Friday, 19 February 2016

No 11629, Friday 19 Feb 2016, Buzzer

Getting set to drive back to Bangalore.

9   Didn't deny everyone ran up debts (7) ALLOWED {ALL}{OWED}
10 New product bar put out gets cheers (7) OVATION innOVATION
11 Now and then do one's best for a start (5) ONSET {dO}{oNeS}{bEsT}
12 Irritability is true in all at sea (3,6) ILL NATURE*
13 Bit of foul oath, so mean and vile (9) LOATHSOME [T]
14 Talent for trickery (5) CRAFT [DD]
15 Showing indifference a cat perhaps retreated lazily (7) TEPIDLY {TEP<=}{IDLY}
17 Seriously wild or feral (3,4) FOR REAL*
19 Swallow going over river in flood (5) DROWN {R} in {DOWN}
20 Like a popular period drama (4,5) SOAP OPERA {SO}{A}{P OP}{ERA}
22 Slyly manipulates, wanting me for an apostle (5,4) SAINT PAUL {mANIPULATeS}*
24 Currently hip but certain to end in failure (2-3) NO-WIN {NO-W}{IN}
25 A piece of poetry in Old English guide (7) OVERSEE {VERSE} in {OE}
26 Continue to receive support (7) SUSTAIN [DD]

1   Giant owl disturbed a sleeper (5-3) WAGON-LIT*
2   Place like Morocco is bloody fluid (6) PLASMA {PL}{AS}{MA}
3   Alert? No (8,2) SWITCHED ON {NO}*
4   Avoids travelling by railway following announcement (8) ADVISORY {AVOIDS}*{RY}
5   Football player to try a stretch (6) GOALIE {GO}{A}{LIE}
6   A Farewell to Arms, tragic account primarily (2-2) TA-TA Acrostic
7   Cheap amulet is fake (8) SIMULATE*
8   Broken a French record held by knight (6) UNKEPT {UN}{K{EP}T}
14 Nothing inside box's first drawer (10) CARTOONIST {CART{O}ON}{1ST}
16 If backing, see behind ultimately (8) PROVIDED {PRO}{VIDE}{b...nD}
17 Female unrestrained? That's perfect (8) FLAWLESS {F}{LAWLESS}
18 Tendency to suppress resistance for education (8) LEARNING {R} in {LEANING}
19 One with absolute power is especially disrupting. (6) DESPOT {ESP} in {DOT}
20 Certain use a ledger has (6) SEALED [T]
21 Sort of new music cover (6) ENWRAP {NEW*}{RAP}
23 Time to remove man from cover-up job (4) TASK {T}{mASK}


  1. Awesome puzzle. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. sweet and simple puzzle for a friday.. thanks buzzer :)

  3. 19D . at the end of the clue = DOT.
    This is the container.

    1. Col has specifically highlighted the dot in pink.

  4. On cloud nine after solving this extraordinary puzzle...loved all clues especially 19D(the dot nicely hidden at the end)...3D(what ruse!)...16D(If as definition rarely found)...the telescopic clues nicely hidden...Hats off Buzzer

  5. Missed PROVIDED, DROWN & SEALED and samosas.:((