.
      Source: Free dic.

  3. Could someone please share the link to todays xword.. i just cant fndit on my own

  4. It seems they have not uploaded it as yet (10-50 a.m.)

    1. oh.. yes still not loaded :( perhaps someone has the acrosslite version? if so please provide, i have been diligently avoiding seeing the answers in hope :)

  5. @Srividya
    I have sent you the files on fb inbox.

    1. Thank you Aakash for the nice enjoyable CW!

  6. Got to the xword late in the afternoon...just loved it...a 9A puzzle..

  7. I am sure you mean it's a gold mine!- Solution for 9A is Bore!